Enemies Within

Computer Virus -  it  is actually a small software program this spreads from one PC to another computer which interferes with computer operation. A computer virus could corrupt or erase data on a laptop or computer, use an e-mail program in order to spread the virus to computers, or even remove everything on the drive.

Computer viruses usually are most easily spread by attachments throughout e-mail messages or through instant messaging messages. As a result, you must never open a e-mail attachment unless you recognize who sent the material or unless you expect the e-mail attachment. Computer viruses can be hidden as attachments connected with funny images, cards, or audio and video information. Computer viruses furthermore spread by using downloads on the Internet. Computer worms can be hidden inside pirated software possibly other files or maybe programs that you may acquire.

Here are some common viruses and malicious wares that usually got tangled within the net of my computer protection system.

Hijackers are software programs that modify users' default browser home page, search settings, error page settings, or desktop wallpaper without adequate notice, disclosure, or user consent. When the default home page is hijacked, the browser opens to the web page set by the hijacker instead of the user's designated home page. In some cases, the hijacker may block users from restoring their desired home page. A search hijacker redirects search results to other pages and may transmit search and browsing data to unknown servers. An error page hijacker directs the browser to another page, usually an advertising page, instead of the usual error page when the requested URL is not found. A desktop hijacker replaces the desktop wallpaper with advertising for products and services on the desktop.

  • Explorer32.Hijacker
This is an elevated risk and should be removed or quarantined as it may compromise your privacy and security, make unwanted changes to your computer's settings, and negatively impact your computer's performance and stability.

Trojan is a general term for malicious software that is installed under false or deceptive pretenses or is installed without the user's full knowledge and consent. Most Trojans exhibit some form of malicious, hostile, or harmful functionality or behavior.

  • Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT
  • VirTool.Win32.Obfuscator.da!d (v)
These are high risk and should be removed immediately as it may compromise your privacy and security, make dangerous changes to your computer's settings without your knowledge and consent, or severely degrade your computer's performance and stability.

  • Trojan.Win32.Kryptik.mkx (v)
This is a moderate risk and should be removed or quarantined as it may negatively impact your privacy and security or make unwanted changes to your computer's settings.

*Win32 - It is the core interface Windows uses to communicate with the programs that run on it.  It is important because without it, the programs can't communicate with Windows.  And therefore they can't run on it!

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