Accutane Lawsuits

Accutane is a prescription drug that is intended to treat severe nodular acne, however it was commonly used to treat all forms of acne, including moderate to mild cases. Unfortunately many people have suffered horrible side effects from this powerful acne medication. These side effects include Crohn's disease, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), ulcerative colitis, birth defects, and even psychiatric complications. These horrible side effects have motivated people in the recent past to file an Accutane lawsuit.

Crohn's disease, which is a form of IBD is a disorder in which the digestive tract is inflamed, which most often affects the lower part of the person's small intestine. Common symptoms of Crohn's disease include diarrhea, abdominal pain, and stomach cramps.

Accutane ulcerative colitis is another form of IBD and is similar to Crohn's disease however, this disorder is different because it causes inflammation deeper in the intestinal wall. Ulcerative colitis causes inflammation and ulcers, or sores, in the rectum and colon's lining. Long term side effects of Accutane involving IBD can be found in various parts of the person's digestive system, such as the person's mouth, esophagus, colon, and small intestine.

Accutane was manufactured by Hoffman La Roche Pharmaceutical Company, which made it in a pill form, however they stopped producing it because of a drug recall in 2009. The scary thing is, many other manufacturers are still making this medicine, they are just using different names for it. And health care professionals are still prescribing it to their patients. The FDA did require the medication to have a black box warning though.

Other names that this medication is being manufactured under include:

Despite of the recall of Accutane in 2009, people who used this prescription drug are still experiencing its long term side effects. Because of this, people are looking to the help of an Accutane lawyer to help them understand their legal rights.

To date, more than 1,000 class action type lawsuits have been taken to state and federal court. People have brought the lawsuits against La Roche, and against the medical providers who prescribed the medicine. In most cases the lawsuit was stating that La Roche did not adequately notify its customers of the various dangerous side effects that this drug could cause. The first six suits resulted in the company losing and the verdicts totaled to about $56 million dollars. The lawsuits were much more successful when the people who took the medication did so before the black box warning was established.

If you or a loved one has taken this powerful prescription drug, then you should consult your lawyer to see if you have an Accutane lawsuit. There are some lawyers available who operate on a contingency basis, which means that you do not have to pay any legal fees or expenses unless you win compensation in your case. Currently there are no national Accutane lawsuits so right now claims are being filed on an individual basis.

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Depakote Lawsuits Due to Birth Defects

Bringing a baby into the world is an amazing and life changing experience. This experience is something that will never be forgotten, and we all want it to be memories of love and happiness. Sadly though this is not always the case, sometimes families have to face the dreaded reality that the baby has birth defects, and in the worse cases, the baby does not live. Most of the time situations like this are out of our hands, however it is important to be aware of some ways to prevent this horrible nightmare from happening. An example of this is to know what is safe and what is unsafe to take during pregnancy. This article will discuss the drug Depakote and the very real danger that it poses to our beloved babies.

Depakote is a drug that is used to treat conditions such as epilepsy, migraines, and manic episodes due to a bipolar disorder. Expecting mothers should never take this drug because of the unfortunate numerous side effects that it causes including spina bifida and many others. Some mothers have not been aware of this danger and has taken the drug during pregnancy, which has resulted in heartache and loss, and therefore Depakote lawsuits. Because this drug has the potential of causing serious and life threatening birth defects, the Food and Drug Administration has classified Depakote in the pregnancy category D.

Depakote Side Effects

Women who are pregnant, will become pregnant, or are nursing should not take the drug Depakote because it can be very harmful to the unborn baby. The side effects of this drug may result in birth defects to the baby. These side effects can include the baby having a cleft palate or hand malformations. The baby may also have an hypoplastic right heart, which is when the right side of the heart is underdeveloped. The baby may also have undescended testes or dysplastic ribs, which mean the ribs are abnormally developed. Hypospadia is another side effect that can happen when a women is on Depakote, this is when the opening of the urethra forms in the wrong place on male babies. Spina bifida is another condition that is possible to happen, this condition is when the spinal column does not completely enclose the spinal cord. The worst possible side effect of Depakote may result in the death of the baby.

If you or someone you know has taken the drug Depakote and has experienced one or more of these negative side effects, then it is strongly recommended that you contact a Depakote lawyer as soon as possible. You may not know if you have a case right away, however it is very important to contact a Depakote lawyer right away because there may be a time limit on how long you have to file a claim. Your lawyer will help you decide if you want to pursue litigation, as this may compensate you for your loss. The time limit that you have to file your claim varies from state to state, however the typical time limit for personal injury lawsuits are two years.

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The Benefits Of Massage

The benefits of massage are extensive and include the ability to reduce stress, relieve muscle tension and evoke feelings of calm and relaxation. The medical and health benefits of massage are well documented, so the incentives to organize regular massage. Go Massage can offer great value and very effective on the Massage Gold Coast

Some of the benefits of massage are soothing, relaxing, healing, relieve tension, improve blood circulation, relieve stiffness and pain, improve well-being, improve mental health. Therefore, these benefits of massage are expected to help even athletes to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.

With so many different types of massage therapy available, the benefits of massage are huge and can be tailored to their specific needs and problems. Combat stress and anxiety by reducing heart rate, decreased blood pressure, muscle relaxation, and promote deeper and fuller breathing … The benefits of massage are far reaching, affecting almost all body systems.

Massage is one of the oldest healing arts: Chinese records dating back 3000 years document its use, the ancient Hindus, Persians and Egyptians applied forms of massage for many ailments, and Hippocrates wrote articles advocating the use of rubbing and friction joint and circulatory problems. We are trained in traditional massage.

Touching is a natural human reaction to pain and stress, and for the transport of compassion and support. Pain Relief: all sorts of pain and muscle aches can be eliminated through massage therapy. As an accepted part of many physical rehabilitation programs, massage therapy has also proven beneficial for many chronic diseases, including back pain, arthritis, bursitis, fatigue, high blood pressure, diabetes, immune suppression, the infertility, smoking cessation, depression, and more. Monthly follow-up visits after the desired results would be beneficial to keep it maintained and keep old pain from happening again.
Trigger point massage: Pressure is applied to “trigger points” (tender areas where muscles have been damaged) to alleviate muscle spasms and pain. To increase oxygen and blood to the tissues, the pain is reduced and often eliminated. Depending on the severity of their pain and details of their problems, possible once or twice a week and might even be necessary to achieve the desired results.

