Latest Internet Trends – Virtual Worlds

Virtual worlds are definitely not a new thing in the online world, but they are growing in popularity ever so quickly, and for good reasons.  When virtual worlds first began to make their appearance as early as 1973, when the first-person shooting games were introduced, they hardly resembled the virtual worlds that online gamers frequent these days.  Today, virtual worlds are not only similar to real life, but some people actually live in them as if they were as well.  You can do almost anything in a virtual world that you can do in real life, the only real limit is physical contact.  And some people even take their virtual world so seriously that it does spill into real life to the point of establishing physical contact.  Virtual worlds are used by people who want to actually experience a different life, they are used by people who simply want to have fun, and they are even used by individuals who want to meet other people like themselves, and of course they are, in many cases, used by children that enjoy video games as well.  The virtual world gaming market consists of so many different types of individuals that it is a top market for computer gurus to get into these days.  But before you do, you should take a look at some of the different types of virtual worlds out there and consider why they are so popular amongst users, but first lets consider what a virtual world consists of.

Characteristics of a Virtual World
One thing that is definite about all virtual worlds is that multiple individuals can be in the same virtual world at the same time, and the different users can all interact with each other.  In addition all virtual worlds use either 2D or 3D to allow the user to visually see the space that the virtual world consists of.  Actions taken by users in the virtual world happen in real time, and users have the ability develop and alter their surroundings.  Finally, although virtual worlds encourage the development of various types of social groups and interaction, the virtual world does continue on regardless of the number of individuals using it, or regardless, even, if there are no users.  

Popular Virtual Worlds
There are a number of highly popular virtual worlds that are trending these days, on of which is Habbo.  This particular virtual world has been around for a significant amount of time and has remained popular among virtual world aficionados.  Habbo is a 3D virtual world, and allows users to do everything from decorating their own home to visiting friends in public venues.

Another popular virtual world these days is Onverse, which has many of the same characteristics as Habbo.  What makes this world so popular among those that enjoy the virtual world trend is the fact that points can be collected to be used for all sorts of things, such as shopping and playing games.  You can even have a pet in the Onverse virtual world, making it even more like real life.

Virtual worlds may not be real life, but they are a trendy thing to get into these days, and the more they are like real life, the more people want to play them.

Article has been contributed by David Ritchie, a technical writer currently interested in ad ware.

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Portal East Reaches Out to Visayas Market

Portal East opens Cebu showroom—Top uPVC doors and windows manufacturer Portal East, Inc. expands its reach to the Visayas-Mindanao region by opening its very first showroom located along A.S. Fortuna Road in Mandaue, Cebu recently. The showroom was created by Portal East, Inc., a leader in terms of innovation in creating a better view for homes and businesses by designing, testing, manufacturing quality uPVC windows and doors for new construction, remodeling and replacement applications, in order for its Cebu- and Mindanao-based clients to better appreciate what Portal East’s products can do for them in terms of their windows and doors requirements. Shown in photo are (from left) Ralph Tanco, General Manager of Portal East, Inc.; Dannie Lim, one of the top furniture exporters in Cebu; Ingrid Santamaria, one of the Top 10 most influential women in Cebu; Haidee Ong from Golden Highway Distributors, a partner of Portal East, Inc. in the Visayas-Mindanao area; and Lester Ong, also from Golden Highway Distributors, during the ribbon-cutting ceremony that marked the formal opening of the showroom.

Portal East, Inc., distributor of quality uPVC windows and doors in the Philippines, is opening its Visayas showroom at a two-storey commercial building along A. S. Fortuna Street in Cebu City to reach out to the local market.

The 50-square meter showroom will showcase Portal East’s top-notch uPVC windows and doors. With this showroom, the company will reach a wider base of customers who require quality uPVC windows and doors for their homes or offices.

Ralph Tanco, Portal East Inc.’s Marketing Manager, says that construction for the new showroom started in July and is slated to open by November 25, 2011.

The showroom will feature Portal East’s line of uPVC windows and doors. The showroom has a sitting area where Portal East customer service representatives can assess the needs of their clients. Tanco says the area will be cozy and have the same relaxed and homey atmosphere as in their showrooms in Valenzuela and at their plant in Caloocan. Even the showroom’s signage has been designed to attract the attention and curiosity of prospective clients.

He says Cebu was chosen for the Visayas showroom because of its strategic location in the Visayas-Mindanao region. He said there are plans to expand in the Davao City area within the next two years.

“We will see first how the Cebu showroom will fare before we look at opening showrooms in other areas,” he explains.

Tanco is optimistic the Cebu market will boost the firm’s success. “We are confident that our portfolio of products and their sculptured designs will suit the unique taste of Cebuanos for their homes,” he says.

With its foray in the Visayan region, customers in the area will experience the Portal East brand of customer service. “Part of our reputation was spread through word-of-mouth,” he says. “With our presence in Cebu, we hope to spread the word about our company, our quality products that offer them safety, security and privacy, and the kind of no-nonsense customer service we provide.”

Since it started nine years ago, Portal East Inc. has serviced more than 2,000 clients, mostly residential clients who comprise 70 percent of its market. Its product have caught the attention of many high-profile consumers who value the kind of innovative designs that is the hallmark of its lines of uPVC windows and doors.

The company is also looking into the possibility of opening within the next two years additional showrooms in the Luzon area, particularly in Tuguegarao City.

Portal East is an affiliate of Dalian Shide of China, a multi-billion-dollar global building materials company based in the People’s Republic of China that exports to major countries in North America, Europe and Asia. For details, contact Portal East via or visit its website at

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What Do You Need To Begin Coding a Website, TODAY!

There is a common conception out there that developing a web site is extremely hard and that you are better off just outsourcing it to somebody for dirt cheap, or starting a WordPress site yourself. But this common thought out there is somewhat wrong.

