Difference Between Wolf and Dog

It comes to know through enormous worldwide Zoological study and Animal Sciences research, although wolves and doges contain similarities in some aspects, but one came across more variations between the two. Wolf is basically categorized only as a wild animal as compared to the dog which is well known house Pet, for the reason that dog was domesticated so they would not act like wolf. Wolves being wild animals are not suited to live with people or to make a close relation like dogs. Unlike wolves, dogs have demonstrated themselves as a good companion and good Pet in various parts of the world.

According to Biological classifications, Zoologist and Taxonomist include the wolves in family “Canis Lupus” whereas dogs are placed in family “Canis familiaris” of Kingdom Animalia. In addition, there is a one of the most visible difference amongst both is a variation in physical appearance and structure. The wolf occupies a large body dissimilar to dog that is smaller in size than wolf. Muzzle of the wolf is also founded to be longer as compared to most of dogs.

When it comes to compare their legs, the wolf comes with longer legs, larger feet and a wider cranium than the dog. Wolves are well recognized hunter but a dog lacks this specialty because of its domestication. Wolves are much physically powerful than dogs. Despite the fact that wolves and dogs have the equivalent number of teeth, the differentiation is definite. The teeth of wolves are adapted for hunt. Unlike the dogs, the wolves dwell in stronger molars, which help it to crush largest bones. Wolves include specific teeth used for holding onto their prey. Dogs can feed on dog food/kibble while wolves are carnivores and they need raw meat to eat, yet they can take a large amount of meat at a time, because they know it can be possible that they have nothing to eat for several days. Wolf has the capability to crush largest bones and also to digest but the dogs don’t have.

Wolf is considered to be cleverer than the dog and wolves are more conscious of their surroundings than the dogs. Dog barks while a wolf only howl , however dogs easily learns to howl and wolf can only make a sharp muffled sounding bark but wolves rarely do this and mainly keep doing howling.

Another difference that can demonstrate in societal behavior of both these is that wolves have strong nature. They always love to be in crowd, even if it is a group of two or more wolves. But dogs do not used to live in grouping manner and they time and again are seen combating one another. When we come forward to discussing match up to their sexual characters, the female dogs come into “heating period” twice a year while female wolves get into “season” only once a year. It has been noticed that only the alpha female wolf or head female wolf is permitted reproduction in wolf habitation. Some major differences can also be seen in skeletal structures of the two, as wolf has longer legs with large feet and wider skull and narrow chest while a number of the dog’s species don’t possess this type of skeleton. Wolf has an edge of running and moving fast with the help of their particular skeletal structure. During trotting wolf’s back legs move backward and forward in the same line like its front legs, on the other hand dog places its back legs between its front legs during walking or running hence making the slow motion of dog as compared to faster wolf.

Having come to know through above stated reliable biological factual position, following key differentiation can be illustrated between a wolf and a dog.

■ Dog is basically a domestic pet and Wolf is only a wild animal.
■ Wolf and Dogs belongs to different families in Kingdom Animalia.
■ Intellect level of Wolf is higher than Dog.
■ Mostly dogs found to quarrel each other as compared to wolf in case their survival depends on living in packs.
■ Dog barks while wolf seldom and wolf paces, a dog trots.
■ A wolf is a good hunter whereas a dog has lost this aptitude due to domestication.

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