3 Valentine's Day Gifts that Won't Break the Bank

Want to say you care without spending your last dime? True displays of affection don't necessarily have to come with a hefty price tag. This year, want to skip stretching your budget and keep it simple? Here are 3 ideas for romantic, inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts that will leave your lady swooning and your wallet heaving a sigh of relief.

Write a Letter.
Been awhile since you told your significant other what she means to you? Even if you're certain you told her just yesterday, it can't hurt to put it in writing. If you're not confident in your rough-draft writing skills, take a couple practice runs before the final copy. Write about favorite memories. Write what you love about her. Write about adventures you'll have in the future. If you're not a man of many words, lengthen it with some favorite song lyrics or romantic quotes. Jazz it up by hand-writing the note on a fancy piece of paper, or write several notes and leave them throughout the house. You can also get creative with the delivery -- accompany it with some flowers and chocolate, and have it sent to her workplace or arrange it on her bed at home. It couldn't hurt to arrange it all on a tray with breakfast in bed, right?

Take a "Best of Us" Tour.
Where did you meet? What about that first kiss? Proposal? If you still live near these memorable spots, take your lady on a "best of us" tour. Whether you travel by car, foot or city transport, heading out on this personalized tour of your city is sure to be the perfect trip down memory lane. If you can, try to arrange for the same settings as the original moments. Did you dine somewhere where the sun was setting? Did you propose under a full moon? Try to recreate the exact same scenes. Celebrating the history of your relationship is the perfect way to say that she still means the world to you.

Recreate Your Wedding.
Similar to the "best of" tour, this one works well for couples that have already tied the knot. With just the two of you, recreate your wedding day. Obviously it'll be on a smaller scale than the real deal, but you can aim for all the same elements. What kind of cake did you eat? Share a piece of it in a candle-lit kitchen. What songs did you dance to? Download the tracks and slow-dance in your living room. Look through albums of your wedding pictures or watch your wedding video and reminisce on your special day with just the two of you. Did you write your own wedding vows? Saying them again to each other, and adding a line or two with new sentiments and affection, is a touching way to renew your commitment to each other. (And let's be honest, she's bound to appreciate the gesture infinitely more than a piece of jewelry that puts you on the verge of bankruptcy.)

Katie Hawkes is a freelance blogger for JacksonWhite Attorneys at Law, experienced attorneys who represent clients filing bankruptcy in Phoenix AZ.

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