Great Ways to Incorporate Internet Search Engines and Social Media Marketing

Marketing strategies is in the midst of development. For the past years, internet search engines have been a vital component of online marketing. Still, search engines are great sources of internet traffic but social networking are also integrated in online marketing nowadays. The best thing about these two forces is that they are not competitive in nature. Instead, you can use these two strategies for marketing to create bigger results.

Information discovery is one problem that both social media and internet engines work on – Most people use Google to find answers; but others use social media to discover ideas they haven’t thought of. Although the differences of the two forces are fading with the release of Google+1 (a social networking site made by Google), how can you use these things in your marketing strategy?

☞ Sharing Applications
It is a common strategy for online marketers to use sharing buttons to increase internet traffic. As a marketer, you need to use these sharing applications that plays an important part not only in social media, but internet search rankings as well.

☞ Search Engine Keywords
This strategy is commonly used in search engine rankings. Earning profit from it has been one of the motivating factors of online marketers. Nowadays, you can already use your keyword strategy in social media too. By infusing keywords in your social media content, you can reach a certain amount of internet traffic. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to flood your tweets with keywords. Of course, be creative about the wording of your social media contents.

☞ Social Profile and Links
The links in most social networking site updates are usually no-follow links. Now, not anymore! You can already take advantage of the extra links in your social media profiles. Your social media profile can also act as an extension of your website. You can incorporate keyword strategies that will contribute to your internet search ranking.

☞ Video and Presentation Links
YouTube is one of the most powerful social media networking sites in the world. With billions of viewers every day, this is a great place for online marketing. If you share interesting videos, you can attach a link to your website and increase traffic easily.

☞ Social Media Links and Reach
If you can make sense out of your keyword strategy, it’s possible to have many followers or fans of your social media account. With this, you can be assured that your internet traffic will be high. Quality content isn’t hard to do but you can always hire someone to write interesting articles for you.

☞ Social Media Relationships
Social networking sites are avenues for online communication and relationships. Doing great in this category will provide opportunities for guest blog contents and link building that usually create a huge inbound traffic.

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3 Respones to "Great Ways to Incorporate Internet Search Engines and Social Media Marketing"

social media for churches said...

Social media relationships is one of key to success in social media. Build relationships to your customers or potential consumer is one of the hardest aspect in social media.

August 13, 2011 at 4:11 AM
Anonymous said...

very nice reply and information.

August 15, 2011 at 7:06 AM
GR Brains said...

Thank you for sharing this post about the best techniques for Social Media Marketing, This is very useful for Social Media Marketing and Social Media Marketing Company. Thanks again :) Social Media Marketing

October 11, 2011 at 4:17 AM

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