Green Careers? The Top 5 Sectors within the Green Industry

The green industry is one of the fastest growing in the economy today. Not only does it provide a wide range of intellectually stimulating, challenging and rewarding careers for prospective applicants, it offers excellent pay in a number of fields, opportunity for travel and great long-term career prospects. So, for savvy people looking to get into the green industry, what are the top five areas to target your training and experience with a view of securing employment in the near future?

Consultancy is a huge area for businesses right now, as the corporate world adapts to the demands of a green and sustainable lifestyle made by governments, regulators and even customers. If you understand 'green' to a tee, love to share knowledge, help businesses work according to frameworks and gain accreditations in sustainable business, this could be the field for you.

Sustainable consultants tell businesses how they can operate in a more environmentally friendly way. They also work with individuals and groups to coach them on leading greener lives. Work ranges from implementing community based sustainability projects to helping businesses lower their carbon footprint and achieve accreditations.

Urban Planner
This involves building or reconstructing existing buildings, urban transport systems and more. There are a range of environmental planning jobs available, looking at areas such as green space creation, sustainable building management, green transport (such as electric buses, pedestrian zones and car pools) and more. Ideal for those interested in building greener cities.

Business and Marketing
A core function of all businesses, but with a green slant. Areas of focus will include environmentally friendly business practices and communication of corporate green strategies, decisions about recycled products, cruelty-free ingredients, local distribution and more.

One of the most valued roles for jobs in sustainability, this is a field in which a vast number of roles are opening up. You might be involved in researching endangered species, global warming, local emission impacts or the medicinal properties of rainforest plants. Scientists provide the blueprint for a sustainable future. They advise on most environmental issues, from the effects of pollution on our children's health to the age of corals and ancient trees. They also analyse the long-term effects of climate change on animal behaviour.

It should come as no surprise that renewable technology is the biggest area of sustainable employment at the moment and it is set to grow in the future. Wind power, geothermal energy, nuclear power, hydro and solar power; as the world runs out of fossil fuels, the focus turns to clean energies and how they can be effectively harnessed. A great number of jobs are set to rise in plant construction and management of these new renewable energy providers, with all the attendant management, engineering, administration, analyst and research roles required to make such ventures a success.

So, if you're interested in a green career, start looking at your options now and keep your mind open to other areas, such as green law and eco-tourism, as well as entrepreneurial opportunities with green products and services. The world is your oyster!

Francesca is a writer and blogger from the UK who enjoys sharing her knowledge on employment and careers. She writes on behalf of En-spiral.

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