Social Media Marketing Tactics That Really Help You Get Noticed!

Social media marketing is a very effective tool. A person who knows how to wield it very well usually results in great numbers of visitors, fans, and friends – internet traffic. The most important thing for an effective social media marketing strategy is to understand the channel’s services and how to use it effectively in the framework of your own business. Before you implement something, you should develop goals and effective strategies first.

Here are the top five social media outlets that most people use in media marketing. 

  • Service: Social Networking Service
  • Website:
  • Launched: 2004
  • Users: 750 million (as of July 2011)
  • Revenue: $2 billion

The power and reach of Facebook is undeniable with more than 750 million users online. It’s very essential for business if you equip your Facebook page with great visuals to keep in touch with your fan base and prospective customers. The viral nature of Facebook is astounding, taking it as an advantage for media marketing is something you need. 

  • Service: Social Networking Service, Microblogging
  • Website:
  • Launched: 2006
  • Users: 200 million (as of March 2011)
  • Revenue: $140 million

It is another viral tool alongside Facebook. You can gain many followers quickly and they are not afraid to cross platforms. It is very important to your social media marketing to build a great number of followers in Twitter.

  • Service: Vide Hosting Service
  • Website:
  • Launched: 2005
  • Users: Undefined (registration is optional)
  • Ownership: Google

YouTube has been entertaining people for years in showing interesting videos around the world from its users. Getting your videos popular in YouTube is a traffic generation method you can use. A viral video can turn into thousands and even millions of visitors, new followers, and subscribers. YouTube is one of the best marketing outlets that you can use on regular basis for your success. 

  • Service: Social Networking Service
  • Website:
  • Launched: 2003
  • Users: 100 million (as of March 2011)
  • Revenue: $161.4 million

Often overlooked in social media, people think of it as something for business professionals and corporate executives purposes only. However, more small business owners and entrepreneurs are embracing this kind of social media connection that results into fruitful business relationships. 


This is something that most people use in starting a small business. If you have a company or brand, blogging in a regular basis is a must. Implementing business in social media needs blogging as the focal point of your social media marketing strategy.

All these elements are very useful in business. The most important thing you must know is how to implement it in an efficient and effective way in social marketing. Trying all of these elements will help you in looking for something you understand the most. 

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