Crazy Diet Methods to Avoid

Being healthy is what makes other people undergo diet methods that may help they slim down. In the process, people tend to trim down food intake and manipulate other variables to speed up their slimming process. Of course, your body will react to any deprivation of necessary nutrients but it doesn’t mean that you’re on the right track. In fact, many diet methods are considered as impractical and inflict serious damage to the body. If you really want to weigh down a bit, consider a healthy sufficient diet method rather than these crazy methods.

Detoxification Diet
This kind of diet method claims to slim down a person in 10 days of detoxification by colonic irrigation, massages, saunas, fasting, and many more. You can eat fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts but aren’t allowed to have some fish, meat, wheat, and dairy products. It’s quite good to trim down your calorie intake but this means you will lack of necessary nutrients and lowered immune system. It’s not a very practical method since the effects are only temporary with the loss of water in your body. It may also lead to sickness, headaches, and even nausea. The worst thing is it causes food cravings and eating disorders.

Low Carbohydrates / Atkins Diet
The main goal of this diet method is to force your body to use internal resources – that’s fat, as your main energy source. This results to ketone bodies to fuel the parts of your body that can’t use fat as energy source like the brain and red blood cells. From the loss of muscle tissues and water, you can definitely loss some weight but only temporarily. It will only put you in the state of ketosis that may cause smelly breath, fatigue, and nausea.

Hollywood Diet
It is by far, the diet method that doesn’t last very long. It is basically done in a couple of days where you eat no food and drink lots of juice. It’s also quite impractical since you’ll be taking in lots of sugar and carbohydrates while depriving yourself with protein, iron, and other important body nutrients.

Cabbage Soup Diet
This is a seven day diet plan that offers weight loss with very fast results. There are also benefits from this weight loss method such as it helps prevent cancer and flush out toxins from eating junk food. However, the drawbacks are still bigger than these benefits so it isn’t a sustainable solution for people who want to trim down their weight. The soup is quite salty and it lacks overall nutrition for your body. It is very low in protein, essential fatty acids, and calcium. With an added mix of monosodium glutamate, it is really something to avoid. It’s because this kind of flavoring agent can’t be digested in your body and stays there as long as you live.

Starvation Diet
This is so far, the worst diet method you can ever do. It is depriving yourself with anything – the necessary nutrients that your body wants function well. This result to fatigue, lack of sex drive and hormones, hypothermia, poor judgment and concentration, depression, personality changes, anxiety, slow metabolism, organ tissue loss, and many more. As you slim down from this kind of method, you’ll get shakes more often, feel colder and weak most of the time.

There are still many ways to lose weight that doesn’t make your body suffer in the long run. Still, there is no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise. If you want to live longer and stay healthy in the process, you can always change your lifestyle into a more active way. Know the right food to eat and don’t eat too much.

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