Yes, it will take some time if you want to a well advanced website, but what kind of web site are you actually trying to build? For example, I have worked with a lot of people in the local business industry niche, and I will tell you right now - if you own a small business, or if you are just starting up, it’s a great idea to learn the basics of coding and SEO all on your own at first (this really is something that they should start teaching kids in the beginning of high school these days).

This is true for a couple of different reasons. Here are a few of them:
  • Coding in HTML and CSS is easier than you think (it took me two days - given they were very hard working days - to code up my first website)
  • Developing your own web site or at least learning the basics of HTML and CSS will save you money in two different ways: 1) it will help with upfront costs and 2) it will allow you to save money by fixing problems yourself every single time a problem in the backend of your coding occurs.
  • Coding forums are a great way to network and learn with and from other programmers out there from all over the world - who knows what benefits will arise form that
  • You can make money on sites like by performing simple tasks
  • You can add it to a resume
  • You can make simple websites for people in your local area for local businesses for a profit
  • You can create single web pages for place holder sites so that you can start gaining domain name age
  • You can add it to a list of services you provide if you run an SEO Company

    As you can see, you pretty much open up a whole world of opportunities when you learn HTML and CSS on your own. JavaScript and PHP will take you to that next level. Not knowing the basics of web design can hold you back in a lot of ways and prevent you from taking action every time there is a backend solution to a problem at hand. Strictly speaking: it will slow you down exponentially not knowing the basic concepts behind coding.

    So what is it exactly that you need?
    There are tons of schools and classes out there that you can sign up for to start learning how to code your own websites up from scratch. They are all over the place and can do a lot of people a lot of good. However in today’s world, and with the power of the Internet, there is really no need to sign up for classes. Everything you could ever hope to learn about programming and coding is already on the Internet, and the best part about it is that it can all be found for 100% free. Here are the minimum tools you need to begin coding today:

    • A text editor: it can be as simple as notepad
    • A hosting account
    • A domain name
    • basic HTML and CSS knowledge
    • A connection to the Internet

      That is the bare minimum of what you need to get started. If you have a decent grasp on the coding languages, then you can even build extensive websites with these simple tools.

      Of course there are better text and HTML editors than notepad out there for creating websites. You will usually want one that is at least color coded so that you can see clearly what you are doing like notepad++ for windows and TextMate for a Mac.

      Besides these basic requirements and the will to learn, you find all of your information on the web either by research, tutorial websites like, forums, or web sites like - where you can ask questions and get them answered by people that know what they are talking about. You can learn a lot in the forums, so if you are planning on trying to learn how to code today, then I suggest you join a web development forum today.

      This article was contributed by Jet Russell who blogs for This is an SEO company that provides many different services including a high quality article writing service. In his spare time he likes to blog about SEO and SEM.

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      Why Do People Marry?

      Ask yourself this question, "Why do people marry?" To many people the answer is quite simple. People get married because they "fall in love." This familiar expression implies that a couple has no control over the mate selection process. It leaves it all up to chance. This theory of accidental mate selection and marriage lifts the burden of failure off the participants' shoulders and places it on fate. If the marriage does not work, or if either spouse is dissatisfied, it certainly could not be the fault of the couple. They had no control over their destiny. It was all a matter of chance.

      Mate selection is really one of the most accurate choosing processes that we engage in. But many people are not aware of the choice they are making. Equally important, they are not aware of why they are choosing as they are.

      People marry for a variety of reasons. Some motives for marriage are more sound and will probably lead to sound marriages. Other motives are not realistic and increase the chances of unfulfilled expectations in marriage.

      Wrong Reasons
      Some motivations for marriage such as marrying to appear grown up, or to be freed of parents' supervision may lead to dissatisfaction in the relationship. Many marriages fail because the participants expect it to change them into better people. Marriage does not change people. It cannot make an immature person an adult, or an unhappy person happy.

      Another poor reason to marry is to deal with sexual urges that have been awakened. Marriage provides an acceptable outlet for sexual gratification. But unless there is a solid emotional foundation, a marriage based on sex will be unfulfilling. The same is true for a marriage formed to combat loneliness that compelled the couple to marry. Loneliness will still exist only now they can be lonely together. Premarital pregnancy is another negative reason to marry. When this is the only factor that holds two people together, the couple will soon feel trapped and may start to resent each other and the child.

      A marriage based on any selfish motive, combating loneliness, achieving sexual gratification, gaining adult status, or any others in which personal gratification rather than mutual satisfaction is stressed, may lead to unhappiness with the relationship. Although there are many reasons for marriage, one basic premise remains. People marry in order to have their needs fulfilled. Mate selection is based on the fulfillment of mutual needs.
      We search for the mate who can help us and whom we can help achieve satisfaction. If we can achieve satisfaction with our lives before marriage, there is a better chance that we will achieve satisfaction in marriage.

      Marriage is a two-way relationship in which the needs of two people should be satisfied. In order for the relationship to last and grow, each member must be able to overlook selfish desires ad try to fulfill the needs of the other.

      Right Reasons
      There is no one reason for marriage that is better than any other. The right reasons for marriage are all based on the mutual gratification of needs. Couples often marry to form a partnership in which they fulfill each others needs and desires. Marriages such as this are based on mature love. Mature love is based on needing someone because you love them rather than immature love where you love someone because you need them. Other couples marry for companionship and sharing in which they fulfill their emotional needs and physical needs. Marriages in which sharing, love, and companionship are provided are likely to grow and flourish with time.

      Marriage is an important commitment that does not come about accidentally. People may want to avoid their responsibility for mate selection by blaming it on chance and leaving their marital success up to "chance" as well. But mate selection is a deliberate process in which we choose our mate according to our needs, although couples sometimes don't recognize this.

      People enter marriage with preconceived notions of what it will be like. These marital scripts impose a role on one's spouse that may or may not fit their own expectations. Before assuming the responsibilities of marriage it is important to become aware of these expectations and needs.

      Clearly recognizing needs and expectations of ourselves and our spouse, and discussing them before marriage will help us enter marriage more realistically with more than just a "chance" of success.