The many benefits of massage are being scientifically researched and documented in medical journals and industry specific. And while the benefits of massage are well documented, new studies are consistently becoming available that show the beneficial effects of therapeutic technique for everyone.

As more research demonstrates the effectiveness of massage therapy to help treat common ailments like low back pain, more consumers are seeking massage to improve your overall wellness and health. It is important to note that the greatest benefits of massage are appreciated when received regularly. Massage can treat chronic pain on many levels, and often works well in conjunction with other supportive measures, such as acupuncture and chiropractic treatments.

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Kiddie Stuff

Designer clothes are no longer the exclusive domain of adults. These days you can find many stores selling designer wear exclusively for children. In the world of fashion today, most parents feel that if they can choose to wear designer clothes, so can their children. Fashion designers have meanwhile joined the bandwagon and are producing a variety of designer children’s wear these days.

Most major brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Tory Burch, American Apparel and Marc Little, to name a few, have a collection of children’s wear. A simple search online will help you find the latest offering from such leading brands. From baby shoes to designer clothes for babies and special occasion dresses and christening gowns, you can find a lot of designers exclusively for pre-teens these days.

Fashionable parents across the world are looking for cool, funky clothes or their children. Gone are the days when children wore dull traditional clothes. A full range of kids wear these days is available in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Bright colors seem to be the flavor of the season. A girl with a striped shirt and bright red pants and a pink ribbon flowers would always be nice and brighten up any day.

Pink is another colour that parents have chosen for their daughters. This feminine colour can help create that delicate and soft look. Black is another color that looks good on children. In fact one can find a variety of designer kidswear where black is the predominant colour.

Funny T-shirts also are a hit with kids these days. In fact T-shirts have been popular, as part of children’s clothing for a long time now. Gone are the boring tees have been replaced by the latest with creative and yet at the same time fun graffiti.

Designer children’s wear is widely available these days in most of the leading designer stores. You can also find designer wear in several outlets that only sell children’s clothes. Always make sure that you purchase designer children wear from an authorized showroom. The Internet is another place where you can buy designer clothes for children. You can also find a lot of accessories sold in online stores today. The options available are so great over the internet you can buy anything from baby shoes to designer baby clothes with a few clicks of the mouse.

While shopping for kids stuff you must ensure that you get the correct size. Remember designer clothes can be expensive so buying ill fitting clothes for your children can mean an unnecessary waste of money.

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500 Million Ways to Make Money on FACEBOOK

With Facebook recently exceeding half a billion users, businesses of all types are realizing they have a big opportunity to monetize their efforts on the world’s largest social network.

To put this into perspective, compare Facebook to the largest retailer in the world, Walmart: Roughly 20 million people visit Walmart on a daily basis, whereas 250 million people visit Facebook each day. There is no other online marketing channel that can deliver this kind of reach. But before we look at some ways to actually drive revenue, it is important to understand that Facebook is not your traditional e-commerce channel and should not be used as a direct marketing tactic. The hundreds of millions of Facebook members have joined to share their personal stories through updates, images and videos within their social network — not to buy products. That being said, utilizing the social network as a sales channel is not a bad thing but should be handled carefully, like meeting a neighbor’s dog for the first time — approach with respect or risk being bitten. Aggressive behavior does not pay off. Prior to engaging in Facebook as a business outlet you must
develop a strategy for connecting with your customer base. Your strategy should be about quality not quantity of people that “like” your page. Taking the time to develop relationships with your fans, creating engaging content and measuring results are the three essential steps to an impressive return on investment.

STEP 1 Engage With People That Like Your Page
Start with an interesting and compelling Facebook Page that  differentiates your business from the competition. Apps are a good way for any business serious about marketing on Facebook to create a unique experience that helps you stand out. From sharing videos to contests, Facebook Apps are among the most used features on the platform. Add in the ability to share with friends and a strong Facebook App can have a huge impact on your ROI.

When we started working with e-commerce companies it was quickly realized that creating a separate tab that helps business owners showcase their products or services is the right approach. Constantly posting your products on your Facebook wall is considered bad etiquette and will turn people off, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of people “unliking” your page and, therefore, dismissing your brand. Creating a low-riskhigh-reward option for your customer is important, so always put yourself in the customers’ shoes when implementing any new Facebook ideas. There are thousands of amazing apps on Facebook and visiting
the Facebook App Directory is a good place to start, as well as talking with other business owners about which Facebook Apps they have found to be beneficial.

STEP 2 Create Engaging Content
A few months ago, I attended Facebook’s f8 annual conference and was able to capture the news feed optimization formula Facebook uses to decide what content shows up in a user’s top news feed. Showing this formula and how it is tied to Facebook’s current news options (top news vs. most recent) was genius, as
it really encourages you to do the right thing by your customer. Facebook news feed optimization has become a new type of  SEO. If you like or comment on updates from one particular Facebook page often, you are likely to see that business’ status update in your top news feed (the default setting) on a regular basis. The formula (shown below), called EdgeRank, looks at affinity score (how often the user interacts with the page), weight (how many comments or likes a post has), and time decay (how recent that update was posted). In many respects, this is not  unlike link building. 

If you post content on your page that does not follow the  above formula you are wasting your time, as updates will not be seen by your fans. Before you press the share button, reread the post and make sure you are asking for engagement. For example, if you are thinking of launching a new product, ask the opinion of your customers.

If you are just starting out and have very few people following  your page, Facebook advertising is a great approach to reach the right people at the right time. Advertisers can request that ads are served based on what your customers have said they liked in their profile. For example, a Phoenix-based Mexican restaurant could promote a new brand of tequila to people on their birthdays that are located in the Phoenix area, based on the information from those users’ profiles. Before launch, Facebook will even show the number of estimated reach so as to not waste marketing dollars advertising to those less likely to engage.

STEP 3Measure Perfomance
Used with your Facebook Page, Facebook Insights offers valuable customer information. After reviewing age, gender and country of residence you can enhance or change your current Facebook strategy. Using this data, you can decide which content works best, the audience you are currently reaching and where improvements can be made.

In the end, it’s all about making social connections with your target audience. Too often, business leaders and owners think of their target audience as nameless, faceless people. Facebook brings the human touch to your relationships with  your customers; faces, names and conversations. And that is how you monetize Facebook — by creating a living dialogue with your fans.

