Darker Side of Using Facebook

Facebook is the famous social networking site that no one can ever beat. Though, there are various networking sites available like twitter, YouTube, Facebook appears to be the most well-known among all other social networking websites that can be found online. According to reliable research and surveys, Facebook has 350 millions of followers worldwide. Therefore, do followers get positive benefits on it? How about the negative or bad side of using Facebook? If a certain product or site has good benefits, the bad side will never be absent and that’s a fact and real.

Facebook has been part of every people’s heart and mind. Most of individual usually takes a sit in front of her/his own PC every day or will go to an internet cafe while soaking in Facebook account. Yes, checking Facebook will be done most of time of a single day. Checking account like confirming as well as chatting with friends, glancing photographs with other pals, posting quotes or messages to your friend’s wall and etc. Those are the routine passions that every one are addicted on Facebook daily. On the hand, business companies normally benefited Facebook. Why? Facebook have millions of followers, using Facebook to advertise or promotion is indeed a big advantage to business owners as many followers or users will visit this medium.

Though, we have already well-versed the fundamental profits of Facebook, there are bad side in using Facebook as well. Can you say publicly some of them? To give you the bad side of using Facebook, here they are:
  • Facebook networking site can make daily task or works unfocused. For instance you are working either on government agencies or in private companies, it has been known that most of the employees who are working on the said agencies will take a short glance on their Facebook account while in the hours of works. How much more if you are assigned in making payrolls or typing documents in your office, the great possibility that you can view Facebook everyday.
  • Facebook is one way of making and trusting friends though you did not know him/her for a long time. However, it depends on the followers if she/he will trust immediately to strange people. Much news that has been published about killing incident because of Facebook. Meeting a certain strange people and will end up into bad circumstances.

  • Facebook is provides great influences to young children. If your child will not be guided accordingly using Facebook, it will make her/him addicted at young age. In this reason, they can’t get focused while studying in school. They are thinking on checking on their account in Facebook. As a result, they will earn low grades. Therefore, parental guidance must be applied.

  • Facebook can make excess additional works. Time is gold. Checking your account, friend’s account, chatting with friends, adding friends, update friends profile, posting comments as well as quotes can be your overworks. Therefore, it adds up your tiredness or can make yourself stressed. You can’t properly relax so that you will be ready for your daily jobs in which you are employed for the next day.

The best thing to do is to have self discipline in order to avoid that bad side of using Facebook. Discipline to yourself of course then if you have kids, you must guide and teach them how Facebook goes.

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