What's Your Engagement Dream

engagementI used to believe that all girls have already imagined since they were at least 7 years old how they want to be engaged and then have played with the thought of prince charming and marriage altogether. I am guilty of that, I have played scenarios and dialogues in my imagination that I wonder how many times my boyfriend would propose to me for all my imagined scenarios to come true. But then I have a friend from college who haven't thought of a marriage proposal. I mean, she does want to get engaged and get married but she hasn't imagined how she wants her prince to propose, how she'd say yes, what her ring would look like, etc. That broke my long streak of friends who have imagined where their future husbands would propose at least to those who are like me who already imagined even the whole dialogue at most. How about you?

Are Engagement Stories Important?

I have made up the whole wedding proposal scenario in my head not solely because of how sweet and wonderful it would sound to others when I share the story to them, that is just a bonus. I thought of it because that is how I want it to happen, that is how I prefer things, that is what I think would make me melt like butter. I know from my friends who are already engaged how completely surprised they were how their boyfriends proposed to them. The proposal wasn't that much of a surprise since most of their relationships are more than 3-6 years already, it's how the guys proposed that caught them all off guard. There were things done that made them wonder how the guys did it, where did they get the time to prepare, who helped them and where did they get the ideas. Engagement stories are important for memories, something you can treasure and go back to if you want to feel the joy of that moment that got proposed to. And well yes, something to share with your friends who are all too excited for you and maybe even lend a hand to your boyfriend with the proposal thing.

Got Ring?

The most important thing when proposing: the ring. Depending on the girl's preference, the guy proposing would at least have an idea (or ask the girl's closest friends to help out, that works too) on what ring best suits his girl. It's sweet how guys really take time and exert effort on deciding and looking around for their girl's engagement rings. But if the girl would have to choose she'd probably choose a customized engagement ring, or something with a name like Tiffany, I personally find it more thoughtful if the guy would buy one from what he knows about me, that'll be sweet. Aside from the classic Tiffany choice, David Yurman rings are also a popular choice if you have the budget for it. Just an idea.

The Proposal

How did you imagine your boyfriend to propose to you? Where? When? Do you want it in a restaurant while having dinner? Do you want it just the two of you or with a few close friends? On Valentine's Day, your anniversary or some other special occasion meaningful to both of you? However and whenever the question "will you marry me?" pops out, it will surely be a memorable moment!

Maria Constantine
Written by Maria Constantine:

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