The Philippines without Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal is one of the noteworthy heroes in the Philippines. Though, his life story and written novels are at old aged; however it was still present as of these days in libraries, bookstore, and journals. That proves how Dr. Jose Rizal is meaningful to our lives. What if he did not fight for the Philippines right against Spaniards? The Philippines without him is nothing or worthless. Spaniards are stupid people who never want Filipino exceeds their level of intelligence. That’s why they killed Dr. Jose Rizal, because Rizal was against to Spanish absolute rule towards Filipino. Rizal is bright and intelligent hero and this is the great cause he was killed by Spanish. Spanish people don’t want Rizal to beat them.

Like any country everywhere in the world has there own prehistoric records. It could be in country’s culture, national heroes, emblem, tradition, different kinds of people either ordinary or celebrated who contributed great honor to their country and etc. Those treasured recollections in the past will be noted as generations passed by and will be bring into play in schools as source of vast information’s for the students. Yes, they are now part of the set of courses in primary, secondary or even college schools.

One of the most renowned national heroes in Philippines is Dr. Jose Rizal. His life and works are now widely published in all parts in the Philippines. You can find them at national bookstore or educational supplies. Dr. Jose Rizal’s life and history can be found in books, journals as well as booklet nationwide. However, because of his over all achievements, he is famous not only in Philippines but in most part of the world. Why Dr. Jose Rizal was one of the most renowned national heroes in the Philippines? What are his accomplishments to the country Philippines? Despite the fact that he was gone for a very long period of years, why he was still part of every people’s lives as well as to the students?

The Philippines without Jose Rizal is not complete. He did contributed a lot to make Philippines overpower a success on the way to change the Philippines dictatorship against Spanish people with no grabbing  a gun or else a sword that justly marked as impressive heritage to all people in Philippines or to other countries of the world like United States, Czech Republic as well as Singapore.

He was died unfortunately at the young age of 35(June 19 1861-- December 30 1896). Even though, he died at 35 years old, he did much contribution in Philippine Revolution against Spanish Colonial Era; he also published novels like Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo. This two novels are now use in high school students from third year to fourth year.

The Philippines without Jose Rizal appears to be unclear. Without the leadership of Rizal against Spanish, Philippines will remains unsettled. Because Jose Rizal has great love to his country Philippines as well as the people, he defend his country no matter he died just for the country. 

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