Jay Feitlinger

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The Depuy Recall

On August 24,2010 a volunteer hip replacement recall was issued by Depuy Orthopedics,a division of Johnson and Johnson.The ASR XL Acetabular metal-on-metal hip replacement system has shown to have a 13% failure rate within the first 5 years.Regardless if replaced,there is a big possibility that metal fragments break loose in the body that many times go a long time undetected.As a result, dislocation,bone fracture,infection,nerve damage,muscle damage,bone staining,tissue damage,swelling and increased metal ion levels in the bloodstream are all possible threats.

Curiously, the FDA had given special clearance to Dupuy to make the hip replacement system available to the public without first performing any clinical trials back in 2005.The first Depuy lawsuit was filed over a year and a half before the Depuy recall was announced comfirming many expert's opinion of thinking the Depuy recall should have been issued much sooner.

Depuy actually denied any problems occurring with the product while at the same time warning doctors about the high failure rate in the beginning of 2010.The only thing they claimed was that they were likely to discontinue production if sales continued to decline and any rumor being spread about them issuing a recall were false.They also kept silent the Australian registry data that showed a high failure rate.Johnson and Johnson have had many recalls issued this year alone.Still fresh in the public memory is the incident of them paying off doctors undisclosed amounts of money that became a huge scandal.

The first of the hip replacement lawsuits to be filed in the United States against Johnson and Johnson was on July 15,2010.Claims in the lawsuit accuse the company of being well aware of the flaws in the design causing it to be defective but yet never letting doctors or patients know.Worldwide 93,000 patients underwent surgery receiving the recalled Depuy ASR XL Acetablar metel on metel hip replacement system.

With a 1 out of 8 fail rate and several class action lawsuits already filed,Johnson and Johnson may have lawsuits against them numbered in the thousands.On November 18,2010 The United States Judicial Panel on Multi District Litigation has scheduled a meeting to make a decision on the lawsuits filed.

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DePuy Hip Replacement Lawsuits

DePuy Orthopaedics, a division of the well-known Johnson & Johnson Company, has issued a recall of its ASR hip replacement and implant systems. The ASR Hip Resurfacing System and ASR XL Acetabular Hip System are both part of this hip replacement recall. These two DePuy products have been available since July of 2003, so anyone who has had implant surgery before that date is not affected by the hip recall.
In general, hip implants should last for over a decade. In the case of the ASR hip replacement systems, many people have experienced problems within the first five years of receiving the implant. Over 90,000 people have received one of the DePuy implants, and roughly 12,000 of those recipients may have to undergo a second surgery because of a breakdown of the implant. DePuy representatives have stated that approximately 12-13% of the patients who received each of the ASR implants experienced negative symptoms and required a revision surgery. Because of these numbers, the DePuy recall was put into effect.
The ASR hip replacement system uses metal devices that touch other metal parts. The two metal parts then rub together. This creates small metal pieces that can enter the recipient’s bloodstream. This type of metal toxicity can cause serious complications to anyone who has received an ASR implant.
The DePuy company has stated that any individual who underwent hip surgery after July 2003 should determine what type of implant was used. DePuy representatives have indicated that additional testing may be required to determine if the hip implant is working properly. Individuals with the ASR implants will need to be monitored for metal toxicity regardless of whether or not any negative symptoms have been experienced. Symptoms may include severe pain, swelling, and problems with mobility.
Many people who have been affected by the hip replacement recall may need painful and costly surgeries. Although the DePuy company claims that it will cover any reasonable expenses related to the recall, there are some conditions that many people may not wish to agree to. These conditions include having to submit all medical records to DePuy and relinquishing the faulty implant back to the company. Many people feel these are unsatisfactory and unfair terms. This has caused a number of people to initiate a DePuy hip replacement lawsuit.
A DePuy lawsuit can ensure that those affected by the implant recall can receive the necessary compensation. Many people believe that the manufacturers of these hip replacement systems failed to give ample and timely warnings about the defects. This lack of information has caused numerous people to initiate DePuy lawsuits.
The ASR hip replacement recall has caused complications for a growing number of people. The company has recently become the subject of countless lawsuits. Anyone who has received a faulty ASR hip implant may be compensated for any out of pocket expenses related to the recall. A DePuy lawsuit lawyer can assist individuals who do not know where to begin and who want to successfully resolve their issues.

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Facebook's New Battle With Google

Facebook's New Battle With Google 
click to see the whole story... =)

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Mga Kagahapon

Presenting.. LoL!

Agusan National High School
Batch 2000

idol ni Dodong, once upon a time
mao ni si Dodong, tapad ni Marlon 

to be continued....

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What is Bankruptcy?

This section provides data about bankruptcy however isn't the same as legal recommendation (the appliance of law to a private's specific circumstances). We tend to recommend you consult a lawyer if you would like help with bankruptcy. For additional information on bankruptcy.

Under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, individuals who plan to file for bankruptcy protection, with limited exceptions, should get credit counseling from a government-approved group among six months before they file. They conjointly should complete a debtor education course from an approved provider to possess their debts discharged.

If you are thinking of Bankruptcy take into account these facts:

What's Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy may be a continuing in a very federal court in that an insolvent debtor's assets are liquidated and also the debtor is relieved of more liability. Chapter 7 deals with liquidation, while Chapter thirteen deals with reorganization. If you have questions concerning bankruptcy, you must seek the recommendation of a licensed bankruptcy attorney.

Sorts of Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is when the court appoints a Trustee who might liquidate or sell some things that you own to pay your creditors. Most of your debt can be canceled, however you'll opt for to pay some creditors, usually to stay a car or home in which the creditor contains a lien.

Chapter thirteen bankruptcy is when your debt is reorganized into one monthly payment. The payment will continue for 36 to 60 months. In no case might a set up give for payments over a period longer than five years. You do not need to repay all of your debt. You pay only as abundant as you'll be able to afford, however the minimum payment may be full of property you wish to keep. After you complete the payments, debt not paid is discharged.

Advantages and Disadvantages of filing for Bankruptcy

Advantages of Bankruptcy:
  •   One in all the foremost important advantages of filing for bankruptcy is that debtors may obtain a recent money start.
  •   If you are eligible for Chapter seven you'll be forgiven (discharged from) most unsecured debts. A secured debt is one that the creditor is entitled to collect by seizing and selling bound assets of the debtor if payments are missed, like a home mortgage or car loan.
  •   You may be able to keep (that's, exempt) several of your assets, although state laws vary widely in defining that assets you'll keep.
  •  Assortment efforts must stop as you file for bankruptcy beneath Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.
  •  You cannot be fired from your job solely as a result of you filed for bankruptcy.

