What is Your Reason for Getting Healthy?

Getting healthy has a one ultimate goal to live longer, better. But how is getting healthy translated into our motivation?

Everyone has different expectations from life; some of us want everything right here, right now and others have long-term plans and always hope that future will bring gratification for them. If you are missing out on reasons that can really motivate you to start thinking about your health, maybe one of these listed could help:

1.    Better sleep and higher energy levels – getting healthy means you will be able to do many more things right now, maybe start a new career or try a new sport - enjoy life to the fullest!

2.    Self-confidence boost – the fact that you accomplished something for yourself is the ultimate self image food that really affects your personality and quality of life.

3.    Better sex life – it is proven that your libido grows with your health and shape levels, which definitely improves relationships and a desire for living.

4.     Being there for loved ones we all want to be around for our children and grandchildren, hoping for a long and happy life, without health issues to burden both us and the family.

5.     Saving some money – being in good shape can decrease your health insurance policy rate: less visits to doctors office an less tests makes you a lower risk for insurance companies. 

Let’s not forget that all over-the-counter medicines we buy in bulk; you won't need that many pain killers and heartburn relief any more!

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