How Facebook Changed my Life

From the time I moved to Facebook, a lot of people did the same. It’s cool, it’s fun, and it’s the best place to connect to other people across the globe. It has features that no other online community can provide, which makes it a reason for people to subscribe. 

Facebook has changed my life in many ways. First, I was able to connect my friends living abroad. We can talk to each other through the Facebook chat box and we can share our photos together with the tagging application. Aside from that, we can also see each other through the video chatting. How amazing! I don’t need to open my Skype or Yahoo Messenger because Facebook can provide it already. Even if I’m away from home, I can still access my Facebook account through my mobile phone. I always keep in touch with my friends and family because anywhere I go, I can browse my Facebook account and see who’s adding me up or who replied to my latest status. It’s definitely the best online community so far.

Second, Facebook is a great venue to meet new friends and to find the old friends I had before. Since a lot of people subscribe to this social networking site, there is no way that I cannot find my old buddies in school - even my grandparents living afar are having their accounts too! By just putting a name in the search box tool, Facebook will find what I look for. Moreover, it also has a lot of game applications, which I consider to be the third reason on how Facebook changed my life. I can spend my spare time planting and harvesting crops in my farm at Farmville or I can build my dream restaurant at Café World. Whatever game I play, I am sure it’s going to consume a lot of my time because it’s addictive and enjoyable. 

Fourth, Facebook gave me a lot of opportunities such as establishing an online business or applying for a job. I can make my own account for my business, upload pictures of my products, add friends and tag the pictures to them. So simple! In addition to that, companies are having Facebook accounts as well. This enables me and other people to know the latest job vacancies and how the job application process goes. There is no need to call the company for any concerns because with Facebook, all things can be addressed as soon as possible.

I know there are a lot of people like me who find Facebook a very unique online community. It has changed my internet routine because whenever I open my computer, first thing that comes to my mind is Facebook.

How about you? How did Facebook changed your life? Share your story.

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12 Respones to "How Facebook Changed my Life"

Belle said...

Tama ka dyan. Facebook connects people around the globe.

October 18, 2011 at 5:46 AM
Faith said...

Facebook somehow help me to establish a strong self esteem and motivates me everyday.

October 18, 2011 at 6:14 AM
Jomar Lipon said...

Facebook has a lot of advantage and disadvantages!

October 18, 2011 at 7:19 AM
Herbert said...

@Belle: Agree facebook indeed help a lot of people connect with their loved ones

@Jomar: It's for us people to take the risk

October 18, 2011 at 7:24 AM
Adrienne said...

Hey Herbert,

Facebook is definitely a great way to connect with others. I can't say it's changed my life but it's made it a lot easier to chat with people I would have never had an opportunity to meet. Glad you are enjoying it too!

October 19, 2011 at 10:43 AM
fantastic sams said...

After completion of my degree,our class fellows spread around the world for their jobs but facebook has united us again.We are again complete class because of business.

October 21, 2011 at 3:18 AM
Herbert said...

That's very good to know

October 21, 2011 at 8:40 AM
Hot Blog Tips said...

Hi Herbert, Facebook has been great for millions of us. I have several fan pages there and Facebook has turned into the a very easy way to contact family members. I bet a lot of new bloggers got their start from being on Facebook.

October 23, 2011 at 6:24 AM
omar said...

well i certainly like facebook for the things you've mentioned. but don't u think that it is an activity you can waste your time to.??

October 24, 2011 at 7:13 AM
Anonymous said...

Yeah, Facebook is certainly a waste of time. There are many online freelancer who have been experiencing conflict with their works while connecting to facebook. But it depends upon you how you handle it. If you can't resist the temptation of using facebook, that;s a big problem.

October 25, 2011 at 3:51 PM
mesologi said...

Facebook is a very strong and cheap marketing tool..

October 29, 2011 at 6:47 AM
Hero@melanotan said...

facebook spells fun,interacting with your friends,having fun playing with them,beating each other in the game ranks,that's really fun.

November 3, 2011 at 6:29 PM

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