What’s Important to Know about Money

Life is full of challenges! Each and every day, we swim across the sea of chances and mistakes that make us worry a lot. Some people who fail in this category end up messing up their entire day, career, and even life. It’s really good if you’re still a youngster because you can only think of how much and when will your allowance arrive in your pockets. For young professionals and adults, earning money and spending it, are the things that can make and break their goals in life. If you’re hard working, earning money is easy. The challenge for everyone is how to spend your money fit for a specific lifestyle. 

There are millions of money advices you can solicit from other people but the ironic thing is, most of those money know-it-alls are also having a hard time in managing their hard earned money. Well, most of them would be giving steps on budgeting, decision making, and objective profit managements that you don’t even know existed. It’s really nice if you can get your hands on those materials but the most important thing that you realize is your commitment to some managing technique or strategy you prefer.

There must be lots of things that you save for but the question is – is it really worth the effort and money you’re saving for? 

Do you spend on things like these?
   Concerts or any leisure activities with friend
   Going to the movies
   Video Games
   School Supplies
   Charity work
   Shopping mall escapades

There must be thousands of activities or things that you’re saving money for but you have to realize if it’s really worth it. Think about your earnings and how it fits your lifestyle. If you have seen the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, then you’ll realize how spending money above your income can ruin your life. It’s not a sin to treat yourself sometimes but overdoing it is something you don’t want to consider.

Do you save money from these profit earning activities?
   Bonus allowance for good grades
   Doing chores around the house
   Doing extra work for other people
   Pet care
   Full-time job

The reason why you save money is because you have something so cash out on in the future. If you can prioritize very important things first before rushing out on the new edition of items in the shopping mall, you’ll never regret doing the things that you can earn money from. There’s always freedom in spending your money – it’s yours and no one will ever tell you how you should spend it, but knowing something about cash flow and saving more will definitely make you a better, and much wealthier person in the future. It really doesn’t matter how much you earn, it is how much money you saved from working your ass off every day.

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Maricel said...

I agree on all counts!

November 19, 2011 at 9:29 AM

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