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Ground support equipment is often overlooked by those in the military, who are more concerned with the coordinates in their GPS or the firepower in their sidearms. It can become essential, however, when you least expect it, so if you want to be truly prepared for everything from the deserts of Afghanistan to the revolutions of Syria, here are a few ground support supplies you should purchase before your next deployment.

270 VDC / 400 Hz Dual Output Converter

Despite its size, this small, lightweight frequency converter is one of the best on the market. That's because it packs a whirlwind of processing power behind its tough EMI enclosure, meeting both F-35 and F-22 power requirements and exceeding the MIL-STD-704F. It's also a quiet, portable machine, easily affixed to the floor or overheard, making it a convenient and versatile choice for even the most advanced fighter aircraft.

Mayport 400 Hz Converter

Designed exclusively for harsh weather and extreme outdoor use, this Mayport is the battering ram of converters, the lone piece of equipment that will be left standing after the nuclear winter. It's another frequency converter that meets and exceeds MIL-STD-704F, but unlike other models, it actually comes with two compartments that divide the electronics and transformers. This is for its own protection against the elements and enemy combatants. Come wind, rain or solar radiation, Mayport will survive to get the job done, just like its operator.

ASP-100 Air Start

Available at ground support supply stores like ITW Military GSE, the ASP-100 Air Start is a diesel-powered PCA unit for use in all your Environmental Control Systems. You'll enjoy a clean, continuous airflow that will last up to eight hours, perfect for long or time-sensitive operations, and with two modes of operation and adjustable controls for rpm and pressure, you're entirely in the driver's seat when it comes to using it. If you're looking for a PCA that does it all, the ASP-100 Air Start is an elite choice.

JO3C Pre-Conditioned Air Module

Scorching temperatures are more than just an inconvenience when you're fighting overseas: It can also mean the difference between functional and nonoperational, AKA life and death itself. Avoid an unpleasant fate by making sure your PCAs are up-to-date and fully compatible with today's ever-varied fighter platforms. The JO3C Pre-Conditioned Air Module, for example, eliminates the need for multiple carts on the ground and instead replaces everything with one electronic control system that will store the needs and numbers of thousands of operations. You'll never need another cart again.

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