Disadvantages of Bankruptcy:
  •   A bankruptcy can stay on your credit record for seven-ten years and can have an result on your future finances.
  •   A bankruptcy could impede your possibilities of obtaining a mortgage or automobile loan for a few time.
  •  Not all debt can be discharged. Some debt that will't be discharged is child support, alimony, some student loans, divorce settlements and a few income taxes. You should talk to an attorney on the specific categories of debt that will be allowed for discharge.

Will Bankruptcy Eliminate Debt?

Filing bankruptcy does not essentially eliminate all debts, and typically merely restructures existing debts - this leaves you responsible for all future payments. Filing bankruptcy additionally stays with you for up to ten years and you'll have difficulty getting any kind of loan. Bankruptcy is public record and will be mirrored on your credit report but not permanently. Speak to one of our credit counseling experts if you need assistance.

Is Bankruptcy the Best Resolution?

Anyone who is considering bankruptcy desires to completely perceive the process and therefore the laws surrounding bankruptcy. Questions regarding bankruptcy should be addressed by a licensed bankruptcy attorney in los angeles.

Alternatives to Bankruptcy

There are alternatives to bankruptcy and you can avoid bankruptcy with outside help. It is vital to induce early recommendation regarding bankruptcy if you are hoping to use the bankruptcy process to save heaps of your home or your car. Successful debt management can be a valuable different

Trying for a Bankruptcy Attorney

Are you trying for bankruptcy information or to find an attorney in your area? There are a number of methods to search out legal counsel, including your native bar association.

For additional data go to

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PECIT Butuan Official Facebook Page

Through the effort of a young but talented PECIT student named Izie Escabarte, a 2nd year programming student, PECIT's long awaited Facebook page was finally came into realization.Now, the faculty, staffs and students of Philippine Electronics and Communication Institute Technology can enjoy converging with their fellow students online through facebook. The long wait is over and good times is starting to roll for these guys.

Just to give little bits of information of these growing  competitive school. Here are some basic yet reliable informations.

In the year 1981 the first Electronics and Communication school was establish in the municipality of bayugan. Known as Bayugan Institute of Technology. We have offered by the following courses.

  6-Months Typing
  1-Year Practical Electricity
  1-Year Electronic Technician for Radio Receiver

After a year of operation we have received a letter from DECS that we are not allowed to use the name Technology for we have no college degree courses. The board of directors has decided to use the name of Philippine Electronics and Communication Institute since we will focus our courses in Electronics and Communication. On March 18, 1983 we have decided to look for a place in Butuan City. We were inform that the second floor of college of Mindanao which had been closed is vacant and we were requested the owner if we will be given the previlege to occupy the second floor for a vocational courses we will be offering for the school year 1992-1993. We try to offer practical electricity and electronic setviceman for radio receiver. This time our enrollee in Butuan City is only 3 students where electronics servicemen for radio receiver. This time our enrollee in Butuan City is only 3 studentswhere all of them are also working students. In the second semester of 1993 our enrollment had increased to about 10 times and this time the name of the school is BIT which is separate and distinct from that of Bayugan. In the year 1994 first semester we move from Bayugan to Butuan City where most of our students transfer to Butuan Branch. We requested DECS to close our Bayugan Branch and concentrate in Butuan by the same name Philippine Electronics & Communication Institute (PECI) and close BIT. On July 1985 our GRCO student took the board exam from number 1 to 18 the rest were taken by the other school in Cagayan de Oro. From the time of 1996 our passing average is 98% and most of our graduates are already working here and abroad. In Caraga alone 80% of all broadcasting stations to include cable television are run by our graduates.

PHILIPPINE ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (PECIT) is a Filipino, Academic and Technical Community dedicated to the integral development of the whole person for the needs of the country and the world.

The PHILIPPINE ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (PECIT) aims to be the best Technical Institute in the entire Caraga, by having the most updated facilities and equipments, and a well rounded studentry.

In behalf of Mr. Escabarte who made the effort in building up the page, Cheers to your success. 

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Blockbuster Before Christmas

Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito – Who Will Win?

I know a lot of boxing fans are not to happy that this fight is taking place. But I still want to here your opinions and your thoughts about this fight.

I’m picking Manny for the win (surprised). Margarito didn’t look so good in his last 2 fights especially against his fight with Sugar Shane Mosley and now he is facing a extremely better fighter Pacquiao. I do not see this fight going the distance.

The only way I see Margarito winning is if gets Pacquiao in the corner or against the ropes and unloads on Pacquiao. But I believe Manny is to smart and quick to allow Margarito to that. Speed and mobility will be Pacquiao’s greatest advantage and if Manny keeps the fight in the middle of the ring he will win easily.

One other thing to consider is if Manny’s chin and body capable of taking big shots against these bigger guys like Margarito. The great thing about boxing is it only takes one big shot to change the outcome of this fight.

This fight will be taking place in the Dallas Cowboy Stadium (Texas).

Who Will Win?


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Song For My Friends

"Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"
Once there was this kid who
Got into an accident and couldn't come to school
But when he finally came back
His hair had turned from black into bright white
He said that it was from when
The car had smashed so hard
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Once there was this girl who
Wouldn't go and change with the girls in the change room
But when they finally made her
They saw birthmarks all over her body
She couldn't quite explain it
They'd always just been there
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
But both girl and boy were glad
'Cause one kid had it worse than that
'Cause then there was this boy whose
Parents made him come directly home right after school
And when they went to their church
They shook and lurched all over the church floor
He couldn't quite explain it
They'd always just gone there
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm 

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Link Exchange? 

Feel free to leave a message. To make it easier for us, add our link ( - Filipino Blog) to your blogrolls and inform us, we will get to you the soonest time we can.

Thank you very much.

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What is Your Reason for Getting Healthy?

Getting healthy has a one ultimate goal to live longer, better. But how is getting healthy translated into our motivation?

Everyone has different expectations from life; some of us want everything right here, right now and others have long-term plans and always hope that future will bring gratification for them. If you are missing out on reasons that can really motivate you to start thinking about your health, maybe one of these listed could help:

1.    Better sleep and higher energy levels – getting healthy means you will be able to do many more things right now, maybe start a new career or try a new sport - enjoy life to the fullest!

