Few Things Why the Philippines is not Progressive

Each nation has president or country leader. The development of each country will depend on the president’s leadership. Every president has special techniques in managing his own country. Some leaders are implementing strict rules to his countrymen. While other president has no harsh rules applied to his country people like Philippines. Is this the appropriate system for the people? However, progress will begin to each self.

Applying strict rule towards people will make them properly disciplined in such a way that they will not act or do against the law. This is the right way of assembling all people in order to have self-control. Other leaders abroad have different system in handling his people compared to Philippines. That’s why America, United Kingdom, Paris, Germany and other progressive countries stands out to the rest of the non progressive countries. Honestly speaking, Philippines belonged to not progressive country. Why Philippines until now, though there are many leaders or president who have managed this country still crawling  with regards to social, political as economic failure? What are the major roots of this failure that until now this country is suffering from economic, political as well as social crashed?

There are many reasons why Philippines are not a progressive country. Some of the reasons are from the government’s management as well as the entire people living Philippines. Here are the 10 things lists of explanation why Philippines are not progressive or still not on the way to its development.  

  • Graft and Corruption of the Government officials — some of the government officials are keeping government’s funds for the sake of their own purposes or individual happiness.

  • Poor leadership of the President — most of past presidents as well as the recent leaders don’t have proper management towards his people. No strict rules implemented.

  • People’s Mañana habit — most of the individual often said “I will finish this work tomorrow” though there are vacant time today.

  • Some people are lazy with regards to work but often greedy — if somebody has work, laziness can’t be avoided. Always keep on relaxing without working but frequently eat more than 3 times a day plus snacks.

  • People have no staying power if given the chance to have works — some of the people haven’t endurance while working. They easily quit from work.

  • People are narrow-minded — people are effortlessly irritated. If somebody will share principle but against to his own opinion, he/she will not pay attention.

  • Don’t know how to save money — if money will come to his/her hands; keep on buying anything without thinking the future.

  • Don’t know how to handle business — mostly Filipino people doesn’t have enough knowledge or skill in managing small or big businesses and comes to an end or bankruptcy.

  • Always depending on parents though they are big enough to rely — though son/daughter is above 18 years old or already married, always asking foods or money to their parents. They don’t know how to look money for their own.

  • Early engaging pre-marital sex without thinking what will be the future — many of the teenagers are already involve in sex without planning the future. As a result, the population will grow bigger and bigger due to early marriages without proper settlement. Living in one house and create numbers of children without proper plan.

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3 Respones to "Few Things Why the Philippines is not Progressive"

Will said...

When we think about it, these reasons are generally the main problems a lot of countries are experiencing right now, not just the Philippines. Very nice list, by the way. :)

June 28, 2011 at 9:12 AM
C5 @ Life Is A Choice said...

If Gordon was elected, it could have been a different story...but then, we have to learn the hard way...

June 28, 2011 at 11:04 PM
Anonymous said...

We will not be a country like this if people dont have this Crab Mentality

August 7, 2011 at 7:41 AM

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