Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger

If you’re a fan of the Captain America series on comic books, you’ll definitely love watching this movie. Although the young Steve Rogers was not really emphasized in the story – before his arms and chest muscle swells into becoming the Captain you know, the movie didn't spoil the epic story of the brave man who wants to serve his country. If Brad Pitt’s transformation in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was superb, the transformation done with Chris Evan into a skinny man wasn't that great. If you’ll pay much attention to the details, you can tell the difference between a man who’s acting with his entire body and someone who’s paid to act without his head (it was Chris Evan’s head and a lame body of someone). My advice is, don’t pay much attention to it!

Chris Evans gave justice to Captain America’s portrayal. Aside from his pumped up biceps and chest muscles after the transformation, the Captain America that you will see in the movie is just like the one you used to read on print. On the other hand, Peggy’s portrayal is just a little step more into something convincing to the eyes. The change of Hugo Weaving’s voice here is pretty smart since his voice has become a trademark on the Matrix and Lord of the Rings series and it would greatly affect the movie somehow (he did a good job with the German accent as well). 

The plot was nice, with some predictable moments as you can observe in other comic adaptation movies (if you’re a fan, you know the story goes!). Joe Johnston really did something great after his The Wolfman movie. It’s something you expect from someone who directed the Star Wars series and Indiana Jones – great movies! If there’s one thing that would probably upset you the most is the ending – a risk that the movie has to take to pave way for Captain America’s return in the upcoming release of The Avengers in 2012 (where it is set in the modern day). Overall, the movie is a must-watch for Captain America fans and Marvel Comics readers. 

Rating: 7 out of 10
Chris Evans - Steve Rogers
Tommy Lee Jones - Col. Chester Phillips
Hugo Weaving -Red Skull
Sebastian Stan - James ‘Bucky’ Barnes
Dominic Cooper - Howard Stark
Neal McDonough - Timothy ‘Dum Dum’ Dugan
Hayley Atwell - Peggy Carter
Derek Luke - Gabe Jones
Stanley Tucci - Dr. Abraham Erskine
Director: Joe Johnston

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