2.    Self-confidence boost – the fact that you accomplished something for yourself is the ultimate self image food that really affects your personality and quality of life.

3.    Better sex life – it is proven that your libido grows with your health and shape levels, which definitely improves relationships and a desire for living.

4.     Being there for loved ones we all want to be around for our children and grandchildren, hoping for a long and happy life, without health issues to burden both us and the family.

5.     Saving some money – being in good shape can decrease your health insurance policy rate: less visits to doctors office an less tests makes you a lower risk for insurance companies. 

Let’s not forget that all over-the-counter medicines we buy in bulk; you won't need that many pain killers and heartburn relief any more!

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Understanding Reggae and Rastafari

"Rastafarians will stand on very shaky ground if the current gun running, cocaine selling and lyrically debased D-jays and singers, are allowed to infiltrate the noble ranks of Rastafari. These so-called dreadlocks imposters, could destroy years of hard earned credibility, and international acceptance of Rastafarians as a law abiding,peace loving and a reputable religious fraternity."

So said Ras Benedik a farmer in Portland, who voiced his concern at the number of "natty" -like assassins whose cold, callus and warped psyche negates them into Phycopaths, that can be hired to murder in cold blood, people they know nothing about."

Says Ras Benedik " Rastafarians have been to hell and back in terms of being victimized, denied our basic rights in the turbulent1960s, outright persecution by the Jamaican establishment in the form of 'de-locksing,' (forcibly having Rastas hair or "dreadlocks" cut off) denied employment in reputable establishments and imprisonment on the grounds of sheer contempt and scorn by some magistrates. Rastafarians were the most persecuted people and religion, since the abolition of slavery."

Sister Joy a Rastafarian and accountant from St. Catharine said " It has been exceptionally hard for Rastafarians in gaining the respect of Jamaicans at every imaginable level of the society. Thanks to the works of Bob Marley O.M. and other outstanding Rastafarians at home and abroad, whose determination not be discredited by a group of imposters, whose criminal motives and activities are mistakenly attributed to bonifide, and law abiding Rastafarians."

Ras Ivor a haulage contractor said, "Rastafarians have had to deal with issues in the past, that threatened the validity and the foundation on which the principles of Rastafari as a religion is based. One such occasion was the infamous "Bun Jesus, God and Lord" campaign that was initiated by a number of God "dissing," slogan shouters, who at the time were thought to be from a particular house, or ("Mansion Of Rastafari." as it is described by Rastafarian elders.

This resulted in the distancing of some members from what they perceived to be a hype driven, God dissing, anti -Christ and Rasta imposters". Ras Ivor pointed out that most of the blasphemous statements that angered the Christian fraternity of which Rastafarians are a part of, were made by hardcore dancehall artistes and their flag waving entourage. "These "wanna-bees" says Ras Ivor are simply ignorant of the true precepts of Rastafari, thus they are hell bent on reversing the principles on which Rastafari as a religion was established."

Both elderly and young Rastafarian progressives such as Ras Ben Guthrie, a political science student pointed out that most radical juveniles are in touch with what's happening politically. The protests songs comes screeming at you from within the numerous dancehalls right across Jamaica. He says they are inspired by the music and messages coming from Sizzla, Capleton, Beenie Man, Richie Spice, Jah Cure, Turbulence, I –Wayne and Gyptian. All profess to be Rastafarians with the exception of Elephant Man, who comes across as an energized entertainer, who is equally aware of the real issues, but chooses to dance for the time being.

Sizzla appears to have captured the full attention of most dancehall supporters, a natural thinker who is extremely versatile, thus he is able to control things on ether side of the fence. He has demonstrated on several occasions that he has the vision and the ability, to take both reggae and dancehall, in interesting directions at any given time. His uncompromising anti system and anti -Christ lyrics, have at times placed him in the cold, in relation to more rational thinking Rastafarians. He started out writing songs expressing the gut feeling, concerns and frustrations of the Inner City poor. Over the years he has consistently delivered a number of thought provoking songs, that have had Jamaicans singing at home and abroad. Songs such as " Black Woman and Child," Thank You Mama," and Dry Cry has made young Miguel Collins a household name internationally.

He is seen within his community as both sinner and a saint, the community although divided politically, recognizes Sizzla's leadership capabilities not only as an entertainer, but also as a person who has assisted scores of people, irrespective of their political affiliations.

Once seen as a minister of fire and 'brimstone, " due mainly to his "Bun Jesus, God and Lord" Campaign. A doctrine Sizzla is capable of revisiting musically, at any time for all it's controversial worth.
The question being asked is Sizzla just as relevant a spokesman for the so-called under-classes, as he was five years ago?

Miguel “Sizzla” Collins is undoubtedly an extremely gifted artiste; his ability to surpass the expectations of his peers is simply amazing. His fearless approach to life, and his never ending quest to establish new horizons musically, has made him exceptionally special, even among people who literally see hardcore dancehall as a deadly virus.

Musically there are several sides to Sizzla, the social commentator, Sizzla the lover, making impassioned pleas to his woman to give all her love unconditionally, and the controversial Sizzla whose biting social commentary is usually aimed at the church, regardless of denomination.

Subconsciously he is in constant search of a spiritual revolution, that at times crackles on the perimeters of blasphemy. What can not be explained is his ability to use controversy to his advantage, which places him light years ahead of the competition.

Sister Sherrie an event consultant said, "No artiste can ignore the right of others to their religious beliefs. However, the feeling among extremist that their ill conceived concept of Rastafari is both the beginning and the end, as far as religion is concerned, threatens the tried and proven concept of Rastafari as an internationally accepted religion and way of life.

We as Rastafarians have assimilated into every imaginable culture and race. We have been embraced by some, tolerated by others and looked at with suspicion by some of our own brothers and sisters. We have encountered these negative vibes even in Africa, which we as Jamaicans consider to be the motherland."

Pastor Alex made the point that "most of these young Rastas know nothing of the struggles, hardships and profound sacrifices that has been made by their elders over the years. They are indeed seeking, but going about it the wrong way he says. Some of our more militant artistes must realize that a greater social responsibility is crucial,when considering imparting messages that can divide people, and lead to unnecessary confrontations."

Pastor Alex said, "To declare one's allegiance to a particular figure, and to publicly declare that entity as being supreme over all others, is to denounce the beliefs and concepts of other religious groups. On the other hand, to attempt to indoctrinate and garner support through propaganda, and half truths is unforgivable, and equates to blasphemy."

