When Cleopatra Took The Shovel at Home

How to convert your backyard into a mini-vineyard
Are you familiar with the story of Cleopatra? If you are, then perhaps you could imagine her reclining in her luxurious chair, while masculine Egyptians are fanning her with giant fans which look like brooms. And beside her is a sultry nurse with a mascara feeding her with grapes. What a life! How you wish you have one of those tempting grapes right at your own dining table anytime you wish. But you are not the queen of Egypt and Cleopatra is just a part of the history now. Cleopatras now a days wear sweatpants and carry the shovels in their backyard to do the gardening. And if you think that only cabbages and other vegetables could be grown in your backyard, I got some news for you. You are wrong. Even that tempting fruit you envy Cleopatra for can be planted right at your own home. So if you are planning to convert your small backyards into a mini-vineyard here are some tips for you:

  • Check the soil.
Since these grapes would not be a reality without planting it on the soil, you have to be very particular with the soil itself. Prepare it for planting. Be sure that the pH level of the ground is 6.0 to 6.5 so that you will have healthy vines and eventually, fruits. It must also contain adequate nutrients in order to have healthy vines.
  • Be sure you have adequate supply of water.
It does not mean that you are going to drown the vines. Adequate means enough to water the ground when it is needed. It also refers to a good drainage system to remove the excess water which can already be harmful to the roots.
  • There must be good sunlight for the vines.
Bear in mind that it is the sunlight which helps the plant produce chlorophyll which is indispensable for plant growth. It should not however be exposed to too much sun. Just a good amount of sunlight to ensure that the vines will grow healthy.
  • Get rid of the pests!
Since lots of your enemies would like to destroy your kingdom like that of grape berry moths, grape leafhoppers, Japanese beetles and rose chaffers you should employ a good pest control system. Other wise your grape vines would be destroyed by these invaders.
  • Prune well.
If you like to have healthy vines you must prune the vines well. Learn how to properly cut the vines to improve the growth of the plant. If there is adequate pruning of the branches, there will be more shoots and therefore more fruits during the harvest season. You see, it is easy to live like Cleopatra. Well, not in the way of the Egyptians centuries ago, but in the manner of independent and smart women of today who could make use of a small space to create a mini-vineyard. So what are you waiting for? Get that shovel and start your kingdom. And before you knew it, you can already relish the sweet and sumptuous taste of the grapes you always wanted.

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