Designing a Spectacular Home Office

Having a home office is practically a necessity in every home these days. Whether you work from home or just want a space to keep bills and such in order, you will want this area to be comfortable and functional. There are many themes and styles that can be designed, but first you will want to figure out what exactly your needs are.

A Perfect Spot

Will you want a closed office with quiet when you need it or can you work in the midst of your household? Each home is different. If you are using it just for family business, you might do better to have it in a central area where you can keep abreast of the activity. If you have clients coming in, you will definitely want some privacy away from everything. You’ll probably also need more space to accommodate them, such as seating and conversational tables. If it is at all possible, having a separate entrance to your office can be a plus for your clients.

All Work and Some Play

If you are telecommuting or running a business, the theme will most likely be more serious than a playful office for family use. Not necessarily though, as many modern home offices have very bright colors and use modern furniture and patterns. These spaces are not only exciting for clients that may visit, but are invigorating for you as well. Consider whether you need a formal environment, or if the nature of your work is inspired by creativity.

Storage Solutions

Choosing storage space options will be just as important as picking out furniture. Figure out what you’ll need for shelving, and filing. If there are a lot of manuals and books then you might want to have bookcases. Hanging shelves conserve space because the floor below can still be used cleverly with furniture or accessories. Depending upon your personal storage needs, there are many creative storage options. For instance, if you do professional scrapbooking for a living, many drawers and a countertop will serve you well.

No matter what type of work you do at home, there a few must have items every home office needs:

• An ergonomically-correct chair that supports you comfortably as you read, type, build, or just contemplate.
• An abundance of light to reduce eye fatigue and prevent headaches, placed strategically in the places you need them most. For example, include a desk lamp or overhead lamp for reading.
• A stylish desk with enough space for your usual workload and personal effects. If you use a computer at the desk, you will most likely want a sliding keyboard panel included.

Making It Personal

Even if you have a contemporary office, adding color and personal accessories are essential to feeling comfortable while away at the office. Accessories like waste baskets, bulletin boards, and bins can be matched to bring out the style of your work space. Add some pictures of family or some favorite art prints.

Getting Started

One of the best ways to get started with the planning is to draw the dimensions onto graph paper. Experiment with different placements of furniture and configurations. This will help you plan for storage, walking space, guest seating, and work flow.

Once your home office is ready to go, it will be very motivating and can give you a great boost of confidence. You’ll feel more productive and get more accomplished. You could actually find yourself excited to begin the workday instead of drudging in there halfheartedly. There is no doubt that you will feel better about going to work, and therefore, feel better at the end of the day. Your clients or those involved in your work will be impressed too.

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