      Samet Bilir a freelance writer who writes about practical technology and online shopping. Read more about his work at, a web site for digital photo frame reviews, such as Coby digital photo frames.

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      Be in Fashion the Basler Way

      If you are seeking elegant dresses and tops that are in style with comfort and satisfaction then you definitely need to come upon one of Basler Boutiques and be in fashion the Basler way.

      They provide you with such outfits that comes with timeless designs luxurious fabrics and perfect fit and also the material utilized within the making of these elegant clothes is of excellent top quality that leave with you extra comfortable attire as they are most renown in smart tailoring. The merchants are spread across Europe and most particularly in United Kingdom.

      You can rapidly find the most excellent shopping outfits for yourself which would give very much soothes and would build-up clothes sense you may have. When you get those items from Basler, you'd in all probability to love and adore the item this significantly that you won't like any other brand for that casual attire anymore.

      Basler outfits flatter women of all shapes and sizes. Browse the store at Gray & Osbourn today!

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      How to Hook Up Your PC to a Big Screen

      If you have a PC and a big screen television and are looking for more information about how to connect the two so you can watch all those favorite movies, photos, etc. on a big screen, you’ve come to the right address.

      Watching movies on small monitors is something from the past. The same goes for showing your friends your holiday photos on the 15 inch screen of your laptop. Today’s TVs can provide consumers with almost cinema like experiences so it’s a shame to watch anything on your PC. Read on to find out how to connect your TV to your computer or laptop.

      Which Cable Do I Use?
      There are gazillion types of cables on the market and it’s understandable if you can’t see trees anymore because of the surrounding woods. We’ll shed some light on the matter.
      The first step you should make is figuring out which audio and video outputs your laptop or computer has and which audio and video inputs your TV has. Chances are that you get lucky and see that the inputs and outputs match; this will greatly simplify things. If the inputs and outputs are different, you will have to make a little detour when it comes to the wiring.

      S-video & VGA
      If you have a standard definition TV and a computer you will most likely have either composite, component video or S-video video inputs. Most computers have an S-video output. You can find the S-video jack on the graphic card of your computer. There are some laptops that also have S-video outputs, but most have VGA outputs that are used to connect to monitors. Fortunately there are plenty of special cables available that can connect to an S-video and VGA solving your problem.

      Older TV with Coaxial Video Cable Input
      If you happen to have an older TV you might have to use an RF converter, if you can only input coaxial video cable that is. The converter can convert both S-video and VGA into a coaxial output.

      HDTV Video Cables
      If you have a HDTV you’ll most likely have a DVI, component video or HDMI input. If your laptop or computer has a different output you’ll need to get yourself a converter. You can also decide to get a better graphic card that has a HDMI or DVI output. The last option will also assure you that you can watch HD content properly.

      Let’s Not Forget Your Audio
      In general a 1/8 inch audio mini plug to RCA cable will suffice if you want to connect your TV’s speakers with your PC. Watching movies with awesome sound really makes you enjoy watching movies that much more; therefore, you might consider upgrading your audio card in the computer to a digital or optical coaxial output.

      If you want to see an example of how you can connect your PC to your TV and see how the actual cables and converters look like, have a look at this video.

      The post is contributed by Calvin Scott
      Calvin has a long standing background in IT and programming field and he wants to transform the landscape of learning. Visit his site for adsl kpn and draadloos internet.

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      Up Up and Away!

      The dream of flying without wings is closer to reality than ever before. Check out these fantastic ways in which human beings can fall through the air, glide through the sky and even feel completely weightless.


      Do you fancy throwing yourself out of a plane at 13,000 feet? Well why not try a terrifying skydive and get your adrenalin really pumping? Stand on the edge of a plane before tumbling through the sky and experience what it is like to freefall before safely releasing your parachute. There is simply no way of describing the true excitement you will feel as you see the world below you with nothing under your feet. Be as free as a bird and enjoy a truly life-changing adventure.

      Indoor Skydiving

      Incredibly, you can now go skydiving without even getting into a plane. Head to an entertainment centre like Xscape in Milton Keynes and you can actually enjoy the feeling of skydiving inside a specially-designed wind tunnel powerful enough to test the aerodynamics of a Formula 1 racing car. A specially-trained instructor will help you get into a neutral flying position before teaching you all the basic moves – does it get any cooler than that?


      If you are brave enough, try your hand at paragliding and experience the thrill of a free-flying glider aircraft. Although there is no engine insight, a paraglider can stay in the air for more than two hours and can cover many hundreds of kilometres. What better way to see the world like never before and get a totally different perspective of life. Discover things you would have never noticed before while suspended in a harness and let the fabric wing get caught in the breeze.

      Zero Gravity

      Believe it or not you can now actually experience zero gravity without heading into space. The Zero Gravity Corporation actually introduced commercial Zero G flights so that people had a sense of what it would be like to work as an astronaut. Costing around £1,800 for a 3-hour flight, this incredible weightless experience is a much cheaper way of achieving this bizarre sensation than rocketing to the moon.

      Air Rollercoaster

      Feel the exhilaration of being weightless onboard Air, one of Alton Towers' most unique and terrifying rollercoasters. Defy gravity and face your fears by twisting, turning and looping through the air narrowly missing footpaths, trees and rocks. Tilted forward so you are facing the ground, this ride is certainly not for the light-hearted but is fantastic for anyone who wants to feel like they are flying.

      Wing Walking

      Consider yourself an adrenalin junky? Well why not have a go at wingwalking? This extreme sport involves strapping yourself to the top of a plane and holding on tight as you soar around 500ft into the air and face breathtaking speeds of up to 120mph. A wonderful way to see things like never before, this is definitely an experience you won’t forget – if you are brave enough to try it.

      So there you have it, a selection of ways in which flying is virtually a reality.

      This guest post was produced by; helping you to find the best Alton Towers offers.