Extract from forthcoming book by T."Boots" Harris. © 2006.

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Art – The Science of Self-Expression

Every form of art is the outcome of a polished human mind,expressing different ideas through different mediums. Artist finds it easier to draw the outlines of thoughts clearly using the medium he is dealing with. While trying to communicate an idea or emotion, the artist is defining himself. A sense of creativity blended with patience and skill results in an artwork, so every form of art reflects the artist.

Art and culture are always related, it represents the society itself. You can see art everywhere around you, evolved through civilizations, over a period of time in different parts of the world. Even streets could show you fabulous pieces of art,although such artworks may not reach the famous art galleries around the globe. So every artwork is a signature of the artist, it gives immense pleasure in every stages of creativity.

Art of Painting
Creating art on paper have a strong history, over decades. We know about the different painting styles emerged in different centuries like Impressionism, Cubism, Expressionism. The medium may be water colour, pastel, acrylics or oil paint.Oil paintings are easier to handle and create paintings in realistic style. 

Art and Society
      Art contributes to the society in many ways, it can influence the people effectively. Modern realistic paintings convey the emotions and thoughts of an artist to the minds of art loving people.
Rich aesthetic sense and dedicated mind is enough to create masterpieces is the perfect way to express yourself, to attain self happiness.

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Social Media Marketing - A Grasp

Social Media, if we break down the meaning of these two words, is a channel or means, such as the World Wide Web, where people interact with each other. Nowadays, different social media platforms have been spreading all throughout the web. If you are into meeting new friends and posting of personal photos, while playing online games at the same time, you'd most likely be in Facebook. If blogging is your calling, you'd probably sign up for a Blogger page. If you had a collection of videos and would wish to share them to strangers who'll soon become your "online buddies", you'd rather create a YouTube account. I have one for almost everything. These sites are only some of the widely used by people of different backgrounds, races, and ages, ranging from teens and tweens to the young-at-heart.

Every social media site has its own way of giving fun and pleasure to each of their avid users. A common feature is friends search. This is where you can find your pre-school bestfriend or even, while you keep your fingers crossed at least, your childhood crush. In other words -- a long-lost friend. The amazing part is you never think of finding them, but you do out of nowhere with just clicks of the mouse.  Not only can you view their profiles or what they've been up to all these years, but you can also send them a quick message or even chat with them.

If we take a closer look at the current surveys, socia media websites are highly populated now. This means that more and more people are getting connected to the internet every now and then. Whatever reasons they may have, their main goal is to have fun chatting with real life or online friends alike, and gain new ones from different parts of the world.

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Be the Top Commenter and Win $10

As we show gratitude to our avid readers. We have decided to give something in return. At the end of every month, we will be evaluating everyone who participates in discussions on our every post. We will sum up all of the comments made for each month and the lucky person who will get the highest number of comments will receive  $10.

top commenter

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  1. Be as relevant as possible. Spammy responses will be discarded
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  4. Winners will be announced at the end of each month.
  5. In the event that there will be two or more top commenters for the month, names will be randomly chosen via
  6. Contest lasts until December 31, 2011.

    Good Luck and Enjoy !!

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    A 15 year old kid could definitely motivate or engage into a CPA network by leading his/her mind into a most resourceful matter. Anybody could explain that without a good plan, there is a little chance to achieve the income and quality of life goals. By rapid changes, a kid now must be exposed to any business world. Earning money while younger can make them fulfilled in some ways. They must appreciate the value of money and find strategies to grow in effective and efficient way.

    Getting thousands of free visitors from various search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN is just only indication that the readers enjoy to do so. More traffics can be maintained by providing adequate keywords, more informative medias, more e-books, more effective software and a lot of things that people could get information and ideas from visiting those search engines. Just make every websites more interested, reliable, innovative and unique, then It will definitely create big noise from the visitors.

    1. Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them.
    2. We can stay young by focusing on a dream instead of on a regret.
    3. To teach is to touch a life forever.
    4. Life without friendship is like the sky without the sun
    5. Where there are friends, there is wealth
    6. The most wasted of all days is one without laughter
    7. The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions.
    8. Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground
    9. God is the light that shows me the way, for there is nothing that God cannot do.
    10. Where hope grows, miracles blossom

    Factors of Success
    1. Belief- In order for you to achieve anything in your career, in fact your life - you have to first believe. You need to believe in yourself that you can achieve it. You need to have faith in your goals and your path to that success.
    2. Action- Nothing moves until you do something. Believing alone is not going to achieve anything for you. It must be followed up with concrete action.
    3. Discipline- Action in itself is not enough to increase the chances of success. But disciplined action would do that. One of the main reasons why people fail is that there is no discipline in their action. They give themselves excuses why they cannot consistently follow up on their plans. There is no self-control to their action. You would need some form of sacrifice if you were to achieve a certain degree of success in your career.

    I personally consider the the most important for me in achieving goals is to be hardworking and optimistic no matter what. At first, there is such no easy thing to reach what you really want to be in life. I have to be hardworking to start in assessing things for my goals/objectives. I do not have to quit because I am tired already but instead, keep moving and moving to reach the peak of success. Then, of course, I have to put a combination of being optimistic whatever the outcome of my perseverance. I have to keep in my mind that failure is just usual to everybody, it must not totally defeat my goals in life.

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    Online Dating: To Try or Not To Try

    Dating is one of those things which is either a hit or a miss. This fact becomes glaringly true if there is an actual face to face encounter. If a good match is made, then great for the couple. If it’s a mismatch, however, hello awkwardness! And both of them have to ensure it the whole time they’re going to be together; meal, movie, car ride, etc.
    Fortunately, there’s more than one way to get into the dating game. Say hello to online dating! At this point, the question may be “What is online dating?” Online dating usually necessitates joining a specific social network. Here, individuals make their profile by entering information about themselves, uploading pictures, writing more about themselves including their dating preferences. Opportunities for interaction are also present via chat rooms, private messages, message boards, video calling and even VOIP services.

    Now that the “what” has been answered, the next question would be “Why should I try online dating?” To find out if this is for you, it’s always nice to make a list of the pros and cons before diving into it.

