Amazing Spots in Iligan City

Have you been visited Philippines? In what part of this country that you come across? Did you completely enjoy your visit? Wherever places you came to visit in Philippines, unquestionably; all of the stunning places you have seen look magnificent and beautiful. Agree? It has been proven or has been confirmed from some people or group of families who have visited Philippines.

Iligan City is part of Northern Mindanao. Mindanao is situated in the bottomed part of the Philippines. Despite of the fact that this place is located at the furthermost from Luzon, it doesn’t mean that you can’t view or watch anymore beautiful places in Mindanao. Try to discover the entire part of Philippines; you can definitely say that Iligan City has unique features that never are located at other places nationwide or abroad. This municipality, though; it is small place unlike other places however; there are many striking spots that you will certainly treasured or cherished them for the rest of your life. Can you name them all?

 Even though, at first glance; you can’t see immediately the beautiful spots in Iligan City when you reach your destination at the pier or buses from Cagayan de Oro. Nevertheless, if you are passionate to eye-catching spots and have an initiative to ask people out there who knew the good looking spots in Iligan City, surely you can find them all. If you don’t trust people out there, you can ask decent people or multiple people; for sure their answers are common.

I will give you some of the beautiful spots in Iligan City for you to familiarize the names of your plan destination of your first visit or next visit.

Timoga Swimming Pool — this pool is the most famous pool that can be originated in Iligan City. It has also five different owners as well as designs are unique and colorful. You can assure that the water inside the pool is very clean since the water is keep on moving going to exit and replace with another clean cool water from overflowing water of Maria Cristina Falls.

Maria Christina Falls — is one of the enchanted falls that can be established in Iligan City. The falls is the main source of Iligan electrical power. Many foreigners had visited this place. It has 320 feet high. This falls is positioned at the boundaries of Barangay Ditucalan, Maria Cristina, and Buru-un.

Mimbalot Falls — this is the same as Maria Christina Falls with regards to height. It only covers 90 feet high as well as 18 feet wide, however; it has clear water and a place for pleasurable swimming.

Mount Agad-Agad — just about 1,600 feet on top of sea height, this is the peak mountain in Iligan City. This mountain is proven to be safe for hiking, mount mountaineering as well as camping.

Anahaw Open Amphi-Theater — this can be found on the Buhanginan Hill at the southeastern part of city hall. Almost certainly this is the major open amphitheater which is located in the island of Mindanao. This place is typically the venue of Kasadya Street dancing to be conducted annually.

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