      Photo Credits (in order)
      1. Flawed Artist
      2. Jurvetson
      3. Jeeheon
      4. Marcin Wichary
      5. Paul Stevenson
      6. Martin Pettitt

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      The World As We Know It

      Every time a country's boundary changes or it changes it's name, it renders all current atlases out of date. Now with the use of the internet, it is all too easy to change; but printed copies are not so easy. Here are some of the changes that our world maps have seen over the past 100 years.

      This map shows the world as it was in 1922. In this year alone there were 3 changes including the creation of the Union of Soviet Social Republics followed by 2 changes in 1923 and one in 1925 being the change of Norway's capital city's name from Kristiania to Oslo. In 1927, Australia moved it's capital from Melbourne to Canberra then in 1929 the Vatican City declared independence from Italy. A particularly poignant one considering more recent events is that in October 1932, Iraq became independent from the United Kingdom.

      After incorporating the changes from previous maps, this 1935 map lasted a year before any changes were made. However in 1937 Japan invades China and with the Munich Agreement in 1938, this transferred the Sudatenland from Czechoslovakia to Germany and part of Slovakia to Hungary. In 1939 after the outbreak of World War II, Poland was partitioned between Germany and the Soviet Union. In 1940, Germany annexed Alsace-Lorraine but in 1944, France regained it back and following the end of World War II, Poland declared its independence.

      During 1958, there were massive changes in the middle east with Syria and Egypt forming the United Arab Republic then joining North Yemen to form the United Arab States. The following year, Alaska and Hawaii became the 49th and 50th states of the United States of America respectively. During the 1960's, 21 countries gained independence from the United Kingdom including Cyprus in 1960, Singapore in 1963 and Barbados in 1966.

      During 1967, Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula and Golan Heights after winning the six days war. This was followed in 1971 with the formation of the United Arab Emirates UAE) and the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan.

      During the early 1970's, many countries gained independence including Cape Verde from Portugal, Papa New Guinea from Australia and Saint Lucia from the United Kingdom. Following the Vietnam War, 1975 saw North and South Korea reunited and in 1982, Queen Elizabeth signed her authorisation for Canada to be completely independent from the UK with a new constitution.

      1991 saw Kuwait liberated from Iraq the day before the end of the Gulf War and major changes came in the east with the dissolution of the USSR and places such as Latvia, Ukraine, Moldova and Azerbyjian become countries in their own right. This was followed in 1993 with the dissolution of Czechoslovakia into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

      In 1995, India changed the name of Bombay to Mumbai and on 1st July 1997, Hong Kong was transferred from the United Kingdom to the Peoples Republic of China. New Year's Eve 1999 saw the Panama Canal Zone transferred from the United States to Panama. A new millennium brought three new states in India and the State of Bahrain became the Kingdom of Bahrain. Following the invasion of Afghanistan, The Islamic State of Afghanistan became the Traditional Islamic State of Afghanistan.

      Since 2005, there have been few countries changing hands but rather name changes and states merging. 2006 saw Serbia and Montenegro become two separate states, in 2008 Ha Tay Province and Hanoi merged in Vietnam, 2009 required arbitration between Slovenia and Croatia regarding a border dispute that resulted in Slovenia lifting the veto of Croatia to enter the EU. July 2011 saw the latest change when The Republic of South Sudan declared independence from the Republic of Sudan that can be seen on the latest world map.

      The World As We Know It was produced on behalf of Hotel Club; where you can find hotels in Bali to experience the world as you know it.

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      8 Essential WordPress Security Tips

      Because of its popularity, WordPress is one of the open source blogging platforms most targeted by malicious attacks. While this cannot be but worrying for its users, the good thing is that there are many simple precautions you can take to protect your blog. Before reading the essential security tips below remember that for maximum protection you should use all of them combined. 

      • Choose a strong password
      One of the simplest yet most often neglected protection measure for a WordPress blogger is the use of a strong password. Choose a password that uses letters and numbers in combination, and that's hard to guess. Also, try to use different passwords for each of your online accounts, so that if one of them gets hacked, the others won't become vulnerable as well.

      • Hide the version number
      If you use a custom theme, your blog displays the version number of the WordPress platform it uses by default. From the point of view of security, it's unwise to reveal which version of WordPress you're using, because hackers may take advantage of this information. So, hide the version number by inserting the line   in the functions.php file of the theme.

      • Encrypt wp-config.php
      The wp-config.php file stores all the sensitive information associated with your blog administrator account, including username and passwords. For this reason, you may want to encrypt it.

      • Disable directory browsing
      With directory browsing activated you invite attacks. It's like keeping your front door wide open, and letting people you don't know wander through your house. To disable it put an empty index.php file in all your directories apart from the root directory.

      • Enable Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
      SSL is an Internet protocol for managing the security of online message transmissions. If you web hosting provider supports SSL certificates, you should consider securing your blog by configuring the wp-confic.php file so that SSL is automatically used.

      • Update
      Using the latest version of WordPress and of themes and plug-ins means that you have less security vulnerabilities to worry about – a fair share of security issues is fixed in each new WordPress release. Many WordPress users don't update because of neglect; don't follow their example. Updating is simple and increases your security considerably.

      • Install no more plug-ins than you need
      There are many, many WordPress plug-ins out there, and a great deal of them can be a security vulnerability for your blog because of dubious code, which facilitates all sorts of injections and attacks. The best approach is to use only essential plug-ins that you trust, which you get these from reputed websites. Stick to popular plug-ins, and before getting new ones always check reviews. Avoid obscure plug-ins available on suspicious websites.

      • Use only high-quality themes
      Just as there are many plug-ins with weak code, so there are many themes with suspicious or downright bad code. Using premium themes is recommended, because these are usually better and safer, but you should be fine with using free themes as well, as long as you download them from trusted websites.

      In conclusion, you should not experience any major security issues as long as you use a strong password, avoid suspicious themes and plug-ins, update to the latest WordPress version, and taking a few precautions like disabling directory browsing, forcing SSL use, encrypting essential files, and hiding the version number.

