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“SEO for Dummies”
Twenty-four lettered phrase, shortened to three letters, plus one million clicks = search engine optimization or SEO. If, I had to dissect this phrase into more laymen terms it’s all about words and how many. Lost? You’re not the first. All you computer suave people out there help your classmates with this one.

If, you are one of the billions who have tried making money online, it’s become a necessity to know SEO. Websites, blogs and social networks have content, meaning “more words” of relevant information. I repeat the word “relevant”. In a nut shell, the words you usually search in google or yahoo is the relevant words that you should include in your website thus creating instant cyber publicity, that’s SEO. Getting traffic to your website about “ automatic dog pooper-scooper” is just the first step to finding customers, keeping them long enough on your page to consider buying such an unusual contraption, well that’s another article.

Think of SEO as putting the first step of your consumer through your virtual business door. Back to the “auto-pooper-scooper” try to incorporate words that people would most likely put in a search engine to find your invention like” automatic pooper scooper” (duh!), “innovative pet gadgets” and for you creative people out there, “no mess, no stress, pooper scooper can do the rest!” Yes, you CAN have cute phrases like that. Relevant words increases chances to get more traffic to your page and humorous catch lines can attract attention to your viewers.
Lets, expand on content shall we? The content on your website is the life-force of SEO. No good content means, weak SEO. People won’t even last 2 seconds if your content is just a jumble of redundant information, repeated words of the product, and highlighted rainbow links spewed everywhere. It does not appeal as a professional business of offering others a beneficial service or product but an eyesore of deceit, manipulation and confusion.
If your going to make the most out of SEO. Spice it up with images, videos, occasional promos and of course newsletters, anything to give variety of experience to your viewers to stay on your page and not wander to other competitors.

When repeating words or phrases don’t use it to the point that you’re talking to a 5 year old, who wouldn’t notice the grammatical mistake of dull, inadequate, sentence structure, let alone idiocy of seeing a word more than 10 times is just not normal. Remember it doesn’t take long for someone to click back button if they don’t like what they see, it’s actually quite simple and no strings attached in doing so.

For advance SEO practitioners out there, you can try upgrading SEO by entering multilingual translation meaning having your website in different languages. Thus more people from their respected country can learn about your website or the possible wonders of owning a “auto-pooper-scooper”, SEO at it’s finest reaching to you, use it.

“SEO Scrabble”
Keywords. Keyword domain name. Meta keyword title. Keyword meta tag. Keyword file name. My score for tonight’s scrabble game. Who cares?! As for my prize, a few fried brain cells and a lifetime trauma about SEO. Search engine optimization is like a game of scrabble. You are given what you got and you gotta work with it. How many combinations you can muster up or even remember in that case determines weather you succeed to reach the top. It has come to the point that SEO is mental degradation in so many ways.

Those who dream to make millions while sipping piña coladas, better wake up from reality and re-examine one particular aspect of online business. Not only do you need your undivided attention, there is some really heavy duty research involve when first venturing the wonderful cyber world, for no other reason but the mullah. SEO alone could probably kill you before you start rehabilitating from intellectual poverty.

As we all know SEO are numerous procedures that use word algorithms called keywords that you encode into your webpage that are indexed and scanned by a program called a SEO spider. More keywords means higher percentage that people will go to your site, it sounds simple but hardly the case. This is where it gets awfully complicated. The goal here seems to aim for traffic but in actuality you need to survive the difficult procedure of choosing suitable keywords.

In the game of scrabble, having certain letters in your hand won’t be a problem as long you have a knack for spelling and figuring the best words to remove most of your letters to get bonuses and such. Same for SEO you have set keywords you know you want but probably everyone has, this can then be interpreted as unoriginal, high competition for you, and absolutely boring. There are two techniques you can try which are highly used in scrabble. You need to become the Creator or the Thinker. 

