Interesting Spots in Mindanao

As you get noticed in the world map, Philippines only occupy a little space on it but you did not know what the real features and characteristics are inside Philippines. Though, it is not the same as other country regarding with its geographical size; Philippines has unique in all phases. Aside from kind and hospitable people, places everywhere in the Philippines will marked in your mind how beautiful and charming they are according to panoramic views. And you will never encounter of the same kind with gorgeous scenery existing in it. Although, in every places we've visited been encountering also exceptional views; however, no places are of the same kind. Every place appears to be distinctive.

If you have gone to visit Philippines, you will finally conclude that you have different experiences than other places you have been visited for quiet so long. As you will visit any spots within Philippine boundary, all are matchless. And that’s the genuine attractiveness of Philippines that no one can beat. Every spot that can be located Philippines have its own beautiful sceneries that every people living on it are exceedingly proud of. 

Like in Mindanao, it has made up of different spots that every one who is living on it is highly proud of their beautiful spots. Mindanao is the next leading and easternmost isle in the Philippines. It is the location wherein Muslim is largely located. Mindanao Island is famous as The Land of Promise. Mindanao has also famous spots that can be located in some town or city. Every town or city has different numerous stunning sceneries, though some of the views are not yet recognized nationally or worldwide. Here are the ten famous spots that can be located in corresponding town or cities. Mostly, the famous spots are made of swimming pools, momentous spots, camping places, as well as eco parks.

  • National Museum in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines — that preserves significant artifacts that primarily tells the ancient histories of Butuan. The museum’s collections are Jewelry as well as crafts of metals.
  • Eco-tourism village in Northern Mindanao's Main Highway — this are ancestral crafts as well as practices of assorted Mindanao ethnic tribes. In this tourist’s site, you can see garden of butterflies, visitor’s cottages, and pool for family swimming on top of campsite ground.
  • Malipano Island Davao — Malipano has seven hectare, it has white sand seashore, an offshore underwater ridge and seven confidential sumptuousness villas (5 three-bedroom as well as 2 four-bedroom), every one in the midst of a spacious terrace or balcony plus has its possess chief servant meant for food instructions as well as additional visitor backing.
  • The historic spot in Dapitan, Philippines — it fascinates different people from neighboring islands in Luzon and Visayas. This park is the famous destination of most students who are having educational field trip. Dr. Jose Rizal was expelled in this place throughout Spanish period.
  • Newest recreational area in Davao City — this one of the Philippines biggest park for family gatherings. Fountains as well as Gazebos are also part on this park.
  • Rock climbing in Gensan — Manny Pacquiao’s original hometown. This is also a place for tuna fish. The cave of Kalaja is the preparation ground for rock climbers. Waterfalls plus grounds for camping are added appeal in Gensan.
  • Different swimming pools that can be found anyplace’s in Mindanao — the lowest entrance fees in swimming pool is fifty pesos only. You can bring all your family circles and friends. Timoga swimming pools, Iligan City is an example of pools in Mindanao.
  • Wildlife Sanctuary in Koronadal, Cotabato — this is a preferred target of local residents in Cotabato.
  • Maria Christina Falls — this is located in Iligan City, Philippines. This is the great source of electrical power in the whole area of Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte.
  • Tinago Falls, Iligan City — this is called “Tinago” for the reason that the place is hidden.  The falls being hidden in a bottomless narrow valley. Tinago is a Filipino language which means “hidden” in English language.

There are many famous destination does Mindanao has to count on but I did mention the top ten famous spots. Visitors are very much welcomed to visit all the exciting places in Mindanao at your own pace.

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