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I recently stumbled to a very interesting page which tackles all about Butuan, its rich culture and history as well as  interesting  places to visit. I collected some posts from a couple of blogs about these informations. This may not be the recent list but im certain that these are some of the places to go when you are in Butuan.

Just off to the north of the Caraga region lies Butuan City, an ancient metropolis that has been the staging ground for some of the most significant events in Philippine history, including the first public display of the national flag and the first celebration of Easter. Toady it is also known as a prime tourist destination.

  • Bonbon Ecopark

Bonbon Eco Park and Leisure Farm is a park where people can visit and enjoy. This park is a mountain resort in Butuan. This park is located at barangay Bonbon, Butuan City. Entering barangay Bonbon to visit the park, you’ll see many trees. Upon reaching the inner most, you’ll have to ride firsts to a Lawin jeepney, having your car left in the parking area. The Lawin jeepney will bring you inside the park. You’ll see a pond with fishes. There are cottages for you to stay in. There are two swimming pools, the first one is for adult, and the other one is for the kids. There is mini water falls that can massage your back. This water is come from the mountains which is good, refreshing and from nature. You can relax in this place because it is very peaceful and quiet.

  • Balanghai Shrine

The Balanghai Shrine is located 5 km away from the city. It is a one-storey building being maintained by the National Museum. There lies the first native boat in Southeast Asia that is commonly called as "Balanghai", or small Badjao boat that was excavated in the early 1970’s. Up to now, nine Balanghai’s have been discovered. A proof that the Philippines have a rich and cultural past and a tradition that is worth preserving.

  • Bood Promontory Eco-Park

Hidden in the forest of Pinamangculan, Butuan City, there you will see a replica of the image of Magellan’s cross, the Bood Promontory Eco Park. This tourist attraction is considered as one of Butuan’s Pride. In this place, we can see the structure of Magellan’s cross, the evidence of the first mass here in the Philippines. Ever year, many tourists visit this site because of its natural location. As of now, the government of Butuan City is starting to develop this site as one of Butuan’s tourist attraction. Today, the indigenous “Hadlayati Tree” still abounds lording over a colonial nursery and Tree Park, and the serpentine Masao River (El Rio de Butuan) amidst fishponds and archaeological treasures.
The Bood promontory Eco-Park was constructed not just for its historical significance but to provide to the people of Butuan including its visitors to rekindle the past during the first landfall of Magellan in the Philippines.

  • Butuan Rizal Park
  • The St. Joseph Cathedral

Just in front of the St. Joseph Cathedral lies the Rizal Park. It was called Rizal Park because it was a tribute to Jose Rizal. It is famous for its colorful lights during night. Thus, it attracts many people and most of them make this place a dating spot, and the Philippine flag that waves therein is the official flag of Mindanao.
The St. Joseph shrine is a beautiful church you can pray in. It has adoration rooms and confession corners in it. Inside the church you can see the beautiful glasses and precious gold paints that keep the harmony inside it. You can attend masses weekdays and weekends. The church also was renovated for years. It was built back 1900s. But still, it keeps its beautiful design. 

  • Butuan National Museum

The fascinating Regional Museum of Butuan contains the amazing artifacts of Butuan History that dating back centuries from the past. The museum is divided into two. The archeological room and the ethnology room. In archeological room, you can see the jars, jewelries and other ceramics. You can also see some replicas of ancient people. Outside the Regional Museum is the wonderful and breathtaking scenery of a pond and a bridge along it. You can rest under trees around it. It’s a good place to be here in Butuan.

  • Butuan City Hall

Another landmark that Butuanons are definitely proud of is its City Hall. It is the realization of the Butuanons' dream of having a comfortable and convenient place where the officials and their constituents meet and work hand in hand in order to attain the betterment of the city and its people. It has a very spacious lawn and its landscape is truly majestic. The building itself is a clear representation of the perseverance and hard work Butuanons have to exert for the achievements of their goal. The Butuan City Hall Complex was inaugurated in August 2, 2005. It was the same day when Butuanons celebrate its 55th Charter Day with pride and honor.

  • Dottie's Place

If you’re planning to go to Butuan City, Dottie’s Place is a must-go. It is located at the heart of the city and is just a block away from the mall. It has great service and offers only but the best. It has a pool, restaurant and hotel all in one. It can also host different events even with a huge crowd because of the size of its convention hall. You’ll certainly enjoy life’s pleasurable pauses while staying at Dottie’s Place.