The Creator way are the naturally gifted, the lucky bastards and the people who make us read 600 word articles because they were so, damn well written. Creatively inclined, ideas are spontaneous and come at a whim. When finding keywords and catchy phrases they come up with unique and spunky pieces. When in it comes to SEO article making they the ones qualified to keep viewers happy and wanting more with witty and informative content
The thinker way is a tactful, safe and direct route. When you need to start thinking of keywords, they are the type who research. In scrabble, they are literally the walking dictionary or the spelling champion you lost to in 2nd grade. They know how to use their resources well. Thus there choice of tactics is going to google and wordtracker to find optimal tools for wordsearch. They invest in webpage designing, updated newsletters, SEO internal links, and constant improvement. 

So when playing a game of scrabble, remember you can probably be making that 2 million you dreamed from the world-wide web with your knowledge now. Be sure to prepare yourself to accept future articles holding keywords that are human and spider friendly and develop a new style of writing. So who are you going be the Creator or the Thinker?

"SEO: Subtitles for the world"
Knowing more than one language can be a pain in the rear, considering correct sentence structure, the mental coordination to not mix-up other words and the instinctive impulse to revert to your trusty search engine. This simple problem of the multilingual impaired has skyrocketed a breakthrough service that "corporate giants" need to thank; international SEO and SEO translation.

Search Engine optimization, on a level of globalization. I'm talking about not just targeting a certain age group, a certain minority, or a radical fanatic clan of weirdos, but everyone possible. That’s what international SEO and SEO translation aims for, with the help by specialization SEO companies, the following are altered, added and redesigned to make your website as popular as the Beatles. The main tackle in this battle is language barrier, diverse culture, and the innovation of comprehensive simple tactics to relay to your audience.
Let’s just say you’re a huge Bruce Lee movie collector and you want to dominate this field by spreading his legacy to inspire young impressionable rich kids to practice martial arts. Two languages you have to work with, the universal language English and Lee's native tongue Chinese. Having your website in Chinese and English is good but having it in Spanish might make Carlo the next karate kid. So having your website in different languages let say 30 or so variations means you get a plethora of clients, simple integrated cyber subtitles for all and more kick ass action for the virtually aggressive. Remember more is better and this case a humane act of unity without intervening vices.
It's all about communication. If the funny off-set English in the Way of the Dragon isn't big in your home country Italy, You can start becoming international with few changes that are of course SEO friendly. As new complex SEO spiders search and discard crappy articles, their new taste is quality content. Qualities, as in putting actual research before writing and for goodness sake, please make it interesting. It might be a good idea to change your domain with your integrated keywords and if you got the cash buy a TLD (top level domain) for your country of virtual domination. Having a particular TLD in a designated country gives you priority in their search engine.

There are other SEO tactics that will help you get the global limelight you’ve been waiting for your business. You may try making community group forums with people related to your site where they are multiplying, investing and infesting topics that keep people magnetized to answer. Getting involved with You Tube too attracts those who are too lazy or busy to read your content which would be people like your ex-boyfriend who always somehow forget to read his texts from you. Videos, pictures can get you virtual publicity and with the help of social networks, it will spread like a wildfire, internet, Ipods, cell phones, like a disease it will affect. Be ready for the take over?

“SEO friends”
“I am not desensitized, I am an entrepreneur.” I bluntly put my slacker friends in there place with that line. Yes, I am an introvert, I play pc games, I can’t tell whether it’s night or day because I stay at my home most of the time, and I’m getting filthy rich online with hardly any overhead. What’s there to complain about? Thus, in my own way I, have achieved enlightenment and it tells me I should share a little of my knowledge to the world. 

The topic of the day: SEO and social networking. If your deduction skills are as great as mine you would know SEO means search engine optimization and social networking are those controversial online everybody-knows-everybody’s day networks, where people connect, does Facebook and twitter come to mind? Tell us guru you say, how does complicated SEO marketing meet sociopathic-cure Facebook? It’s all in the impulsive nature of the internet generation; people have developed a dependency for the internet simple as that.
Even if it’s just email, looking for updates, researching and most importantly “Keeping in touch” with that nameless guy you met in a chat room one lonely afternoon. Facebook and Twitter is like the melting pot for any business potential. Your first allies, your Friends! Get your product out there and start sending it to the one crowd of people who would not shun away or check the delete fate for all “generic spam”. Have your buds critique your product, start a discussion on improvements, gain insight and most importantly save a whole lot of money from online promotion.

