First Social Media Day in Cebu

This year, Cebu will be joining the annual Social Media Day which is lauched by Mashable three years ago. This event will be a venue of the top social media practitioners, top bloggers and top people who excel in their chosen fields in the world wide web.

The recently concluded Social Media Day will not be a success without the participation and support of our major sponsors,Mactan Isla Resort and Spa | Cebu Tech Jobs | Pinoy Great Deals | Sun Cellular | Globe Tatt Awards | Smart Communications | PR Works | Diamond Suites and Residences | iTravel iExplore Tours and Services | Krispy Kreme | Lenddo | JY Gonzalez and Partners | Marc Louie Photography.

A big thanks also to Social Media Day's Online Media Partners, Third Team Media | RLCOMM International | TekWorx Mobile and Web Services. And Offline Media Partners, Sunstar Cebu | Cebu Daily News | Freeman

Kudos to you guys for making Cebu's first Social Media Day a BIG SUCCESS. 

Full event details here

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Why Reputation Management is Good for Branding

Your company's reputation is very important because in it the future success of your business depends. Whether your current customers will continue to patronize your products or probable customers will become your regular clients will be based on the reputation of your company.

To ensure that the reputation of their business will be highly monitored and taken care of, they   build a  Reputation Management. It is a process in which the tracking of an entity's action so as the opinion of other entities and taking actions to the reports gathered to create  'feedback loop'. These entities may be people, animals, materials and even locations. Tracking these entities may be through statistical analysis and word-of-mouth.

Today, because of advance technology, Reputation management is made easy. Reputation management systems were developed to analyze complex data to produce reputation report. These systems automate the process in determining the trustworthiness, this includes interpersonal relationships, stock markets, international, diplomacy. This also includes different communication in sports and public relations. Public relations industry is where a reputation management specialized. 

Another important function of a reputation management is to make the information about a certain individual, organization or business accessible to the public and making sure that these information are authentic, accurate and up- to- date.

Another form of reputation management system is the ORM or Online Reputation Management. This online reputation management involves the controlling, addressing or extenuating SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. The primary objective of Online Reputation Management is to track the contents written on the Internet everything about the client then using sophisticated techniques in promoting neutral and positive contents online or offline. While doing this, ORM is also hiding the links in which the sponsors do not want to show whenever their name is searched. These sponsors may be an individual or businesses.

ORM takes care of the prevention and repair of  online reputation threats that may occur over the online community. It also aims to produce an environment with positiv results and lessen the negative posts off the search engine result pages.

Online Reputation Management uses many techniques to do its functions. The most common technique is through the use of  creating new contents that can be posted in different social web sphere such as blogs, forums, and social networking sites. Promoting existing positive content and building social profiles , and making personal domain names are also used. User- created contents like blog and blog comments and also professional journalism is also highly monitored including cosumer reviews and traditional websites. Some are requesting website manageers to remove contents that are negative.

An immediate response to the public criticism is a proactive approach which is also highly effective. An unannounced changes of products or features that has been based from the comments of the cutomers and writing positive comments and responses is also effective.
Reputation management should not be set aside nor forgotten. Since most marketing techniques were developed based on how search engines work, knowledge in Search Engine Optimization or SEO is necessary and that includes your Online Reputation Management.

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Why Used Watches Are Just As Good

Selling a used rolex submariner isn't all that hard in any way. Just because a Rolex is used does not mean which it isn't "good" anymore. It just implies that it's been worn! And with the way and quality that Rolex uses, you should hardly be able to see the wear from your Rolex. Anyways, a couple of my personal favorite models of the Rolex company are the bamford and sons model and the DLC Rolex. Generally, you should obtain a good number of black Rolex watches being that they are very popular and seem to constantly be considered a consumer favorite. They're designed perfectly and definately will match perfectly with any outfit of your choosing. For instance, try the Rolex Mens Stainless Steel Daytona Black Dial. This black rolex watch is really a favorite and is rated quite high on consumers lists of favorite watches. 

