How Do We Define Beauty?

Through Society’s Standards or Ours?

How do we see beauty from other people? Do we look at them outwardly and then compare that to what we see on magazines and television? We are a generation that has been born and raised on the superficial type of beauty and we compare beauty based on how much resemblance she has or may have with what we see on the magazines.

Today, it is quite normal to have the society’s standard of beauty as our own and we give our opinions based on that standard. This is such a natural instinct that we often do it without even actually thinking about it. Being social organisms, we have this deep need to think much about how other people see us and what they think about something and to agree with them on that point. Being constantly bombarded with these ideas day by day we naturally begin to take these ideas for ourselves. What the society says as the perfect ratio and measurement and how the eyes and ears should be placed, all influence us and finally, as we constantly agree with their opinions, we begin to view them as correct and beautiful.

This is the normal way that things go, but it does not do anybody any good sometimes. Having this limited way of acknowledging beauty, it makes us limit the number of persons that we can actually say as “beautiful;” if you are one of them, then that’s fine. But what if you were not? What would happen to you if you are one of those that your own standard would not accept to be beautiful?

One thing that would be necessary to keep in mind is that the society’s standard of beauty is not the only one that exists. If you keep yourself  educated about the different cultures that exists in the world today, and those have long gone passed, you will realize that there are a lot of differing standards when it comes to defining what really is beautiful. If you will only take the time to think of some people whom you may have met and may not have met these standards but you thought were beautiful, you would know that there are other things that can make a person beautiful even though it is not what today’s society accepts. So why is that so? Simple, you also have your own way of defining beauty.

This is all good news. This only means that we all have our own way or standard of what looks beautiful or not. Society may give us all these ideas and tips on how to look at something and see f they are beautiful, but the truth is that all of us have their own idea of beauty. This is good especially to those whom society would not deem beautiful or pretty. It is very encouraging to know that you may not be as pretty as that girl on the magazine there will always be someone who would see that you are pretty. People, who like you, have their own way of viewing things and they can see the beauty that is uniquely yours.

This is very important specially if you are already looking for a relationship. When someone turns you down or leaves you for another who looks more beautiful, you should not despair. You just need to look for another who would know how to appreciate how you look like. There will always be someone out there who will see you as very attractive and pretty.

We should always remember that what the society presents as beautiful, changes every season. One day they’ll be liking this and the next would be another thing. There will always be a different type of beauty for every other season. For the moment, just enjoy what you are and always think that different people have different ways of thinking about what is beautiful.

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