The Hidden Beauties of Siquijor Island

Have you gone to Siquijor Island or you are unfamiliar to this place? Each place either you know it or not has special or only one of its kind beauties. Every living creature was created by God, so all of them give the impression to be exceptional. Living creations by God like for example nature, makes our life totally complete because we can see the perfect beauty towards beautiful surroundings around us. Yes, positively GOD made them all—all living creatures that surrounds us.

Physically based, Siquijor Island is just a small dot in the map; while in the world map you can’t see it anymore. While you are travelling going to this island, you can actually say that this little island is just nothing to be fascinated. It is because it just a little island, no big buildings, a quiet place, not a crowded island, no plenty of buses or jeep. However, despite of those lacking; did you know that there are numerous beautiful spots that people who are living Siquijor Island are proud of? Let’s find out later.

On the other side, when somebody talks about Siquijor, the first impression is Siquijor Island is a place of sorcerer. Sorcerer is an individual who have magical powers from spirits who helped them or some sorcerer claims that they own power from God. Yes, there are some sorcerers who are present at Siquijor as what I have heard from hearsays but only few. Sorcerer will not destroy any people unless they have great sin. Most of them used their magical powers in positive way in which they can help people.

 Anyway, let’s talk about the beautiful and interesting spots in Siquijor Island. Though the Island is just a small point in the Philippine mad, there are many interesting places for you to visit like Salagdoong Beach Resort. This is one of the best tourist destinations in Siquijor which is located in Maria, Siquijor and now they developed it now with slide though you will be dropped into the sea. Mostly, you can see slide in swimming pools but in Salagdoong beach, you can find slide there. Here is the actual picture of Salagdoong Beach in Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island has many churches. Every place has church in which people living Siquijor use to tour the island every town fiestas. They have to tour the entire island to have church visit in every town and have some prayers in every church as promised and inherited to their ancient relatives.

Here is one of the church in which people will visit every year as promised. This is Larena, Siquijor church
Photo from Island Lures
Another beautiful spot that can be located in Siquijor Island is the Cambugahay Falls

Siquijor Island is a rocky Island.  There are many interesting spots that you can actually breath fresh air, they don’t have industrial plant that’s why their water is clean not polluted. There many foreigners have gone to visit Siquijor Island because of interesting beauties as well as welcoming people.

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1 Respones to "The Hidden Beauties of Siquijor Island"

Young2x said...

Nice article. Now, I know Siquijor has extraordinary landscapes in which other places don't have. Even if Siquijor is just a little island, unique slide is now present as what I have seen at the picture above that will stands out among other swimming pools.

July 2, 2011 at 10:47 AM

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