      Note: Remember to back-up your files regularly, so that you may always do a restore if anything goes amiss.

      The guest post is contributed by Patrick Smith.
      Patrick is associated with since last 2 years. The site provides information on Best Web Hosting reviews. The owner has researched and analyzed innumerable web hosting platforms and made a comprehensive list. IPage Review occupies first rank in his list because it provides customized products at your doorstep.

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      How to Fight Cholesterol for a Healthy Aging

      Tοο much chοlesterοl causes many medical prοblems fοr οne. Chοlesterοl is sοmething that clοgs the arteries in yοur heart. In additiοn, chοlesterοl when οut οf cοntrοl cοuld cause massive heart attacks, οr series οf strοkes.

      What can I dο abοut my chοlesterοl?
      If yοur bοdy has tοο much chοlesterοl, it isn’t gοοd fοr yοu. Yοu have the pοwer within yοu hοwever tο take cοntrοl. Failing tο take cοntrοl οnly leads tο prοblems. The prοblems will accumulate; wear yοu dοwn until finally abnοrmal aging takes yοur life. Yοu can gain cοntrοl by exercising each day and eating the right fοοds. Visiting yοur dοctοr regularly is anοther way tο wοrk tοward healthy aging. Yοur family dοctοr will give yοu medicatiοn tο take tο help lοwer yοur chοlesterοl.

      When yοu have high chοlesterοl, yοu have tο eat right and exercise daily. Tο lοwer yοur chοlesterοl take actiοn nοw. It will take sοme time tο get yοur chοlesterοl at bay, but it will happen if yοu take actiοn nοw. Yοu alsο want tο take time οut fοr self, activities, sοcializing etc tο keep yοur chοlesterοl at bay. When chοlesterοl is οut οf cοntrοl, the cause cοmes tο fοcus, which is arteriοsclerοsis. If yοu lοwer yοur chοlesterοl by taking actiοn nοw yοu can avοid strοkes, heart attacks, and even death. Learn mοre abοut statins tο cοntrοl chοlesterοl. Yοu can alsο avοid smοking tο lοwer yοur chοlesterοl. In additiοn, yοu can lοwer yοur risks οf diabetes, heart attack, and οbesity and sο οn by cοntrοlling yοur chοlesterοl.

      Keep in mind that high chοlesterοl prοblems include the wοrst case scenariο and the nοt sο bad. The wοrst type is the LDL. HDL chοlesterοl at higher levels is a gοοd thing. If these levels cοmbined with triglycerides increase, thus yοur chances οf strοke οr heart attacks are high.

      What kind οf fοοds has chοlesterοl?

      There is chοlesterοl in all fοοds in less it has chοlesterοl free οn the package. Sοme fοοd has mοre in it then οthers. Like yοur cοοking οils and grease has a lοt οf chοlesterοl in it, sοme οf yοur bread has chοlesterοl. Eggs are very high chοlesterοl fοοds and sο are yοur butters. Yοu have tο read the back οf the packages tο determine the level οf chοlesterοl.

      ■ What can happen tο me if my chοlesterοl is high?
      The οnly way that yοu can tell if yοur chοlesterοl is high is tο gο tο yοur family dοctοr and get a blοοd test. If yοu gο tο yοur family dοctοr like yοur suppοse tο yοu will have it checked in the blοοd they draw. Hοwever, sοme οf the things that can happen tο yοu if its high is that yοur arteries will harden. This means yοur bοdy is building fats and tοο much chοlesterοl. The nοrmal οr average reading shοuld be 140 οr 130 οver 200 mg/dl. If yοu can maintain this level, yοu will be οk.

      If the chοlesterοl gets οut οf hand, it hardens the arteries. This means the blοοd will nοt flοw thrοugh tο the heart, making it tο pump naturally. The heart will pump at unnatural rates, wοrking harder tο keep yοu alive.

      High diastοlic is high chοlesterοl that increases risks οf heart attacks, since yοur heart dοesn’t get any blοοd tο it due tο clοtting οr breaking οf blοοd vessels, then there is strοke which is when the brain dοn’t get enοugh blοοd due tο οxygen decrease tο it because οf clοtting οr brοken blοοd vessels. High-chοlesterοl puts yοu at risk οf diabetes alsο, since it affects the hemοglοbin. Tο learn mοre, visit yοur dοctοr.

      This is a guest post contributed by Scolex of Free Article Submission Directory. For more health and diet related articles, you can visit Crash Diets by Diets Radar.

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      How Dogs Bring Balance to an Unbalanced Society

      People have known the importance of maintaining the health of not only the body but also the mind and spirit. We all know that without the balance of these three great aspects of man, we will not live healthy nor do we think healthy thoughts. Bad thoughts are sources of great problems such as poverty, hunger and many others therefore thinking positive beliefs, thoughts and also doing good things would definitely result to a healthy lifestyle and happy living. In this reason, many people aim to become healthy but there are times when we forget to have a balanced life making our lives unbalanced. Just like when we face small problems such as when we are in a middle of traffic, we sometimes tend to forget to be calm and thus we may lose our patience. Being in a busy world can sometimes make us forget that we should be balanced in everything we do so that everything will be sailing smoothly. Sometimes the only things that could make us remember how unbalanced we are, are our dogs.

      There are times in our lives that even other people would not be able to appreciate everything we would do and there are also times when we do not have anyone to talk our problems too. For some people especially living their own, they become quite lonely in their homes hence having a pet for company is the option left to not be all alone. Haven’t you noticed how we have become unbalanced? They mirror of how we have become unbalanced in our ways of living that it has caused as other complicating problems. When dogs do not obey what we say, it is because we are not balanced to nature that they reflect our character. To dogs, they may not have great intelligence but they show loyalty to their owners. People may be hard to please but for dogs even a single tap in their heads from their owners’ hands are worth like gold to them. Our pets are our great companions and even if others may feel that you are not good enough, still, in the eyes of our pets we are adorable. Dogs love their owners unconditionally but men sometimes love in certain conditions. Humans measure his worth with money but for dogs the worth of his owner is priceless nevertheless we see how man has been very unbalanced in his life. In this situation we see the need for our shattered selves to be reconnected again to Mother Nature so that we are again in the path of being balanced. If we put our lives back in balance we will be able to see life more beautifully just like what our pet dog sees. Life only needs to be simple yet full of fun and learning. 

