25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself

As usual, still awake and working. Hopping from one website to another. Can you live with that? I'm used to this since... for quiet some time now... While listening to one of my favorite band  "The Calling", the band that sang the hit song "Wherever You Will Go" and while creating some accounts to various websites, I came across with this very interesting ebook as it was featured on the site. Kinda old but I still downloaded it. It is entitled "25 Ways to Distinguish Yourself". 

Here are the simplified version of the ebook, well, it's too long to put the whole content, right?

                                     Why should you distinguish yourself?

               ~ Simple, being part of the commodity crowd erodes your value.


  Care as if it’s your own
  Do your daily work with passion!
  Build strong relationships
  Dream BIG !
  Set the right expectations
  Ask for help
  Celebrate small victories
  Set higher standards
  Know your values
  Pursue right memberships
  Help people help themselves
  Be a reader
  Plan by outcomes
  Think Long-term
  Embrace uncertainty with ease
  Ask the right questions
  Engage with a coach
  Be relevant
  Get back on your feet FAST !
  Lead a volunteer effort
  Balance Innovation and Continuous Improvement
  Learn to sell
  Learn systems thinking
  Walk away from free
  Influence the influencers

 Gotta finish reading this one. Bye for now. Ciao

Check the Blog of Rajesh Setty for the elaborated version.
You can also get the ebook here

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