Best Destinations for a Romantic Honeymoon

It can be perplexing that couples invest so little time in planning where exactly they want to visit for their honeymoon – especially when you consider the amount of time that goes into the planning  of the wedding itself – from the venue to the cake, from the dress to the diamond wedding rings. If you have yet to discover that perfect honeymoon destination then take a look at this short list of some of the most magnificent destinations in the world. The one thing these places all have in common is that they would all make the most memorable honeymoon ever.

Not often thought of as the most romantic of honeymoon destinations, Japan is actually a beautiful country rich with tradition and history. If you fancy a honeymoon in a country that has lively cities and numerous attractions then this is place for you. Get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the Japanese lifestyle whilst still being able to retreat away from the city for relaxation that you would never get at home. Make sure that you add both Tokyo and Kyoto to your list of must visit places.

If you want a country that is steeped in tradition and has hundreds of places that are just ripe for discovery then look no further than China. At every turn you will find another historical landmark to investigate from the world famous Great Wall of China (take a walk off the beaten track and discover some of the old parts of the wall that have not been refurbished) – to the amazing Forbidden City. If you like discovery and learning about culture and heritage then this is the honeymoon destination for you.

Is relaxation and lounging top of your list for must haves on your honeymoon? Then the Maldives is for you, renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals and stunning beaches. If you start to feel a little more adventurous when you have wound down then have a go at snorkelling in one of the world’s best diving locations.

Dubai is perfect for the couple who like to try their hand at everything – not only does Dubai have the beaches but it also has the nightlife, it has the bustling city atmosphere and is also one of the world premiere spots for water sports. If you and your new spouse enjoy different things or are both equally adventurous then this is the perfect all rounder!

Renowned as one of the most romantic countries in the world Egypt is the perfect honeymoon for those who want to combine relaxation with discovery. Known for its pyramids and the history of the pharaohs Egypt also offers some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in the world. As it has been a popular honeymoon destination for decades you can guarantee that you will be treated like a king and queen if you decide that Egypt is for you.

Often looked at the perfect honeymoon destination for those who love marine wildlife and water sports. If you want a honeymoon packed with adventure and diving then Mauritius is the perfect location. Sure, there will be time to kick back but this is the honeymoon for those with a little joie de vivre.

No matter where you decide to take your honeymoon you just need to be sure that it will provide you both with memories that you can savour for the rest of your life and pass on to your kids.

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3 Respones to "Best Destinations for a Romantic Honeymoon"

Butlerbythesea said...

Wow thanks for the useful information at least it will give some idea ....

August 9, 2011 at 10:56 PM
Hashified said...

Thank you for dropping by ButlerByTheSea. This places are indeed good places to consider for a honeymoon getaway

August 10, 2011 at 4:14 AM
cheap hotels in Madrid said...

honeymoon is a time to gel nicely with our partner so we have to very cautious while choosing the place.To me Maldives will be the perfect destination for that.

January 13, 2012 at 12:51 AM

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