Great Ways to Achieve More Facebook Likes

Social networking sites are not only used for communication tools nowadays – it’s already used for marketing. If you have a product or brand that you want to offer and let more people know about it, infusing social networking sites is one of the best moves you can do. In Facebook, you can do it by making a brand page and letting it “liked” by other people. The more “likes” it has, the more popular your brand will become. It is one of the most important factors in making your brand popular but it’s also one that quite a challenge. Of course, you won’t have hundreds of “likes” in a day but it will surely produce great results over time – if done appropriately. 

First, you have to set up a Facebook page that provides information about your brand. It may be a product, service, or idea – you just have to provide the necessary details. Once you have done this part, you can start your journey on acquiring the “likes” for your page. Here are some of the things that you must remember to be successful in this marketing strategy.

Bogus Liking Services
Always remember – Facebook likes happen naturally. You don’t acquire “likes” from people instantly by telling them to do so (unless they are your friends and family). One of the most annoyed scams nowadays involves companies that try to sell merchants more like button hits. Most of these services are bogus - they’re nothing but fake accounts that are set up to look like real profiles. Some of these tricks even take advantage of lured people and take away their money right away. 

You don’t want to do this mistake. Well, it will certainly earn you some money but it will never last long. Once people are aware of your scam, you’re out of the system. It’s always great to play fair and provide information that interests people. It will always create best results in the long run.

Branding Your Business
Building up a huge amount of followers in Facebook will be very hard if you don’t have a brand to incorporate with your website or services. When users follow a Facebook page, they are not really following a website – they follow a certain brand! They make a connection with it and they share it with others. Figure out the best way to connect with your target audience – it may be an emotion, promotion, or discount. You need to find something that will let people connect to it.

Facebook Like Box and Fan Page
Facebook is so useful that you can even infuse its use to your website – by using the Facebook like Box. You just have to let it sit on your website template that will make your visitors hit the button. It’s a great way to create Facebook fans and you can only do it by placing it in a strategic location. Plan your website well and make sure it’s noticeable once people visit your website. With the use of a custom Facebook landing page for your fan site, you can allow your brand to stand out just a little bit more – compared to dropping people off in your wall. 

Give Your Audience a Reason
Why do you “like” a Facebook page? You must ask yourself this question first to understand the things that will allow your target audience to “like” your page. Once you have the idea, you can add some flavor by offering discounts and promos for your latest product or service. You’ll be surprised on how you got a thousand “like” for a single day. Make your page more interesting and create a buzz out of the social networking site. Having a contest is also a great way to improve your fan page. You just have to make an agreement that they can only enter the contest once they have liked your Facebook page. 

FB in Newsletters
The use of newsletters will not only provide information, it will also give you a chance to attract more Facebook followers than ever. You just have to put in your Facebook page and invite recipients to visit it to know more about your latest services. 

Start Writing
Most people surf the internet because they want to see or read something interesting. If you have a blog that interest a lot of people, you can always place your Facebook page in it. Engage in social media by writing interesting stories in your content engine. Once you have achieved a lot of traffic in your blog, your Facebook “likes” does the same. 

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