A Good Example

It’s in Filipino point of view and feelings that once they would be fanatical to a certain people because of some achievement made or accomplish good reputation towards the public or the country, they will idolize and loved that person. Who is your favorite celebrity? Did he/she persuade you? In what way they encouraged you? Did you know the Philippine Boxer King? In fact, he is one of the most famous sport icon and celebrity. I know pretty well that either women or man admired him because he brought pride towards our country every time he fought for the country.

Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao contributed a lot of reputation towards Philippines, right? He’d always brought his awards (belts) when he came home. When he would undergo his fight to United State of America, all his fans here in the Philippines will update his progress all throughout his fight. Why most of the people will do the same way if Manny has a fight? All the people all throughout Philippines as well as the world will always witness as the fight of Manny begin and happen to an end—the result? He always won the fight. Wheher Manny would won or lose, he always be the winner and the pride of all Filipinos.

Manny Pacquiao is a lowly man like the way he expects in front of the camera or off camera. He is the men that really represent the bravery in all fights. He is a low-profile type of person. He is the man who is easy to talk to and willing to impart his blessings to thousands of people around Philippines as well as to the world. His is so religious every time he will fight for his title, he kept on signing the cross before the fight will begin and after the whole fight, he will make a sign of the cross again. Our father will always be with him throughout the whole fight because he prays in-depth as well as his mother Dionesia Pacquiao.

Manny is an example and a role model to every people. With all his positive attitude and characteristics, he is the perfect man that people would truly inspire. Manny has encourage me to do so such as being courageous, religious, humble, low-profile and a lot more. With his perfect combination of attitudes, people who admire him would serve his good attitudes as an inspiration to all people.

Manny Pacquiao has encouraged me to accomplish everything in such a way that positive approach in life plus it also inspired me to perform well with all the self confidence and don’t ever give up as what Manny did on all his fights. He also encouraged me to turn out to be brave or strong enough whatever trials might come into my life. Manny is an example of a good leader and as an inspiration to everyone

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