Ibiza – The Ideal Destination For All Ages

In recent years, the beautiful holiday island of Ibiza has become synonymous with the party culture, as youngsters from all over Europe head to the destination to enjoy some of the coolest clubs in the world, and a chance to dance until dawn and beyond, followed by the hope of an all-afternoon snooze beside the hotel swimming pool. With so much to offer the younger end of the market, it comes as no surprise to hear that Ibiza is a particular favourite with this age group.

Because of this popularity, the last decade or two has led to a relative reduction in the number of families who come to the island. There’s a general consensus, albeit a wrong one, that Ibiza doesn’t particularly cater very well for people with small children, but this is simply not the case. Here are three good reasons for mums and dads to reconsider their options when the summer months come along.

Secluded Beaches
If you have a mental image of the beaches of Ibiza being filled with sun beds from pavement to shoreline then you need to think again. The island is home to a large number of secluded bays and inlets that provide the perfect environment to while away a lazy afternoon, and for the children to play safely on the sand. There are some beaches which attract vast numbers of teenagers, of course, but there is always a wide variety of alternative locations to choose from as well.

Quiet Hotels
The hotels that cater for fans of dance culture are unlikely to appeal to families with young children, if only because the constant late (and sometimes noisy) arrivals of returning clubbers are likely to interfere with sleep. However, there are plenty of establishments which are off the beaten track and which don’t host large numbers of party-goers. They are perfect for parents and youngsters alike, and can be relied upon to provide the right amount of peace and solitude to suit all tastes.

Child-friendly Facilities
The Spanish people have a well-deserved reputation for making families welcome. In their culture, children are valued members of society, and the adults work hard to ensure their sons and daughters enjoy a healthy and wholesome upbringing. Tourists who visit the country can expect the same level of respect, and because of this there is usually a substantial amount of parks, playgrounds and amusement rides to offer the younger visitor.

The Spanish tourist industry prides itself on the fact that it offers a good time to visitors of all ages, and although it’s keen to continue to attract plenty of clubbers to Ibiza, it’s also very keen to prevent it becoming a no-go area for other age groups. In the coming years, the local authorities are expected to continue to highlight the benefits of the island to parents of young children.
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