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Burning applications are considered one of the most computer applications nowadays because it allows you to duplicate video and audio files on CD-Rs and DVD-Rs. It’s in this application where you can insert and play CD's in various media players. Although this is a simple process, most people still find themselves on a situation where they can’t play the burned CD on a media player. Perhaps they did something wrong while burning the CD or they've used a faulty CD in the process.

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Duplication and Replication
Before burning applications were available in the market, the music and film industry have used a similar technology to release music and films in a massive scale. Replication is the process of using a glass master to stamp data onto discs. Although replication is quite similar to duplication, CD replication is a greater process that eliminates almost all issues associated with the playability encountered when burning discs at home. 

CD replication is not really cheap. In fact, big companies in the music and film industry spend a lot of money on the mass production of audio and film CDs. In fact, even independent CD duplication companies such as Oasis or Absolute Disc requires a higher cost in this process. If you have a project that allows you to release a lot of copies – let’s say, 500 copies, having your discs replicated rather than duplicated will ensure your project to have a high quality. 

Copy like a Pro
If you’re having some problems in burning discs, you might want to check whether you have validated the CDs function of not. It might not increase the playability of your burned disc; it will allow you to find the problems while burning the disc. The second thing you need to know is the kind of media that you will play. If you’re going to use it on your home media or DVD player, you have to choose DVD±/RW or DVD-RAM.

Well, CDs are quite cheaper compared to DVDs that’s why you’ve bought tons of it in office supply shops. However, it’s not really reliable compared to DVDs. If you have a serious project next month, it’s really better to purchase DVDs rather than CDs. The last thing you have to understand is the speed you want to apply in burning discs. Most discs burn at high speeds but you might want to slow down a bit – crappy work is more likely to happen while you work fast than taking it slow!

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