Thanks to free applications on Facebook and the constant tweets, people can synchronize with the people around their country and get a feel for their local market. Making an application is like having a blog or website, it has a built in search engine, you can add forums, notes, updates, upload pictures, videos, and don’t forget your awesome content.
Times have changed; the wandering salesman of the neighborhood is that fellow sipping Starbucks at the mall all day while working strenuously over his Mac laptop in a refreshing air-con room. High school girls have put up there pom poms and are now gathering to collaborate the greatest sale of shoes and clothes in history. Nerds have become the pioneers as innovative advertisement strategists and created a forte of techniques to have SEO spiders eating out of their hand.

These people all use social networks; they have ideas and will type and ponder what you show them. If any these people, you know, target them. They thrive in this environment and probably have connections that can catapult your business idea to success.
The more people who like your stuff will most likely pass it to there buddy and so forth. There are endless possibilities through social marketing. On top of that managing more than one can prove challenging but hell, more is better right? Make a specialized team, develop a system and start making friends like there’s no tomorrow!

Invest, Unite, Go Global
You want traffic, you need exposure. You want customers, you need reliability. If you want to be successful in your business, you go to Invest Unite connects entrepreneurs, investors, mentors as well providing IT services that literate those in the fine art of SEO, touching bases in social marketing, labeling, automated systems, and the necessary management of documentation.

No doubt entrepreneurs or aspiring corporate giants in one point or another will have means of venturing to the cyber market. Low over costs, outsourcing, and the attractive massive publicity or traffic a company may get, is rather inviting. Having a business online is great but without proper knowledge of how technology has changed from word of mouth to instant email newsletter of availing promotional deals, one wonders how can this company Invest Unite offers different from other similar companies?

Let’s start at “home” with the user friendly website design. In patriotic royal blue and red background, white lettered fonts clearly start to make a statement of their said features and their critical goal to UNITE entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors to work together. There are tabs like connect, advice, discus, find jobs and business concepts that you can explore to know more.
Under the tab “connect”, registered members can reach a community of entrepreneurs and investors where business opportunities can be arranged and where people with like interests can collaborate with in their corporate ideals. “Advice” tab and “Discuss” tab is where members post their personal advices, insights and discuss certain topics or projects of relevance. “Find jobs” has a database that can show available jobs specified by: keyword search engine, what industry, experience, country, state and city. There is categorical sort you may use that has areas from accounting, automotive, banking, biotech, retail, telecommunications etc.

The meat of Invest Unite lies under its established business concepts which entail a plethora of services with their description, significance and more! They offer services such as internet media marketing that basically means they will focus on the basics like adequate web design and getting involved in social media like Twitter, Facebook and Bing. They outlined a few tips when choosing a SEO company for your business they should apply strategies like low competition keyword research, long-tail keywords, a reliable guarantee, a supplied annual SEO status report and of course a return of investment.

Invest Unite also has a link building service that includes thousands of consistent links that can be linked to your website. They use 2 styles of link marketing systems which are establishing a membership websites and social book marking like Digg or Reddit to gain more traffic. Creating custom labels are suggested by IU because it develops identity and face value let alone brand value and a unique trademark. Helping out in managing promotional gifts is a good strategy of IU especially if the gifts fit your targeted niche. Being part of IU, you can avail a list of common competitors through their automated system to keep up your game on online promotion. 

Having your documentation for your imports/exports organized institutes trustworthiness in your company let IU help you take care of your purchase order, letter of credit, shipment documents, certificates of origin, quality of inspection certificates, packing list and invoice. IU pretty much covers your corporate needs, from services to advice, to partners to capital opportunities and online, with this united, investment is secure.

