How to Keep Pests from your Pets

Pesky insects usually come out during the summer – the time when it is ideal for you and your pet to enjoy the great outdoors. At this times, pests such as fleas and ticks also abound in grassy and areas where plants and trees abound. Just as the summer season approaches, so do the number of these pests double or triple in number. In order for you to cope with this problem, it would be best if one can keep their surroundings and their pets clean and not a harboring and hatching place for these insects.

If you want to keep your pets from these blood-sucking parasites, you would do well to follow these simple tips.

First of all, if you plan to use some pesticide, read all the instructions in the bottle carefully. It might even cause you more problems than the pests themselves.

You should be careful not to use them when there are precautions against pregnant pets, nursing pets, aged, or sick pets. This only means that they will have an adverse reaction to this product when you use it on them.

Buy and use only tick and flea control products on the particular animal that they are specifically made for. If that product is for cats, then don’t use it on dogs. Also, use only the specified amount of the product that you can use on your pet.

Store the product’s packaging in case your pet exhibits some adverse reactions after you have used it on them. Having this packaging will help your veterinarian determine the cause of the irritation and also, it will give you the manufacturing company of the product.

After you have applied these products, be sure to keep a constant check on your dog. It would be necessary to be able to spot their sensitivity to the product especially when using it for the first time. Do not use spot-ons on your pet if you know that they are sensitive to these kinds of products. Wash your dog immediately when you see them show signs of irritation or redness on their skin. Use a lot of water to rinse them off.

Vacuum your house daily in order to eliminate any pest larva or egg on your floors. It is one way to ensure that these pests do not multiply and cause larger problems. Do it on cracks and under your furniture since they are the favorite breeding places of these insects.

Steaming will also help as they help kill these insects at whatever stage they may be. Do this especially on your dogs sleeping area.

Wash your dog daily and also their bedding. Use some hot, soapy water weekly but if the problem has really gotten big, consider changing them as it could be hard to clean anyway. You can never be sure if eggs and larvae had been left after cleaning them.

Comb your dog’s fur every now and then. Aside from making them look good, it also removes ticks or fleas that may be under their hair. When you catch these ticks in the comb, put them in hot water in order to kill them. Comb under their necks and near their tails as this is the favorite spots of these fleas.

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1 Respones to "How to Keep Pests from your Pets"

Jullianne said...

I don't use pesticides! I just take my dog for a bath regularly and removes those pests manually :) I don't know but I enjoy doing it!

January 24, 2012 at 12:36 AM

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