      The way that we treat our dogs is affected by the way we handle our lives. But sometimes the only solution to make our selves be inclined again to nature is to look at ourselves and turn away from ways that makes our lives not balanced. 

      In memory of Maui, our most-loved naughty and playful dog.

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      Reasons Why Ayurvedic Medicines Are Widely Used Today

      As the world goes old, numerous developments in the medical industry increases which offers different options to the people. In medicine, a lot of systems, techniques, medications, and supplements just like Ayurvedic medicines are being developed to provide more benefits to the people. Ayurvedic herbal supplements are becoming more and more popular nowadays because people are continuously looking for effective and natural way to fight illness and stay healthy. Ayurveda is considered as one of the oldest medical systems that originated from India. Some people might still doubt the advantages of Ayurvedic medicines but the truth is, it would not stay for this long in the market if it is not effective. There have already been a lot of Ayurvedic herbal supplements that were developed because it has proven its ability to fight different disorders such as heart ailments, respiratory ailments, thyroid problems, arthritis, and a lot more.

      Natural Ayurvedic Remedies For Everyday Use

      Natural Ayurvedic remedies are also available for minor health issues such as lip discoloration and cracked heels. Ayurvedic herbal supplements have increased the awareness of the many benefits of herbal medicines could offer to the people. The increased price of most pharmaceutical medicines also prompts people to turn over to natural herbal medicines because it’s much cheaper and offer less risk. However, not all herbal medicines offer less risk. There are some herbal supplements that are reported to cause dangerous effects that people needs to be aware of unlike the natural Ayurvedic remedies that have been carefully studied and developed by medical professionals. The most unique characteristic of Ayurvedic medicines is that it doesn’t only target the disorder or sickness but also the different condition of the person experiencing it. In doing so, every herbal supplement is intended to provide a complete therapy to the patient.

      Since natural Ayurvedic remedies are developed to promote the well being of a person and not just target the sickness itself, it has attracted a lot of patients around the world. It is a kind of treatment that generates the inner ability of the body to revitalize and treat the illness which results to long life. There are also a lot of testimonies from patients who have been continuously using Ayurvedic herbal medicines that if it is taken together with a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle which means no smoking, enough sleep and exercise could really improve one’s health.

      The efficacy of herbal supplements depends not only on the supplement itself but also on how the patient deals with its health condition as well.

      Sean Franco is an online researcher and writer for Herbs Can Cure. He provides tips and information on how to live a healthy lifestyle through natural ayurvedic remedies.

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      How to Come up with a Proper and Engaging Topic

      Coming up with a topic may seem easy to you until you put pen to paper and really start thinking about it. Most people have a general idea about what they want to write about in a blog, but the reality is, your topic may already be taken. If your topic isn't taken, you may find, upon really thinking about it that your WordPress blog topic won't be able to last for you over time. For example, blogging about a trip to Mexico may only last for as long as you're in Mexico. Finding a topic that will last over time and provide you with plenty of stuff to write about is really important.

      When you first start trying to come up with a topic, you should take some time to brainstorm about things you enjoy thinking and writing about. Think about what motivates you to create a blog to begin with. Do you want to share an experience or thoughts with a wider audience of interested readers? Do you just love to write and want to write about something? Are you trying to propagate ideas about something you're passionate about? What motivates you is going to play a role in helping you choose the right topic. But begin with a good brainstorming session about topics that you enjoy.

      After you've written down a list of topics that you could write about, it's time to do some research on the topic. For example, you may want to do a Google blog search to see who else is doing blogs on the topic you've chosen. Perhaps you'll find that you're the first person to tackle your topic, but chances are, you'll find several other bloggers out there who are writing about your topic.

      If you find that your topic has been written about in blogs by a number of other people, try honing in on your topic and getting more specific. Or, perhaps, zoom out and get more general on your topic, whichever seems more appropriate. Getting more specific about your topic will probably be good for you because people who are truly interested specifically in the topic you've chosen will be more likely to interact regularly on your blog. After you've decided on a more specific blog topic, search again for that topic at Google blog search and see if you've still got a lot of competition, if so, repeat the process into you narrow down a blog topic that has not been overdone by other bloggers and that promises to provide you with plenty of content to write about.

      This article has been contributed by David Ritchie. Dave is a technical freelance writer interested in Trojan horse virus.

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      A Father's Love - The Real Steel Movie Review

      The 2011 movies have been more interesting and futuristic as Shawn Levy’s “Real Steel” makes its way for the evolution of the business in the world of boxing where robots substitute for human boxers.  At the moment that boxing had been totally changed, Hugh Jackman, playing the role of the character named Charlie Kenton fights for the title of the best. Instead of the old concept of human fighting one another in boxing, steel robots exchange punches in the ring for more action thus making Charlie to hit rock bottom. He reforms himself through the efforts of his separated son named Max, who is being played by Dakota Goyo, to make another comeback in the field of boxing with the use of his steel robot made from scraps. Charlie is once again regained his passion to leave a permanent name in the sport of boxing through equipping and coaching a future champion.