    The Pros:
    • Browse for prospects online. It is like a grocery where everything is placed in neat rows. You can screen the people you want interact with based on your own criteria.
    • There are fewer probabilities of awkward moments. People can interact without even having to see each other. Once the conversation or the “relationship” goes south, it is easy to end the date by simply logging out.
    • Get to know someone before meeting them face to face. Take all the time you need to get to know each other via the services offered.
    • Date in the comfort of your own home. No need to worry about what to wear and the hassle of putting on any make up. Instead, put on your favorite pajamas, let your hair loose and put your feet up!
    • Spend less! Usually, clients are just required to pay a one-time joining fee.
    • Very accessible. The Internet is everywhere! There are no hassles about where to go and what to do. They simply log on to the sites when they feel like it. The date can last for as long or as short as the individuals like.
    • There’s no awkward decision-making on who has to pay for what.

    The Cons:
    • Fake information abounds. There are fake profiles everywhere. It is very easy to upload fake photos and information. Online dating may even be used as a way to scam unsuspecting people.
    • There is the possibility of getting emotionally attached to someone you haven’t actually met yet. The relationship may be smooth-sailing online but compatibility may not be as ideal once the meet up happens.
    • Intimacy is absent. The experience of being able to hug, kiss or simply touch someone is nonexistent.

    If you do decide to give online dating a try, make sure that the site you chose is secure. Be smart. Do verify all the information that is being given to you. Have a fun and safe online relationship!

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    Difference Between Wolf and Dog

    It comes to know through enormous worldwide Zoological study and Animal Sciences research, although wolves and doges contain similarities in some aspects, but one came across more variations between the two. Wolf is basically categorized only as a wild animal as compared to the dog which is well known house Pet, for the reason that dog was domesticated so they would not act like wolf. Wolves being wild animals are not suited to live with people or to make a close relation like dogs. Unlike wolves, dogs have demonstrated themselves as a good companion and good Pet in various parts of the world.

    According to Biological classifications, Zoologist and Taxonomist include the wolves in family “Canis Lupus” whereas dogs are placed in family “Canis familiaris” of Kingdom Animalia. In addition, there is a one of the most visible difference amongst both is a variation in physical appearance and structure. The wolf occupies a large body dissimilar to dog that is smaller in size than wolf. Muzzle of the wolf is also founded to be longer as compared to most of dogs.

    When it comes to compare their legs, the wolf comes with longer legs, larger feet and a wider cranium than the dog. Wolves are well recognized hunter but a dog lacks this specialty because of its domestication. Wolves are much physically powerful than dogs. Despite the fact that wolves and dogs have the equivalent number of teeth, the differentiation is definite. The teeth of wolves are adapted for hunt. Unlike the dogs, the wolves dwell in stronger molars, which help it to crush largest bones. Wolves include specific teeth used for holding onto their prey. Dogs can feed on dog food/kibble while wolves are carnivores and they need raw meat to eat, yet they can take a large amount of meat at a time, because they know it can be possible that they have nothing to eat for several days. Wolf has the capability to crush largest bones and also to digest but the dogs don’t have.

    Wolf is considered to be cleverer than the dog and wolves are more conscious of their surroundings than the dogs. Dog barks while a wolf only howl , however dogs easily learns to howl and wolf can only make a sharp muffled sounding bark but wolves rarely do this and mainly keep doing howling.

    Another difference that can demonstrate in societal behavior of both these is that wolves have strong nature. They always love to be in crowd, even if it is a group of two or more wolves. But dogs do not used to live in grouping manner and they time and again are seen combating one another. When we come forward to discussing match up to their sexual characters, the female dogs come into “heating period” twice a year while female wolves get into “season” only once a year. It has been noticed that only the alpha female wolf or head female wolf is permitted reproduction in wolf habitation. Some major differences can also be seen in skeletal structures of the two, as wolf has longer legs with large feet and wider skull and narrow chest while a number of the dog’s species don’t possess this type of skeleton. Wolf has an edge of running and moving fast with the help of their particular skeletal structure. During trotting wolf’s back legs move backward and forward in the same line like its front legs, on the other hand dog places its back legs between its front legs during walking or running hence making the slow motion of dog as compared to faster wolf.

    Having come to know through above stated reliable biological factual position, following key differentiation can be illustrated between a wolf and a dog.

    ■ Dog is basically a domestic pet and Wolf is only a wild animal.
    ■ Wolf and Dogs belongs to different families in Kingdom Animalia.
    ■ Intellect level of Wolf is higher than Dog.
    ■ Mostly dogs found to quarrel each other as compared to wolf in case their survival depends on living in packs.
    ■ Dog barks while wolf seldom and wolf paces, a dog trots.
    ■ A wolf is a good hunter whereas a dog has lost this aptitude due to domestication.

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    Useless Regrets and Wishes

    I wrote this for the one person who taught me how to be a fighter.

    Time has passed. Still I’m waiting for you to light back my darkened world. Should have known then what know now. I should have paid attention when you talked. I should have given you more time. I should have gone to your gigs and events; I didn’t realize that they were so important to you. I should have thanked you for exerting effort with the candle-lit dinner, it was really good. I should have seen your effort to when you waited under the storm just to bring me an umbrella. I should have seen you play, they said you were MVP. I should have embraced you when you failed, I believed you when you said that you can manage. I should have been there when you cried your heart out. I should have been there to help you. I should have encouraged you to stand up and fight. I should have watched your transformation from a war-freak to my very ideal. I should have laughed with you when you triumphed. I should have given you more worth. I should have shown you how much you mean to me. I should have told you more often that I love you more than anything else. I should have figured out that sometimes, you can’t handle your problems alone. I should have gone with you that night. I would have told you not to drink too much. I would have taken you home. I should have gone there and picked you up and not let you drive because you’re too drunk.

    If I still have you with me, I would have hugged you tighter. Hold your hand and never let you go. I would often to talk to you even if we reach daybreak. I would go to your gigs wearing that ring you gave me. I would wash the dishes after the candle-lit dinner. I would walk under the storm with you until we reach my apartment. I would bring a banner every time you play and shout as loud as I could every time you make a point. I would tell you that even if you fail, you have me. I would embrace you and cry with you if you lose. I would cancel every meeting I have just to be there and offer a helping hand. I would give you all the support u need. I would thank you for transforming so that my parents would like you but tell you that I love you even if you catch a fight every week. I would laugh with you whenever you win. I would tell you that I’m so proud of you. I would tell you that u make me fall for you more every time you sing. I would learn the song that you wrote for me. I would let you feel that you’re very important to me. I would never leave your unit not unless you tell me what’s wrong. I would tell you that I love you at any given time or place. I would go with you when you go out. I would stop you from drinking way too much. I would take you home and make sure that you’re safe in you bed.

