The Secret to Maintain Husband and Wife Relationship

Can you give a country that take care long relationship as husband and wife, no matter how difficult plus quarrel they carry out? Each country worldwide has diverse principles as well as tradition for them to pursue. Similar to other country excluding Philippines, if there would be mistake or husband and wife’s quarrel; it will end up to separation or break up. It’s been in headline or news long time before like that circumstances. However, in the Philippines; you can witness the differences from other countries abroad. So, what are the great dissimilarities?

Despite of the fact that you can’t find perfect relationship in the Philippines, on the other hand; Filipino’s knows how to manage forever relationship. It doesn’t matter how pain they encountered but still they would able to keep it at. How do they maintain relationship? What are the most important secret of upholding husband and wife bonding?

There are various things you should do and learned how to preserve a relationship. Can you suggest? Have you tried upholding your own relationship to your husband or wife? In what way you had succeed? Distinctively, husband and wife have different outlook as well as main beliefs. However, because of their great love with each other; all those differences will turn out into one and share with each other. Love is powerful to all situation despite of the fact that there are common problems might come in top their lives.

The secret ingredients to maintain husband and wife relationship is understanding, give and take, everlasting care, faithful to each other, sharing, if one is hungry either wife or husband; one must stay calm and most of all is GOD must be center to all. God will guide, protect, enlightens up our minds to become a better member of a family. If we have faith in God, he will provide us all.

Understanding is one way of making a family constantly lives in a right path as well as peaceful home living. Give and take is very significant because sharing with each other can take the whole family into an improved future. Taking care with each other is a must also towards a family because it shows endless love that would make living full of happiness. Husband and wife faithfulness as well should be preserve everlastingly, without this ingredient in the family; it would create uncertainty. Therefore, trusting to each other will help to uphold long-lasting relationship. Without trust, family relationship would easily break up. It requires strong foundation. On the other side, if a husband gets angry or mad and vice versa, one should stay cool or calm, don’t level up to angriness, it would cause fire.

And the most important secret ingredient is GOD. Without GOD, life is useless. Put God first in everything you do, and he will do everything for you.

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3 Respones to "The Secret to Maintain Husband and Wife Relationship"

Ads said...

Only if you love each other then all things will follow. There will be openness, forgiveness, understanding and contentment.

November 23, 2011 at 2:30 AM
Herbert said...

@Ads: I completely agree with you sir :D

November 23, 2011 at 2:42 AM
Maricel said...

I agree that with God at the center of the relationship, everything will work out fine. :D

November 23, 2011 at 11:05 PM

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