      Charles Kenton (Hugh Jackman) was a former boxing fighter and became a promoter in the underground world of robot boxing. He has many struggles as he is serious problems with many people that he owes money and even came to a worse situation that his ex-girlfriend died and entrusted her son to him that he has never seen and known before. He tries to look for methods to solve all of his problems regarding his son and his once known profession by making its way to the top.
      Real Steal is a movie filled with a lot of energy and robotic action more likely when you where watching “Transformers”. It is about how people struggle in the face of problems and grow personally from all of it. It’s a good film worth watching for the family as it shows more of the main character’s life more than the brawling scenes. You would also not get disappointed if you want to see some fights especially robot brawls as they are the must-see highlights in this movie. I think the movie was balanced well enough when it comes to the blend of fight scenes and scenes that shows the human personalities of the main characters. There is a time for action and a time for drama in this film which is well enough to create an astounding and impressive show. It is a great combination of science fiction along with fantasy and small pieces of emotional personalities of man. This movie also becomes even more intense as the scenes of metal robots heighten the intensity from their cool battle punches and techniques.  There is no uncertainty that it is a good movie but I think some of its scenes are a bit too predictable which might have been a little distracting. But overall, the movie is really good for everybody who is inspired to watch.

      In summary, Reel Steel is a movie about the individual development of both father and son and about how people stand up from being pushed on the ground. This movie gives both inspiration and also entertainment. It is a movie worth to watch as you will be like watching a combined “Rocky” and “Transformers” movie. It is very impressive to see the outcome of their efforts (both their actors and the directing staff) in coming up with this great movie. 

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      Four Ways to Spice Up Your Marriage

      No relationship is a picnic all the time, and many of us start to feel a little slump as our relationship begins to age. With so much to do, it’s hard to make time for the person closest to us, and soon enough many start to feel the flame fizzling. A good relationship takes work and sometimes even sacrifice, and anything worth keeping is worth investing time into.

      happy marriage

      • Forgive And Start Over
      Sometimes people lose touch over the years, and sometimes relationships grow strained. If you’ve been holding something against your husband or wife, do the best that you can to forgive and start healing. You can't spice things up before you get over any resentment you have in your relationship.

      • Dress To Impress
      Why not propose a dress-up date night, and go all out for one another? In the beginning of a relationship, we always try to put our best foot forward, but sometimes we let that effort slip. Your spouse is attracted to you no matter what you wear, but of course he or she is likely going to be wowed by a hot outfit instead of sweatpants. Showing one another that you are each still worth the effort is a great way to breathe life back into a deflated marriage.

      • Do Something Fun Together
      This seems like a no-brainer, but it's amazing how many couples spend every weekend vegging out in front of the television. It’s quite possible that you’ve both forgotten just what made you fall in love in the first place. By making your relationship a priority again, you’ll allow yourself to see the qualities in your mate that you love and cherish. Take a dance class, or learn to ski together. Do something new and adventurous, just the two of you, and see if you can’t ignite a flame in your relationship.

      • Do Something Nice For Your Partner Unexpectedly
      You know yourself and your own relationship better than anyone else, and the probability is that you’re likely to know a fair amount about your spouse, too. Take a moment to brainstorm a few really special gifts or treats that you could splurge on to show your significant other how much you care. Maybe she’s always wanted to spend a romantic night at a hotel, getting couples massages and eating fancy food. Maybe he has often lamented that he never bought that old motorcycle he was considering, and it would be really special to present him with a set of riding lessons to inspire him to do it now. Don't wait until a normal gift-giving holiday. Do it unexpectedly for no reason!

      Marriage is a delicate balance, and it requires two dedicated parties to survive. By being honest, communicative and thoughtful, you may find that your relationship is virtuous and worth saving.

      This guest post is from Allison with, where you can go to find affordable motorcycle insurance plans for that great new gift you bought your spouse!

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      Yahoo - Redefining Your Online Experience

      There are a few names in the world of internet that can epitomize the entire experience; the name of Yahoo features among these. This is one of the leading names among the multinational internet corporations of the world. Based out of California in the United States it is known for its wide range of services – search engine with Yahoo Search, web portal, Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Maps, Yahoo News, Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Hosting and Yahoo Video are a few to refer. Besides being one of the largest websites in the USA it is one of the most popular and largely visited websites in the world. In the year 1994 the site was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo. 

      There are very few internet users who aren’t aware of the multifarious advantages that are available with Yahoo with its wide range of products there is a phenomenal flow of resources available the site is of exceptional assistance to its viewers and browsers. The web portal of the company provides a comprehensive range of services. Starting from news, entertainment to sports and business information the website presents information and data in almost every sphere of life. There are specialized sections like Yahoo Mail and Messenger that are online tools for effective communication. Online community resources like Yahoo Groups and enhanced navigation facilities with Yahoo Maps are other areas where the website provides user friendly assistance  It has been one of the all time favorite mail address of millions of users worldwide. 

      Internet communication has been facilitated by Yahoo Inc in more ways than one. Yahoo! Mail and messenger are two of the most widely used and popular tools for online connectivity and communication; they have added features like unlimited storage space since 2007 that has made it one of the chosen mail addresses that users look for. Other than this there are social networking options like Yahoo Personals, Yahoo Buzz and Yahoo 360° and Flickr; there were several others too that were shut down by the company like Yahoo Photos that was replaced by Flickr where users can exchange photos and share images or videos with friends on their networking circle.  Through its web portal and other services for news and information, sports and entertainment there is a regular flow of content available for internet users. Here you will access some of the latest information from the world of finances and share market, sports, current affairs and entertainment 

      All of the above is not however a summation about Yahoo; one of their latest offers is a range of services for mobile phones. You can now access email, messenger and search engine features on your Smartphone along with a host of other features. There are options of advertising through the website for small business ventures; there are services for directory submissions, sponsored searches and local advertising for various business ventures and companies. 

      Through the years of its existence the website has been providing its patrons a consistent support of offers and internet access through various options of business and personal goals.

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      Fun Things to Do During Halloween

      Halloween is just more or less almost there and it may be the time to once again see our neighbors be in their favorite horror costumes in their routine celebrations and parties. This is also the time where scary stories from other people and spooky movies are a hit. Our children are usually the ones who enjoy during Halloween because of the so much activities that they will participate. Of course, as parents, this is a great opportunity to encourage the child in socializing with their friends during these moments and also enhance their sense of belonging to other children of their age. Even for adults, this is not the time to stay in our houses and sleep like a zombie until morning but the time to also enjoy life and celebrate the once in a year Halloween events.