“SEO Goes International”
Your definitely reaching the pinnacle of SEO when you start considering to make your target market applicable to everyone. Whether you are a Chinese trying to sell to a French man to buy an ancient herbal root or Swedish message therapist offering the benefits of learning a Swedish message to a Korean couple, you will need special help in relaying your message across to another ethnicity. As much as we would love to think English is the best language unfortunately most countries are educated in their national language thus communicates and applies most business within there fellow nationals.

Any online entrepreneur knows you have the power to cross international waters, infiltrate other countries and freely propagate your product to the impressionable minds of the internet inclined citizens. It was always suggested to find a target audience and work within your liked kin and sell to the needy but, nowadays thinking bigger is what gets people places and a higher probability of sales and clients. Your new target audience is everyone, well those who speak within common languages such as German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Greek, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and most importantly the United Kingdom and United States English. That pretty much takes care of everyone.

This new service is called multilingual translation. There aspects here that can be branched and discussed further like making it SEO friendly, content quality, and the being grammatically, structurally and culturally correct. When you as an entrepreneur ready to make this final step, it is highly recommended to use well known SEO companies like New Frontier Digital or World Copywriters. 

Being under companies such as these you need to look for the following if they have experts for each language and project manager that go hand-in-hand coordinating in translating your content of your website to your personal specific qualifications. The company puts priority in quality over quantity and in an efficient manner. See if they apply 80% research and 20% into SEO tactics into the articles to optimize your articles proficiency. SEO tactics should include long-tail keywords, link building, incoming links, back links, press releases and PPC ads. Their expert should be a native speaker and have word-for-word accuracy. In website language translation, commitment to get the message clear is the key.

Everyone is a potential customer. With things like product descriptions, industry specific terminology, advertisement, brochure and newsletters translated your designated audience broadens. Your message broadens and spreads. Making each website clear and in different languages not only builds traffic but gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy your service or product. Another perspective of this advanced communication gives prospect of even furthering our cultural awareness of sharing ideas and items you won’t usually be exposed in your local market or your native country for that matter. Putting your money into multilingual translation is a sure way to get cyber publicity, gain a multitude of customers and develop a deep international market awareness of where you stand in the corporate internet world.

“Copywriting to the Extreme: SEO Style”
“I’m talking about SEO, not CEO; believe me it’s not that cool.” Search engine optimization is a tedious, grueling process that can probably drive the sanest, well-composed, internet denizens bonkers. But since we are money-saving mammals we choose to sacrifice our time to learn these FREE techniques and it counterparts than waste one cent paying someone else. The fine mastery of authentic copywriting lies with in experience in creative article writing and implementing the common SEO tactics in broader and innovative way.

Learn to research. Though you would like to think you know you own business in and out. Brushing up on your competition and finding the direction to best optimize exposure never hurts. Researching benefits in the department of copywriting by finding keywords, long-tail keywords (common phrases), getting an in depth perspective of what your market is specifically concerned with. Take note if people are particular in prices, promotional gifts, economic or cultural events, disclaimers, guarantees and updates. Most importantly research gives you the opportunity to see what to write for your content. Where your competitors lack in certain topics and how you can expand on previous topics. Be sure to make your articles interesting, informative and helpful. Research alone is the actually the bulk of effective copywriting.

When backlinking get involve with your content, they are extremely helpful. Think of your website like a freeway and the links are the off ramps and entering ramps. The cars are the viewers. Viewers come in and out of your website and most just find there way to it through another website (“freeway”) they were previously on. Incoming links or backlinks are links that are coming from another website. When putting your link in a blog or a forum you have a gateway from that forum to your website. Being affiliated with the top tier of your competition and having your link in there website is definitely a good idea but be sure to write a review and comment back in return. Top tiers usually share the same keywords as your own having your link around them gives you better chance for their viewers checking out your web.