Regardless if you are decked out in a suit or are in an informal polo tee on the Friday, this black rolex watch will constantly improve your style meter and can make you appear both professional and show your great tastes. The amount which you spend on obtaining this watch is going to be greatfully repaid having a steady flow of compliments from co-workers, family and friends alike. It's absolutely stunning features such as having what authorities are calling "one from the top ten best movements ever", the Calibre 4130. The Calibre 4130 uses less components than other models and is also extremely durable. You might drop it as being up to you prefer (although please do not do that), and the watch will still be in fantastic condition. Amazon rolex are a wonderful and beautifully-crafted collectors item and therefore are truly treasured by those that earn them. As men spend thousands of dollars on diamond rings for their wives, men will be able to spend just as much over a nice watch out for himself too. Value of these watches steadily increases with time, therefore does the customer want/desire for your watches. 

Even if you get put on an extensive waiting list, the wait is definitely worth every penny. However, if you're not patient, feel free to go out and look for a seller that will help you to get your brand-new personal Rolex! Rolex is very popular amoung people of every age group and genders. Ensure that the Rolex watches you're selling are top notch! No matter which Rolex you choose to buy or sell, you are guaranteed a great investment then one to cherish for the majority of it not exclusively you will ever have. Rolex watches are sturdy and can hang along as long as you do.

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How to Create and Manage a Successful Business Blog

The online presence of your business only starts with a website, it doesn’t end there. Even a perfectly optimized website that showcases your company’s products or services becomes stale after some time, if you don’t add anything new to it. New products, yes, but how often do you launch new products? A blog is the solution for this – and for some other important issues.

Benefits of blogging for businesses, besides constant fresh content, include SEO benefits (more content means more long-tail traffic – and that traffic is highly targeted, if you do it the right way), becoming an authority in your industry, and adding a voice to your brand. However, it’s easy to mess it up: people usually think that blogging is like having an online diary, so it’s important to think about some basic rules to it.

Define your audience
The first thing you should do is to figure out who your audience is and what you want to accomplish with your blog. Are you writing for your customers (old or new), or for the other people in your industry? If it’s for the customers, what problems do they have – and how do they google to find the solution, what words are they using? That way you will know what to write about and what tone to use when you’re addressing them.

Be a human, not a sales person
The purpose of writing a business blog is to connect with your clients or business partners in a more personal way and not to sell – you have other pages on your website for that. It’s ok to announce a big discount or to post other important information, but don’t turn your blog into an advertisement. Provide useful information to your visitors, share tips and tricks, answer their questions. Keep your posts efficient – don’t blog just for the sake of blogging.

Host the blog on your own domain
From an SEO perspective, having a blog on your own domain rather than on an external site (Blogger, will be beneficial to the rest of your website – the traffic and inbound links will “spread” from your blog, and the entire website will have much more authority in the eyes of search engines. Also, keeping your blog and the rest of your website together will look more professional from a brand point of view.

Listen to your readers and be mindful of them
Encourage questions and feedbacks, engage with your audience. Ask people what they want to read about, and write about it. Invite your readers to share their opinions in the comments, even if their point of view differs from yours. Always acknowledge what they have to say, and be careful not to let the joke go too far. Also, leave your political and religious views at home – they don’t belong to a business blog, and they can upset your potential customers no matter what side you take.

Blog frequently
Come up with a posting schedule to keep you focused. A blog that isn’t updated regularly looks unprofessional – and sends out bad signals to the search engines. If you don’t know what to write about, start a blog series where you’ll break one general subject into smaller pieces, or make “Friday’s Tip” kind of series.

Make your posts a pleasant read
Use formatting – sub headers and bullet points – to make your posts easier to read, and always double check and proofread what you wrote. It’s easy to make spelling and grammar mistakes when you write, and they give a poor impression of your website and your business in general.

Be patient and don’t give up  
A successful business blog can’t be built in one month, so just stick to it, even if you don’t have any regular readers yet. Over time, your blog will find its way to the right audience. Think of it as a marathon where steady and consistent wins the race.

Write your first post
Now you’re ready – give it a try!

Jeff Gross is an internet marketing expert. Through his company, Jeff successfully leverages social media marketing, SEO, and website development to boost local businesses like across the web.

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Green Careers? The Top 5 Sectors within the Green Industry

The green industry is one of the fastest growing in the economy today. Not only does it provide a wide range of intellectually stimulating, challenging and rewarding careers for prospective applicants, it offers excellent pay in a number of fields, opportunity for travel and great long-term career prospects. So, for savvy people looking to get into the green industry, what are the top five areas to target your training and experience with a view of securing employment in the near future?