    But these useless regrets can never do anything now. They said when you were in the ambulance on the way to the hospital; you asked them to tell me that you love me. I love you too. I would die a thousand deaths just to have you back, if that could bring you back even just for 2 minutes. Just to hear you say again that you love me.

    I wanna take you back to the place where we first met. I remember perfectly that night. I was too drunk and accidentally scratched your car and you saw that. But you didn’t ask for any payment, just a date with me. Who wouldn’t accept that bargain? I was just a date, I told myself. But what I didn’t expect was you meant: A DATE NOW, RIGHT NOW. I had to cancel my night out with my girl friends. I was kinda hesitant because you looked like somebody I just couldn’t trust in the time of my tipsiness. I drank way beyond my limit and fell asleep so you took me to your unit because u didn’t know where I lived. When I woke up in the morning, I was intact. You never took advantage. I looked for you because I remember that the last person I was with was you. I could not be mistaken. Then I found you in the couch sleeping so subtly. I stared at you for quite a while admiring your abs, admiring the star tattoo in your neck. I noticed the angelic face in spite the rocker image. I admitted you look better in the morning. You opened your eyes and gave me the sweetest smile. It made my heart stop beating. That was how I remember meeting you.

    The next thing I know was me going out with you more often. Wherever you were, i was there. There was even that time you stole me from the party and took me to the highest peak in Cebu. Your reason was you saw me bored to death in the party but you brought along with you a bottle of red wine (my fave!!!) and some chips while admiring the lanterns and the buildings and the romantic city lights… We sat there and admired the part of Cebu where we both grew up. We were talking nonsense when you told me that you were moving on one step higher - FALLING IN LOVE with the prettiest girl in school. I figured out that you were referring to Jenna. Then you took this silver ring from your pocket and told me that you were gonna give that ring to that girl. I was shattered but tried to project a smile. You stood up and said that we should get going. You went along and I was left there. As I opened the door leading to the staircase, I saw the ring and a note on the floor that said, “to the prettiest girl I laid my eyes on… if you accept, come down the stairway and meet me in the car. If you wont, might as well stay there on the in the mountain.. take notice: you don't have anything to …” Bastard! I had no choice but to come to you but you know, in a heartbeat, I would.

    A week before your crash, we got into an argument. Basically, it was just a petty issue but I don’t know what went wrong that it worsened. I said a lot of things that I shouldn’t have said. And you could not take any more of it so you finally spoke. That you were longing for me, the old me that you fell in love with. That I was too preoccupied with going after my dreams that I neglected you the time you should have gotten. And while I was running after what I wanted, you were running after me but I never saw you that’s why you sought consolation from your friends. Then she came along. You said you never had anything with her but my friends told me otherwise. They saw you together in the dance floor with a different kind of tension so they took a picture shot of you and showed me. a picture tells a thousand stories, you know. I told you right there and then that I was breaking up with you, that I never wanted to see your face again. And I walked out.

    For days, you tried to explain but I never heard you out. I never gave you the chance. And what happened next was you started your heavy drinking again. It only drove u farther from me. Then one night, I got a call from your brother that you were in the hospital because your car was hit by a truck and you were too drunk to step on the breaks.

    I wish we could start all over again. I wish you were here. I wish I had the chance to kiss you again. I wish I could have just heard you out. Every part of me is aching for you. I guess I just miss you and I still have you in my heart. And you’ll always have that place that is just yours alone; which nobody can ever replace. You were the one who taught me how to be brave, how to run after my dreams, how to be patient. How to fight back when I was being maltreated, how to love myself more. Now I realize what you told me…. “you’re ready now. Now, you’re strong enough to withstand anything….” You we’re molding me to be somebody better. The only thing you didn’t teach me was to let go of you.

    I still wear your ring.
    I miss you Chase.

    Credits: My Applicant

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    When Cleopatra Took The Shovel at Home

    How to convert your backyard into a mini-vineyard
    Are you familiar with the story of Cleopatra? If you are, then perhaps you could imagine her reclining in her luxurious chair, while masculine Egyptians are fanning her with giant fans which look like brooms. And beside her is a sultry nurse with a mascara feeding her with grapes. What a life! How you wish you have one of those tempting grapes right at your own dining table anytime you wish. But you are not the queen of Egypt and Cleopatra is just a part of the history now. Cleopatras now a days wear sweatpants and carry the shovels in their backyard to do the gardening. And if you think that only cabbages and other vegetables could be grown in your backyard, I got some news for you. You are wrong. Even that tempting fruit you envy Cleopatra for can be planted right at your own home. So if you are planning to convert your small backyards into a mini-vineyard here are some tips for you:

    • Check the soil.
    Since these grapes would not be a reality without planting it on the soil, you have to be very particular with the soil itself. Prepare it for planting. Be sure that the pH level of the ground is 6.0 to 6.5 so that you will have healthy vines and eventually, fruits. It must also contain adequate nutrients in order to have healthy vines.
    • Be sure you have adequate supply of water.
    It does not mean that you are going to drown the vines. Adequate means enough to water the ground when it is needed. It also refers to a good drainage system to remove the excess water which can already be harmful to the roots.
    • There must be good sunlight for the vines.
    Bear in mind that it is the sunlight which helps the plant produce chlorophyll which is indispensable for plant growth. It should not however be exposed to too much sun. Just a good amount of sunlight to ensure that the vines will grow healthy.
    • Get rid of the pests!
    Since lots of your enemies would like to destroy your kingdom like that of grape berry moths, grape leafhoppers, Japanese beetles and rose chaffers you should employ a good pest control system. Other wise your grape vines would be destroyed by these invaders.
    • Prune well.
    If you like to have healthy vines you must prune the vines well. Learn how to properly cut the vines to improve the growth of the plant. If there is adequate pruning of the branches, there will be more shoots and therefore more fruits during the harvest season. You see, it is easy to live like Cleopatra. Well, not in the way of the Egyptians centuries ago, but in the manner of independent and smart women of today who could make use of a small space to create a mini-vineyard. So what are you waiting for? Get that shovel and start your kingdom. And before you knew it, you can already relish the sweet and sumptuous taste of the grapes you always wanted.

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