Reasons Not to Use Internet Explorer

Web browsers are the portals to the internet. They are used to browse the internet for information that they’ll use. These browsers are the most important factors in protecting your computers from malware and viruses that you can get from internet surfing – most people are unaware of this. That’s why it’s best to choose the one that provides security and faster loading. 

If you have bought a computer that runs on a Microsoft Windows system, you might have used the Internet Explorer. Many people didn’t like how it works because of some flaws related to security and loading time. That’s why many people opt for other web browsers that are faster and provides security from malicious data that can be accessed from web surfing. Here are some of the reasons why Internet Explorer is not a good way to browse the internet.

  • Internet Explorer has been plagued with security flaws and bugs from the day it was released. These malicious data are categorized as viruses and malwares. These things run in the background – copying key strokes, e-mail addresses, account information, and passwords. The viruses take advantage of the flaws in Microsoft Windows and Microsoft engineers find it hard to cater millions of users around the world. This also makes it difficult to create bug free software.
  • This web browser if considered as the slowest internet browser these days. That’s why most people tend to use other web browsers that are faster in surfing the internet.
  • The Internet Explorer can also access features that shouldn’t be accessible such as installing software without the user’s knowledge.

How can you protect yourself?
  • An anti-virus program is the best way for you to avoid virus and malwares as you browse the internet. If you don’t have the money to cash out for these things, there are also some free virus software that you can find online.
  • DO NOT use the Internet Explorer. With the security flaws associated with it, it’s wise to use other web browsers. You’ll know it you’re using an Internet Explorer by looking at the topmost part of your browser window and see ‘Internet Explorer’.
  • Scan your computer regularly.
  • Take note that other web browsers are also targeted by digital criminals. You’ll still have viruses if you download something that you’re not very familiar with. If your computer support hasn’t recommended the software, don’t install it.
  • Looking for other alternatives is great to make your computer more secure from malicious data over the internet.

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