What Do You Need To Begin Coding a Website, TODAY!

There is a common conception out there that developing a web site is extremely hard and that you are better off just outsourcing it to somebody for dirt cheap, or starting a WordPress site yourself. But this common thought out there is somewhat wrong.

Yes, it will take some time if you want to a well advanced website, but what kind of web site are you actually trying to build? For example, I have worked with a lot of people in the local business industry niche, and I will tell you right now - if you own a small business, or if you are just starting up, it’s a great idea to learn the basics of coding and SEO all on your own at first (this really is something that they should start teaching kids in the beginning of high school these days).

This is true for a couple of different reasons. Here are a few of them:
  • Coding in HTML and CSS is easier than you think (it took me two days - given they were very hard working days - to code up my first website)
  • Developing your own web site or at least learning the basics of HTML and CSS will save you money in two different ways: 1) it will help with upfront costs and 2) it will allow you to save money by fixing problems yourself every single time a problem in the backend of your coding occurs.
  • Coding forums are a great way to network and learn with and from other programmers out there from all over the world - who knows what benefits will arise form that
  • You can make money on sites like Freelancer.com by performing simple tasks
  • You can add it to a resume
  • You can make simple websites for people in your local area for local businesses for a profit
  • You can create single web pages for place holder sites so that you can start gaining domain name age
  • You can add it to a list of services you provide if you run an SEO Company

    As you can see, you pretty much open up a whole world of opportunities when you learn HTML and CSS on your own. JavaScript and PHP will take you to that next level. Not knowing the basics of web design can hold you back in a lot of ways and prevent you from taking action every time there is a backend solution to a problem at hand. Strictly speaking: it will slow you down exponentially not knowing the basic concepts behind coding.

    So what is it exactly that you need?
    There are tons of schools and classes out there that you can sign up for to start learning how to code your own websites up from scratch. They are all over the place and can do a lot of people a lot of good. However in today’s world, and with the power of the Internet, there is really no need to sign up for classes. Everything you could ever hope to learn about programming and coding is already on the Internet, and the best part about it is that it can all be found for 100% free. Here are the minimum tools you need to begin coding today:

    • A text editor: it can be as simple as notepad
    • A hosting account
    • A domain name
    • basic HTML and CSS knowledge
    • A connection to the Internet

      That is the bare minimum of what you need to get started. If you have a decent grasp on the coding languages, then you can even build extensive websites with these simple tools.

      Of course there are better text and HTML editors than notepad out there for creating websites. You will usually want one that is at least color coded so that you can see clearly what you are doing like notepad++ for windows and TextMate for a Mac.

      Besides these basic requirements and the will to learn, you find all of your information on the web either by research, tutorial websites like Lynda.com, forums, or web sites like stackoverflow.com - where you can ask questions and get them answered by people that know what they are talking about. You can learn a lot in the forums, so if you are planning on trying to learn how to code today, then I suggest you join a web development forum today.

      This article was contributed by Jet Russell who blogs for www.inetzeal.com. This is an SEO company that provides many different services including a high quality article writing service. In his spare time he likes to blog about SEO and SEM.

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      1 Respones to "What Do You Need To Begin Coding a Website, TODAY!"

      Pinaywriter said...

      I think I am the kinda person who learns better in a classroom format not in module or read from someone practice on your own. ^.^ But once I get something I can play with it and experiment. I really want to go and learn how to use html and css somewhere, get a tutor or something. But mostly. I would need patience. ^.^ Thing is with technology, by the time you figure how to do something, your knowledge is already obsolete.

      I still can't figure out where to place the retweet thingy (the ones that appear on the top of the blog entry) and all those stuff like nuffnang codes or ad codes. I think it's because for me reading html and css is like me trying to learn how to read musical notes. But I really want to learn. ^.^ Just so I can make a permanent template or theme for my blog. ^.^

      December 4, 2011 at 3:15 PM

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