Tips for an Affordable Engagement

Looking to sweep that special someone off their feet, however the price for acquiring the ideal piece is certainly pulling you down. Here are some tips to finding the perfect, dazzling design at a more affordable price.

A proposal is on the horizon and you are planning a big surprise that will forever mark your future! You want only the best for your loved one, however, with a mountain of costs rising; wedding plans and the setting up of a new home, your panic for getting the perfect ring are growing! Stop panicking, with a little research and a push in the right direction you can get your fiance (to be) a breathtaking design at a reasonable price!

Going Vintage

Luckily for you vintage designs are all the rage right now! When I talk about vintage I am not referring to new-vintage or vintage inspired designs that are beautiful and extremely pricey. I mean antique designs; real vintage. What makes antique jewelry so fantastic is that you are getting the real deal; a unique design from era’s gone by. If your lady loves and knows her fashion, then it is more than likely that she is going to fall head over heels with a vintage piece! Let her fall for the romanticism of a historical design, ladies love one-off treasures. Set off on a hunt around vintage jewelers and antique fairs and find the perfect piece deserving a second time round.

If your bride to be is a lady with classic taste, you may shy away from old-vintage designs, thinking that she will want a traditional design that is brand new. This is not always the case, while you are hunting the fairs and stalls; keep a look out for dazzling Solitaire or Trinity designs. These elegant, traditional designs may be just key to sweeping her firmly off her feet. Ask her family and friends for their opinion on this, you may be surprised!

Bridal Sets

Don’t let the words “Bridal sets” put you off having a look at these shimmering duos. These cost-effective ring buying sets are not only more affordable but they also cut out the hunt of finding two separate items that compliment each other. When you invest in a bridal set you are getting two designs that are in perfect partnership, a fitting symbol for your union! Often people will shop for rings as separate purchases, not seeing the bigger picture; the need for a second ring. There are also unjustified snobbery behind buying two pieces as a set being cheaper. It is true that buying two pieces tends to be more affordable but this is surely a positive!

Most jewelers offer bridal sets, the standards and designs of these vary greatly. Shop around and see for yourself you might find the perfect set all at once.

Price Watch

If you are adamant that a brand-new (single) engagement ring is what you after, you still have a chance of getting a stunning design at an affordable price. Shopping around and comparing prices is a great way of getting the very best deal for her. To do this effectively, you need to be organized and keep your finger on the pulse, check out when sale days are taking place, see if certain websites are offering discounts for online purchases, visit price comparison sites. Also, many companies will offer you the lowest price if you find items cheaper somewhere else. For example, you would prefer to buy your ring from a reputable store, but, you have found the desired item for a cheaper price elsewhere, reach out to the store you would prefer to shop at and the likelihood is they will match the price or beat it!

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