Top Favorite Filipino Food

Filipino FoodFilipinos are very well known for their hospitality, positive values, hard working and their positive attitude in dealing with life’s challenges – still with a smile in their faces. In addition to that, Filipinos are very well known worldwide for their passion for great tasting foods.

As a Filipino, let us talk about food, your favorite Filipino foods. Every Filipino has their favorite and comfort food. To name a few, here are some favorite Filipino foods that are always present in any celebration or fiestas in the Philippines.

. Pork Menudo
It is undeniable that this dish is always present in all gatherings and town fiestas. Every region in the Philippines has their own version of this dish. Whether with hotdog, liver spread, raisins, green peas or garbanzos, it all boils down to its good tasting meat cooked perfectly in the tomato sauce. 

Pork Binagoongan
Pork in shrimp paste is a dish wherein the pork was tenderized and cooked in bagoong or shrimp paste to enhance the flavor. This is considered a main dish by Filipinos wherein they eat it with lots of rice.

Dinuguan and Puto
Dinuguan or blood stew is a main dish, which is made up of pork meat and pork innards like small and large intestines. Southeast Asia and Europe have their own version of Dinuguan; however, the Filipino version is unique because of the use of long green pepper, vinegar and brown sugar.

Moreover, dinuguan dish will not be complete without the complement of Puto. Buttered puto is the most popular steamed rice cake. Dinuguan and puto are usually eaten for the mid-afternoon snack.

Leche Flan
In the Philippines, celebrations and fiestas will not be complete without the Leche Flan as dessert. This dessert is not only popular in the Philippines but all over the world; however, with different variations.

Pancit Molo
Pancit molo is actually a type of soup recipe which is made from combination of shrimp, ground pork covered with wrapper along with shredded chicken meat. This can be relatively a lot like Oriental wonton soup however with the touch of Filipino ingredients make it stand out. This particular recipe had been believed to come from the town known as Molo in Iloilo. Although, having its dish name as pancit molo, surprisingly, Pancit or noodles is not present in the recipe.

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