Consultancy is a huge area for businesses right now, as the corporate world adapts to the demands of a green and sustainable lifestyle made by governments, regulators and even customers. If you understand 'green' to a tee, love to share knowledge, help businesses work according to frameworks and gain accreditations in sustainable business, this could be the field for you.

Sustainable consultants tell businesses how they can operate in a more environmentally friendly way. They also work with individuals and groups to coach them on leading greener lives. Work ranges from implementing community based sustainability projects to helping businesses lower their carbon footprint and achieve accreditations.

Urban Planner
This involves building or reconstructing existing buildings, urban transport systems and more. There are a range of environmental planning jobs available, looking at areas such as green space creation, sustainable building management, green transport (such as electric buses, pedestrian zones and car pools) and more. Ideal for those interested in building greener cities.

Business and Marketing
A core function of all businesses, but with a green slant. Areas of focus will include environmentally friendly business practices and communication of corporate green strategies, decisions about recycled products, cruelty-free ingredients, local distribution and more.

One of the most valued roles for jobs in sustainability, this is a field in which a vast number of roles are opening up. You might be involved in researching endangered species, global warming, local emission impacts or the medicinal properties of rainforest plants. Scientists provide the blueprint for a sustainable future. They advise on most environmental issues, from the effects of pollution on our children's health to the age of corals and ancient trees. They also analyse the long-term effects of climate change on animal behaviour.

It should come as no surprise that renewable technology is the biggest area of sustainable employment at the moment and it is set to grow in the future. Wind power, geothermal energy, nuclear power, hydro and solar power; as the world runs out of fossil fuels, the focus turns to clean energies and how they can be effectively harnessed. A great number of jobs are set to rise in plant construction and management of these new renewable energy providers, with all the attendant management, engineering, administration, analyst and research roles required to make such ventures a success.

So, if you're interested in a green career, start looking at your options now and keep your mind open to other areas, such as green law and eco-tourism, as well as entrepreneurial opportunities with green products and services. The world is your oyster!

Francesca is a writer and blogger from the UK who enjoys sharing her knowledge on employment and careers. She writes on behalf of En-spiral.

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The Determinants of Receiving A Loan

In the world of finance, there are a few key components that creditors keep in mind when determining whether certain loans should be regarded as safe or not. Lenders go through a checklist, which is also called the 5 C’s of credit, and if you come up short on two or more of these points, chances are good you will not receive the loan.

In order to actually acquire a loan, these five points must be fulfilled; otherwise you will be considered a risky investment. A few years ago, risky investments were the call signs of numerous banks, but after the market crash and billions of dollars were lost, lenders are now going back to the basics rather than taking calculated risks in the future. The basics of finance are what make up the 5 C’s, which consist of Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral, and Conditions.

The easiest and cheapest of these points to achieve as a borrower is that of Character. As it is the only point which doesn’t truly require an investment on the borrowers part. Character is made up of the mental and moral qualities distinctive to a specific business, and the reputation they have created for themselves. If a borrower has proven to practice and uphold proper business ethics and morals, this point will be easily covered. However, if a borrower is believed to posses a poor character, or is seemingly untrustworthy, the remaining 4 c’s will not be relevant, nor will they even be considered.

The next point of the 5 C’s that lenders will check for is that of capacity. Capacity is the means and ability of the borrower to repay the loan to the lender. Lenders will check a businesses capacity by studying their financial statements. Lenders will ensure that a borrowers income and revenue can sufficiently cover the cost of the loan as well as other regular operating expenses.

The third of the 5 C’s to be covered is that of capital. Capital is the amount of financial contribution put forth by the borrower. This is important as the more capital put forth, the more faith a lender will have in loaning money. This is obviously due to the fact that if the borrower has a great deal invested, they than have a great deal more to lose if whatever venture they are attempting fails. This capital investment by the borrower instills faith in the lender, and faith is needed if a loan is to be given.