Some simple SEO copywriting is as basic as having your domain with your keywords since people like searching through the browser than a search engine and remembers the URL first. Putting keywords in you title and headers of articles and topics helps too. You can even get complex a little and put keywords in you Meta tags of your web pages html. Manipulating the density of your keywords also works. Sources say spacing you your keywords every 600 characters will not have SEO spiders pass you by as article rubbish. Having keywords in your alt tags for images, having bold fonts and some has gone to the extent having misspelled keywords for the spelling impaired internet users.

Copywriting is a meticulous skill to possess, aside from executing and uniting SEO strategies, link building, research and unique writing style. It can be learned with practice. It’s low-cost way to solo in internet marketing. Especially if you’re a student just trying sell your baseball cards through college or a stay-at-home house wife experiencing the financial benefits of staying at home with the kids while on the computer. Convenience at it’s finest truly is a copywriters/E-entrepreneur’s life.

“It’s all about the Looks”
When searching for that limited edition card you always wanted since you were a kid but couldn’t afford you think of words like “for sale: limited edition so-so” or looking for your local online card retailers comes to mind. Your keywords have been chosen and that inter-cybernetic spider has search the world-wide web for the best results for you. Hundreds (assuming that it IS limited edition) of websites pop up in google. Now, time to go through with a tooth n’ comb and see which are the legit sites or if there is an authentic card. Entrepreneurs please take notes.

When buying something off the internet there are a few guidelines to take account for customer or online marketers. The website design or layout, if there is a physical store available to contact, product description and reviews, accurate keywords used and sound partners or companies involve with the website. To the online marketers out there, looking for a professional SEO company is always a smart option if you want to get things right.
Website owners should be really concerned with the appearance of there website. Anything that looks like some 12 year old made over night, will not hesitate a viewer to press the back button and find another. Make it look professional. Make it attractive but readable. Adding pictures and videos helps build links to your website. Be sure to have logos of your partners and affiliates because these websites can back you up if you’re really what you say you are. People are cautious when it comes to shady looking websites especially if there are no actual proof or testimonials present.

Your “contact us” tab will be the next thing a viewer might check out especially if you’re a legitimate physical store. Address and contact numbers give a sense of security and expect phone calls from skeptical or interested customers. Have an area for customer service and help section. People want to know what the fine prints are when inspecting a website they are going to buy from. Invest on online stores when you got a system to send your products easily, affordably and efficiently.

Product descriptions and product reviews are what people will criticize you for. You know adjectives right? Use them! Your product(s) need a description of their features, history, and essentially their value. Don’t just post a picture and allow people to take it face value. Mention color, its benefits, is it a collectable? it’s condition (if second-hand), and so forth. If you have products that are like e-books, audio, software or electronically produced, anything that can be sent and downloaded. Be sure to post reviews from actual users. The more reviews posted the better. Reviews also hold keyword and backlinks that can also help your website and others. Good reviews and descriptions not only make you non-noob but popular in your own field. This will build credibility on your half and people will trust to buy from you.

Being SEO aware in your website isn’t enough to land customers but it’s a start. Just remember when that card collector enters your web door be ready with an approachable page and user friendly layout. Think impulse buying, be smart and show Mr. Card Collector you know your stuff.

“People Love Updates”
As social beings there is a need to talk, to know, to grow, and find out what’s new in life. A good example is twitter, everyone always filling in everyone else on what’s happening in there life at the moment, like “I just bought the newest Ipod or I wonder why the sky is blue?” People are weird like that but it’s also the same reason that makes press releases and newsletters popular. People want to get ahead by knowing ahead. Most markets thrive on this concept alone. Whose first, yesterday’s news and improvements, are what matters.

SEO companies make money in this field by providing the crème of the crop in this service. Usually the companies have the following: expert- multilingual-SEO copywriters, project managers coordinating everyone to be on their game, extensive market awareness local and international, and building the fortress “mailing list” they are the power pack team to make proficient newsletters and press releases.
When promoting a website, you need to sell your best. Once you start signing up people, either through membership or registration converting them to loyal followers is different story. First impression can impress but how do you make it last or leave the people wanting more? Your first few clients are the most important people in your business. Building a long-term relationship is the path to prosperous one. Having a good system of press releases and newsletters will keep your clients happy and updated.