  • Sto. Nino Shrine

One of the most-visited churches here in Butuan is the St. Nino Shrine. The patron saint in this church is the child Jesus, also called as Santo Nino. According to the local residents, Magellan first brought Santo Nino in Butuan City, which made the early Butuanons to create a church and named it as St. Nino Shrine. It is where many devotees and tourists visit, for it plays home to other valuable religious relics and artifacts.

In present, there are only three priests who celebrate the mass in this church. Those priests are Bishop Zacarias Jimenez which is the parish priest of St. Nino Shrine and the two other assistant parish priests; Fr. Rex Cassion and Fr. Danny Arillano. There year in it are altar boys who served in the mass. The feast of Santo Nino is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. Many devotees celebrate this feast and enjoy the blissful day.

  • Diosdado Maacapagal Bridge

Standing just a kilometer or so from the Old Magsaysay Bridge is the newest and dare we say, most marvelous man-made structure in all of Mindanao. Indeed, the “new” Magsaysay Bridge of Butuan City is a testament in concrete and steel of the City’s drive to be of the economic activity. This leads to the tomorrow’s future of Butuan City.
The bridge also provides a romantic setting that will no doubt be the subject of artworks, photographers and for new at least, leisurely strolls by Butuanons. Spanning a scenic section of the Agusan River, the Bridge is still located in one of the outlying Barangays of the city. Well, if the bridge will be viewed from afar, it would gleam in almost silver-like splendor when touched by the sun.

Certainly, these words are enough in deserving the wonderful features of the “new’ Magsaysay Bridge. For now, it stands forever to the better future of Butuan City.

  • Mount Mayapay

Rising to nearly 700 meters ( 2,200 ft) Mount Mayapay is one of the most impressive monuments in stone that nature has carved in the entire Caraga region. Mount Maypay is very near Agusan Valley, and it one of the favorite destinations of climbers and adventurers. However, the mountain and the area around it is also rich in history, evidenced by the fact that the name Mayapay was derived from the Madjapahit Empire.

  • The Butuan Boats (Balangay)

No visit to the city would be complete without a look at the Balangays, the most ancient sea vessels ever found in the Philippines.

The wood boats, of which nine have been unearthed, date back to the fourth century AD, centuries before the Spaniards came. Another intriguing aspect of the Balangay is that their shape and design are unique; there is nothing like them elsewhere in the Philippines, or anywhere else for that matter.

  • The Golden Tara

Butuan City has had a such a long and varied history that numerous artifacts have been discovered in its vicinity more often than any other place. One of the most amazing is the figure known as the Golden Tara.

It was in 1917 when a native resident unearthed the figurine from the banks of the Agusan River, itself a source of lore and legend. Weighing in an four pounds, it shows a woman sitting cross legged, with the whole thing made of 21k gold. Its origin is still unknown, but it is supposed by archeologists to represent a goddess.

  • The Agusan River
Much of the history and culture of Butuan City can be found and relived with a boat tour of the Agusan River, the largest in the whole of the Visayas.

If you take a boat tour of the whole river, you are not just passing by its waters, but because there are several communities that were built along the river bank, you will also get a chance to examine the life and cultures of the peoples then. Such as the importance of the place that a festival is held in its honor every year called the Abayan Festival.

  • The Diocesan Ecclesiastical Museum
The Diocesan Ecclesiastical Museum is recognized as the very first repository of Catholic relics in Mindanao, and is frequented by devotees.

As such, the museum houses some of the most important items in the Catholic Church’s history in Mindanao and Butuan City. Among those that you will be able to see are antique goblets, cups and attires worn by the various clergy that held office there.

  • The Sto. Niño Diocesan Shrine

Before the Santo Nino was taken to Cebu, Magellan had taken the statue to Butuan City, where it made a strong impression on the local populace. This would eventually lead to the creation of the Sto. Nino Shrine.

Located in Libertad, the shrine is noted for the number of images and relics that are housed there, which have been drawing in large numbers of people. Aside from the shrine itself, Mount Mayapay is nearby as well, providing an attractive contrast to the altar.

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