The fourth of the 5 C’s is that of collateral. Collateral consists of property and large assets that can be sold if the borrower is unable to repay the loan. If a borrower has more value in their companies’ assets than the amount they are hoping to receive from a lender, their chances of acquiring a loan are increased. The reason for this is simple; a lender knows borrowers assets can be liquidated to repay debts owed. This gives lenders faith that their investments will not be lost in a worst-case scenario.

The fifth of the 5 C’s is the conditions set forth by the lender to the borrower for a loan. This is essentially the interest rate to be charged and the amount of principal expected to be paid. If a lender is considering the conditions, than the other four points have been met. Conditions are often constructed from the lenders assumptions on the risk involved in providing a loan, as well as what they expect for their ROI. If these conditions can be agreed upon, than the borrower will receive a loan. If not, than the borrower must look elsewhere or ensure that the 5 C’s are covered before making another attempt.

Only a few years ago, creditors would almost accept anything that walked in their door. But the recent financial crash put their risky investments in check, and what they found was that many of their borrowers were defaulting. Banks lost billions and it is all because they didn’t go through the 5 C’s of credit. They made risky investments that may have had large payouts, but more often than not they didn’t pan out for them at all.  

Nowadays, it is much more difficult to receive a loan from a creditor as they are afraid to make the same mistakes as they had before. This is rightly so, you would hear stories of home loans to people without credit or capital. These stories are especially odd when you consider that lenders knew many people couldn’t afford these homes based off their income, but gave them loans anyways. This was with the assumption that a certain percentage would default, but that it wouldn’t exceed those who didn’t and a profit could still be made. Well they guessed wrong, and soon after the housing bubble burst, there were many more loans defaulting than could have been assumed would. This resulted in banking firms closing and others consolidating to stay afloat. Had everyone stuck to the basics of financing, we would not be in this economic recession. Or it would not be as severe as it is.

The author of this article was Damien S. Wilhelmi, a golden tonged SEO mastermind and wily word wizard. I am writing on behalf of Premier Trade Solutions whom specialize in Purchase Order Financing.

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A Helpful Guide to Payday Loans

You have probably heard of payday loans in the past, but many people carry common misconceptions as to how they actually work. If you are interested in finding out more about payday loans, there are some basics that will be very helpful to be familiar with. There certainly are tradeoffs when using short term credit and it is important to be familiar with what the pros and cons are with the different types of payday loans available. Overall you will be able to evaluate for yourself the costs and benefits of taking out these loans, as well as possessing the ability to determine if the payday loan provider you are interested in is a reputable one. With all of this information in hand you can navigate the payday loan research, application, and repayment process with a great deal of confidence, hopefully resulting in an altogether pleasant borrowing experience without very much stress over whether or not you borrowed from a good lender or are unaware of what you signed up for.

What Is a Payday Loan?

A payday loan is a form of credit intended to provide quick cash with a short borrowing period before repayment. They are called payday loans because they are intended to be used as a means for relief for someone who has regular income but needs cash before their next payday. Traditionally these loans were given in exchange for a post dated check, usually made out for your next payday, however now that these loans can be acquired over the internet it is more likely to have the lender set up a charge to your bank account electronically for the date of your next paycheck. The amount you can borrow is often either the amount of your next paycheck or less. While the usual period for these loans is 14 to 30 days there are many lenders who allow extensions in emergency situations. These extensions come with extra interest charges though, so it is best to plan accordingly and have the ability to repay the loan on the originally scheduled date. These loans are designed for emergency situations, such as medical emergencies, unexpected childcare expenses, paying to get your primary mode of transportation up and running, or unforeseen educational expenses.

Risks and Benefits

The risks of benefits are usually identified with the high interest rates compared to other forms of credit and the fact that some people borrow but have to keep requesting extensions on their repayment, creating a sort of cycle of debt for those individuals. The high interest rate is understandable, given the risk that the lenders are taking by lending to people without a credit history check, without any collateral. What is rarely considered is that you would be paying a great deal more in bank overdraft fees, missed payment fees, and late fees on bills that would not get paid if you did not have the cash on hand.

The benefits are obvious, you get the financial relief you need instantly, allowing you to get back to your life and resolve whatever emergency you might be dealing with.
Josh Hennigard writes for a number of financial websites & has offered this article regarding loans for people with bad credit as a guest post.

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