Why Reputation Management is Good for Branding

Your company's reputation is very important because in it the future success of your business depends. Whether your current customers will continue to patronize your products or probable customers will become your regular clients will be based on the reputation of your company.

To ensure that the reputation of their business will be highly monitored and taken care of, they   build a  Reputation Management. It is a process in which the tracking of an entity's action so as the opinion of other entities and taking actions to the reports gathered to create  'feedback loop'. These entities may be people, animals, materials and even locations. Tracking these entities may be through statistical analysis and word-of-mouth.

Today, because of advance technology, Reputation management is made easy. Reputation management systems were developed to analyze complex data to produce reputation report. These systems automate the process in determining the trustworthiness, this includes interpersonal relationships, stock markets, international, diplomacy. This also includes different communication in sports and public relations. Public relations industry is where a reputation management specialized. 

Another important function of a reputation management is to make the information about a certain individual, organization or business accessible to the public and making sure that these information are authentic, accurate and up- to- date.

Another form of reputation management system is the ORM or Online Reputation Management. This online reputation management involves the controlling, addressing or extenuating SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages. The primary objective of Online Reputation Management is to track the contents written on the Internet everything about the client then using sophisticated techniques in promoting neutral and positive contents online or offline. While doing this, ORM is also hiding the links in which the sponsors do not want to show whenever their name is searched. These sponsors may be an individual or businesses.

ORM takes care of the prevention and repair of  online reputation threats that may occur over the online community. It also aims to produce an environment with positiv results and lessen the negative posts off the search engine result pages.

Online Reputation Management uses many techniques to do its functions. The most common technique is through the use of  creating new contents that can be posted in different social web sphere such as blogs, forums, and social networking sites. Promoting existing positive content and building social profiles , and making personal domain names are also used. User- created contents like blog and blog comments and also professional journalism is also highly monitored including cosumer reviews and traditional websites. Some are requesting website manageers to remove contents that are negative.

An immediate response to the public criticism is a proactive approach which is also highly effective. An unannounced changes of products or features that has been based from the comments of the cutomers and writing positive comments and responses is also effective.
Reputation management should not be set aside nor forgotten. Since most marketing techniques were developed based on how search engines work, knowledge in Search Engine Optimization or SEO is necessary and that includes your Online Reputation Management.

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