That specialized team I mentioned earlier will take other precautions too to ensure effective press releases and newsletters. Aside from making authentic unique content for your press releases, they would most likely send your press releases to popular press release sites for more traffic. Be sure to copyscape when in doubt. Without your full approvals no press releases will be published. Newsletters can contain announcements of any new launches of products or services.

Take account that newsletters and press releases will go hand-in-hand to using a autoresponder. Autoresponders, under the bases of online marketing terminology is a computer program that is automatically programmed to send set information once a website or any node obtains an email. Emails are usually accessible through registration, memberships, obtaining free newsletters, and other means that require email. Autoresponders collect the emails and can unfortunately be labeled as SPAM. The outsourced ASP model is the commonly used autoresponder and has only the two parties involved, one the website provider who is sending the newsletters and the customers. Paying a fee maybe required to not be labeled as SPAM.

Constant changes are enivitable and vital for growth. People like to know more of all the things they search on the internet. Treat every client, partner, affiliates and even the stumbled viewer as royalty. Nobody wants to be left in the dark or ignored. Though everyone is a bunch binary codes and nodes there are still people on the other end of the wire. Take to heart any suggestions from your customer feedback, complaints too. Staying open will make change easier and help you not be blind for better alternatives. Keep updating. Never stop.

“Connections and PPC”
You remember the saying it pays to know and having friends in high places helps. Well, internet has connected people on such a personal and yet impersonal level that the online community can share rather profound connections. People are developing into groups, separating, multiplying, and defining thoughts. Manifesting thoughts and making money from them to boot. Where do they all come from and where do you find them? Social networks, forums, chat rooms, blogs, and random posts here and there, practically anywhere a socialite with a wifi access would go. These people are who you want to associate with. They are your future affiliates and partners. 

Affiliates can be seen as noun and pronoun. Those who are part of affiliate marketing know they have a thriving practice. Merchants (a.k.a. retailer or brand) are the companies who pays the affiliate and those websites who display the companie’s link are clearly an affiliate. Affiliate marketing is additional income for your website (if you’re the affiliate) for each viewer that clicks a link to your added retailers you gets a few cents for promotional efforts. More internet exposure if you’re a Merchant, so it’s a win-win situation. Finding retailers related with your own website can be rendered easily through affiliate networks that collect affiliates to associate with and categorical searched. You promote them and you get paid for it, simple and no complicated stuff.

Having partners is good way to build integrity for your customers. Find the top tiers of your competition, befriend them and observe there successes. Make backlink dealings writing a review for them in exchange for allowing your linked webpage on their website. Exchanging and collaborating articles is good way to create quality material content and changing up your style. The more partners you have and displayed on your website will give good impression to people that they are with a well known company and probably in good hands. Make it a habit to always be active with your partnered websites. Drop them an email, conspire a promotional project, or launch a new products together. This is a relationship worth investing time and even money with.

PPC is another area that can be considered when dealing with affiliates. PPC or pay-par-click is the common affiliate method people of displaying affiliate backlinks. They are the interactive banners, buttons, flash games, pop-ups and colorful images you usually click. The merchants, if you join their affiliate program to get money to endorse them they have customized banners and buttons, both flashy and attractive that affiliates can easily upload on there html coding on their website. Other ways PPC works is the link is sent in emails, newsletters, press releases, the links are personalized referral links and specialized to take account it’s your promotional efforts and not others.

Business involves a lot of people to make it work and just like a person it unconsciously and consciously works on its own. Daily maintenance is a necessity, it feeds off knowledge and needs to talk to other people or it won’t go anywhere. In reality, computers are just extended body parts of the human body. Using one another for material wealth and engulfing internet marketing strategies like its pizza. Technology and people are really inseparable huh?

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