      Fun Things to do for Children

      In many ways Halloween can be enjoyed depending on what are the special events that might also been going in your community during this kind of the year. There are some communities that might be having special costume parties, office horror parties and costume contests while other areas are passionate in decorating their houses for children that might be participating in trick or treat. For your children to enjoy Halloween, you can let them participate in the following fun things:

       Creating Pumpkins. For many children nothing beats their joy when they are able to make something that they are proud of making from themselves. Of, course creativity of a child is important to enhance therefore why not encourages him or her to make a pumpkin with the help and guidance of you. 

       Encourage in Decorating. Just like in Christmas days and many kinds of holidays, children would probably like to help you in beautifying the house with Halloween decorations. This is a way not only to make them responsible but also to make them feel belongingness in their Halloween experiences.

       Trick or Treat. This is a one awaited moment where children would be going out with their friends and also let them enjoy in wearing their favorite costumes while also gaining some of their favorite treats. 

      For Adults, this is also a time to enjoy the moment of Halloween through other fun things that are also workable for their age group:

       Halloween Parties. Halloween is not only for kids’ enjoyment but also for adults. Nothing beats the fun in going to parties that has the horror environment. Adults can also bring their own favorite costumes at this time just for the fun. 

      Watching movies. Horror movies can be a lot of fun when you watch it during Halloween. You can always watch these movies not only in cinemas but also in your homes where it can be less expensive. You may also watch it with your family but also consider some movies that are not so much frightening as it can be hard for small children. 

      There are so many things to do during Halloween and it depends on how you want to do as long as you have fun. Pranks should be minimized as much as possible as it can affect and harm others that is why you should know what to do and what not to. 

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      Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming

      The professional grooming sessions provided by different dog salons usually costs every owner around $50 to $60 per session. This sounds a bit expensive right? If money is your concern, why not try to groom your dog all by yourself. You did not just save $50 to $60; you also had the opportunity to bond with your lovely pet.

      Here’s how you do it.
      1. Be comfortable. Before handling your pet, you must ask yourself, Am I comfortable with what I do? There are a lot of people who love dogs but are not comfortable in giving the proper grooming to their pet. This greatly affects the pet in the long run so try to love what you do and be comfortable as much as possible in providing care. 

      2. Start cleaning the nails. Most dogs do not like short nails and they often dislike having their paws handled. Do not be afraid to trim it short. Depending on the rate of the dog’s nail growth, it should be regularly trimmed because veins will eventually grow longer in the dead part of the nail. When this happens, there is a big chance that the nails will bleed when it is cut. 

      3. Don’t forget the ears. Ears can be a good medium for bacterial and yeast growth. Keeping it clean on a regular basis will minimize ear infections. Instead of using cotton swabs, use a cotton ball with alcohol to clean the dog’s ears and do not go deeper as it could hurt his ear drum. If any signs of infections are present such as red ear drums or a foul smelling ear, report it immediately to the veterinarian for possible treatments. Ears are vital organs of the dog to hear so make sure to keep it clean and keep it away from any kinds of infections.

      4. Bathe the dog. It is recommended to bathe the dog to keep him clean and to get rid of ticks and dirt. However, it should be done once or twice a week, depending on the veterinarian’s advice. There are also recommended shampoos or soaps for the dog so use only what is advised to minimize allergic reactions caused by the harsh chemicals of it. 

      5. Brush up. It is necessary to brush the dog‘s hair often to prevent tangling and matting. Regardless of the hair type, brushing helps prevent hair build up and any excess shedding. Do not also forget to brush the dog’s teeth with a specialized toothbrush recommended by the veterinarian. Dogs tend to eat a lot and keeping it clean will minimize bacterial build up and infections. 

      6. Lastly, give your dog a haircut. Some dogs like Poodle and Shih Tzu have hairs that continually grow. Give him/her a haircut for at least 2 to 4 weeks and style it according to what you desire. 

      You can make your dog clean and beautiful without overspending. Just make sure to regularly check your pet to a veterinarian to keep him/her away from sickness. 

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      Give Your Child’s Room a Twist

      In the course of time, houses have evolved from the traditional to modern designs. While there are still homeowners who would go for a classic appeal, most of the home buyers in today’s market are going for a contemporary look because of its efficient use of space. Of course if you opt for a modern home, the interior design and the furniture should have a modern touch as well.

      One of the areas that need to be carefully planned will be your child’s room. Kids have become more expressive about their opinions and it is very important that they feel at ease on their own rooms. There’s a wide range of contemporary kids furniture in the market today with styles that are unique, functional and of course trendy. Parents who want their kids to adopt a creative mindset would often introduce these designs that come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from.

      This type of kid’s furniture does not take a lot of space making it ideal for small homes or rooms with a limited space. There are also cribs and sofas that could be turned into a bed along with a mini table and chairs that can be folded and stored when not needed. Gone are the days when patterns and colors are strictly followed when decorating your child’s room. The modern approach is all about mix and match; using bold hues to brighten up the room and expressing one’s personal style. If you are about to decorate a nursery or a toddlers’ room, you could incorporate learning materials that could encourage your child to engage in activities like art and music.

      Of course budget could play a huge factor when it comes to any makeover projects. But if you’re a smart homeowner you’ll know just where to shop for the greatest deals and discounts. Buying furniture that is highly functional and could last for a long period of time is surely an investment that will pay for itself. Before you make that purchase, ask yourself if your child will be able to use it and what benefits will it contribute to the entire room.

      Since most contemporary-designed furniture is compact and slim, some parents are skeptic about its quality. Prior to making a purchase, it is best to be check if it’s made of high quality material. Hinges should be secured and the screws should be tight at all times. It will be a good help to look at several catalogs or do a little online research to see brands that are preferred by most parents. Allowing your child to be involved in the decorating process is also a good way to improve creativity and spend quality time together.

      Guest post by Allison of Eternittag, a project which is about a special type of roof.

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