2 for 1 Special: Organize Your Home & Make Money

Organization knows fewer enemies as great as clutter. Notorious for saving and storing virtually everything they can get their hands on, some people will revolutionize their life by holding a yard sale. If a major change in your life sounds appealing, pick up the phone, call your local newspaper and take out an advertisement for a garage sale next weekend.

Now that you are committed to a date and time for your sale, you have leverage to force yourself to clean out all the stuff that you don’t need that’s stored in your attic, basement, closets, garage, shed, mini warehouse and other places. After you haul all that stuff out of your home, your life will never return to its former condition.

A Win-Win Proposition

A garage sale helps other people as well as you, meaning that you have legitimate motivation for making it a success. Here are some direct benefits offered by garage sales that should never be overlooked.

•    You get the junk out of your house. It took a lot of time and effort to get all that stuff into your yard. Whatever happens next, never put it back inside your house. Half the battle has already been won.

•    You get to help out other people. Tough economic conditions mean that a lot of people are out hunting bargains. You can help them out by selling your junk to them at low prices. You get some cash, your house is emptied of junk and other people now must decide where to put all the stuff they bought from you.

•    Leftovers. Most garage sales never sell everything. You still win. After all, scavengers might come along and offer you pennies per pound for the leftover stuff. Sometimes charities will come pick it up for free. If your neighborhood rules allow you to, put all the leftover items out by the road. You’ll be surprised at how fast people will stop and pick it up.

Do It Again

Now that you’ve eliminated a ton of junk from your home, your eye will pick up even more clutter. This is why most people can have two, three or more garage sales before they get rid of all the stuff they neither want nor need.

Once you experience the joy and freedom of a clutter-free organized life, you will never want to let junk pile up in your home ever again.

If you are looking for a website where you can find the latest garage sale in your city, you may check this awesome website: YardSaleSearch.com

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