Create Your Own Personalized T-Shirt!

Are you sick and tired of the usual t-shirts you see on boutiques? Well, if you’re fond of creating graphical designs in computers, you can easily put it in t-shirts with the use of an inkjet printer. The process is very simple and fun. Now, you can make your friends drool over unique t-shirts that you can have from your creativity.

Here are the materials needed to create your personalized t-shirts:

      T-shirt (plain or slightly printed)
      Smooth surfaced table
      Inkjet printer
      Inkjet transfer paper

The steps are very easy and you can have your personalized t-shirts in no time:

1. Create or look for an image or design that you want to print on your t-shirt. You may scan images in your computer, find one in the internet, or create a more graphical design with the use of photo editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, or the simple Microsoft Photo Editor.

2. You can also add some text in the design. It’s best if you can have a simple statement from funny quotes or phrases.

3. Once you have found the best image for your t-shirt, print it out in a mirrored form on the transfer paper and let it dry completely.

4. After drying completely, cut the design out – leaving a considerable border.

5. Preheat the flat iron to “cotton” setting.

6. After that, you can lay a pillowcase on the ironing surface.

7. Place the t-shirt on the pillowcase and iron it to have a smooth surface.

8. After achieving the desired smoothness, place the printed transfer paper on the area where you want the design to be printed. Place it face down on the garment.

9. Iron the transfer paper for twenty seconds. You have to make sure that you iron all parts of the design – do not leave out the edges. You can use your strength to add pressure to the iron.

10. After the ironing process, allow the t-shirt to cool off for some time. Never remove the paper until it has completely    cooled off.

11. Once it is already cool, you can begin peeling off the transfer paper with one hand on the t-shirt and the other one on the paper. Now you can enjoy your all-new t-shirt!

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3 Respones to "Create Your Own Personalized T-Shirt!"

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August 2, 2011 at 9:33 PM
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