Dogs Behaving Badly: How to Deal with Them

Has your dog been quite difficult quite lately? If he has recently turned into somewhat an annoying dog from the previously better behaving one, you can train him to become more behaved. There are issues that you would have to deal with and methods through which you would be able to handle this change of attitude in your dog. You also need to see what your dog’s circumstances are in order to understand where these faults are coming from. Here are some of the ways in which you can revert your dog to his more desirable behavior.

One of the most basic that you should do is to consistently monitor your dog’s behavior. It will surely solve a lot of your problems that you have with your dog. By keeping a constant watch of your dog, you will be able to check and correct any deviation from proper behavior. For example, if you immediately correct your dog when he urinates inside your house and quickly put him outside, he will soon get the idea that he is not allowed to that inside, which will occur a lot more quicker, if you had the chance to correct that at its early stage.

Sometimes it could be the owner himself who reinforces the wrong behavior of their dogs. Do you ignore or even reward them with attention and petting whenever they do so? Do you give him treats whenever he asks for it? Through these acts, you are actually teaching him to do this bad behavior. Since you don’t correct or discipline him when he does so, he thinks that what he is doing is right or that he is the boss around the house.

These behaviors are also a reward on themselves sometimes. It could provide some reason for your dog to keep on repeating it because he finds it very satisfying. Dogs do not really understand if what they are doing is right or wrong such as when they drink from the toilet or eat from the trash can. On cases like these, you should make a way on how you can prevent them from doing them. Close your bathroom doors or keep your trash bin behind lock and key.

Bad behavior can also come out of boredom. When dogs cannot find something else to do, all their pent up energy is released just by doing anything that they could, whether it is right or wrong. To prevent this, you can try giving him exercises or taking him out for long walks. Since dog breeds are usually suited for some kind of work, not to lie around doing nothing but play, it is a good idea if you can engage them on some meaningful task in order to spend their energy reserves. It will give them a sense of accomplishment and also some sense of being useful to you. So, spending up their energy will give you some double purpose – removing bad behavior and giving them some sense of worth.

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