Building Links: The Important Ingredients of Link Juice

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If you’re quite new to the term, defining “Link Juice” to incorporate link building is a very difficult task. A promising Search Engine Optimization expert – Greg Boser, created the phrase to define the pass-through ratio of your website. There are actually thousands of techniques in SEO that are widely accepted as good practice to improve your page ranking. Link building is one of the most popular and the most effective methods – which is challenging as time-consuming as well. On the other hand, “Link Juice” refers to the benefits and quality of the links created to and from your website.

Search engines view link building as a system for popularity. The more votes you acquire in your website, the more popular you are considered by the algorithm, making your website to top the ranks. If the contents of your links get the attention of many, your website will most probably have more visits. Here are some of the important ingredients in an effective link building campaign.

 Targeting the most appropriate keywords is the foundation of this system. Thus, you will need to have great ideas of the most effective keywords that your prospect consumers will most likely look for in search engines.

 You have to create an engaging and unique page that will prove popular for web browsers who search for useful information. 

 If you’re already done with creating a great page and content, it’s best to link it to relevant sites to gain some more popularity and exposure. You can do it yourself, but it’s also great to have someone to help you with this rigorous task. You can hire a professional from link building companies or you can also hire an experienced link builder from outsourcing websites.

Social networking sites have evolved from a way of communicating with your friends to an effective tool in SEO. Nowadays, you can attach link building in social media too. You can establish yourself as an important source of information where sharing is very important. You can even ask website owners for links to your site that they normally accept if the contents are pretty relevant to their field.

The importance of link building will always be addressed by SEO professionals especially if you use it in your marketing strategy. However, you must be wary of backlinks from irrelevant sources – you might get penalized by search engines such for trying to cheat the system. Be careful in choosing votes for your website and aim for the ones who have a good reputation and high page ranking. Always remember that it’s not practical to create links to and from unpopular or disregarded sites. In addition, search engines are clever enough to detect whether you’ve paid for links in high position – not something ideal to do. 

To boost your ranking in a legit way, placing an immense dose of “Link Juice” is the only way. No matter how clever you are in using inappropriate techniques, search engines will always find the way to chase it – fast! If you’re having a hard time in choosing the best linking services on the web, there are lots of reputable SEO companies that will offer an affordable link building service that ensures great results to businesses like your own. 

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1 Respones to "Building Links: The Important Ingredients of Link Juice"

TopherBricks said...

Great post on link juice. The only issue these days with creating link juice is establishing what is considered "white hat" now a days and what is considered "black hat". As long as Google continues to change the rules that line will continue to blur. Even the Best PPC Company or top SEO firm may be using a "black hat" technique at some point because what's white hat today could become black hat tomorrow. Alls fair in link juice and war? Hmm who knows. Thanks for the post!

October 20, 2011 at 12:46 PM

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