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You may have heard it before that there is money in blogging. However, you maybe clueless on how it’s done. As long as you know how to use a computer and how to type, you are qualified. You just have to do few pre-requisite which are very simple as well.

In order to earn money from blog reviews you have to have your own blog and it should be at least three months old. The three months duration of a blog is almost a similar requirement by almost all blog review sites before they can accept your blog.  When you have a blog, it is a requirement that you write for it, a sort of like a journal but this does not limit your topic just about yourself, you can write about anything that interests you. It is also important that you write original content, and you just have to maintain writing posts consistently through your blog. Honestly, starting up to make money through blogging may not be easy and a bit slow. It is important that you give it time and dedication just like what you’d do to other things you love and you will be successful and satisfied with it.

Having all that, your next step is to find a site that looks for bloggers who wants to review products and have the reviews published on their blog. You also have to check their websites to see what they are actually looking for bloggers. Some of the websites I have heard of that are good (I am not saying that others are not good, just that I have not heard of any testimony about them at all) are Link Vehicle and Sponsored Reviews. These two website are one of the many who makes bloggers and advertisers meet to benefit each other.

Once you have been approved with pay you to blog, you will be given assignments to write about and put links to words they require.  Note also that with this site, all assignments given to you are defaulted to accepted so you don’t have a choice but the write about it if you do not want to be penalized. It is totally a different one with sponsored reviews. Upon approval of your application, you will be given an access to all advertisers’ requests for blog and you will be able to bid. Once your bid is accepted by the advertiser, you may write your review then the advertiser will review it and pay you once work is accepted an approved. 
These websites may possible ask you to improve or edit your work anytime, so it is important that quality of your post is always standard. Soon you will happy and will start receiving payments from your reviews.

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