5 Tips for Jumpstarting an SEO Campaign

Every business no matter how big or small needs a website. There is nothing surprising about this statement.  Nowadays, consumers are constantly shopping online, comparing prices, reading product reviews, and finding paces to shop.  Social media is heavily used to promote and advertise business websites.  Without a website, a business will lose potential visibility and may not get as many customers as they could have if they invested in a website.

What business owners may not be aware of is that a website may not be enough.  If a website cannot be found by consumers then it is as useful as not having a website at all.  A company can hire an SEO Specialist to come in or they can do some basic strategies themselves.  For a small business it may be more cost effective to have a staff member do the SEO.  In this article outlines a few simple tips that are beneficial to boosting search engine rankings.

1. Titles
First of all the domain name of the website and linking pages will be beneficial for a high rank.  URLs that are made up of random letters and numbers will have a negative effect on rankings.  For instance, ...com/1234 is not as SEO friendly as ...com/search-engine-optimization.  Page titles are also important.  Consumers should be able to determine what the website is about by using keyword rich titles. 

2. Text
After choosing specific keywords, make sure the content on the page incorporates those keywords.  The keywords need to be readable and not look as if words are just thrown in to random places.  If a keyword is used too much a search engine spider may report it as spam. 

3. Images
Even though search engine spiders cannot reference pictures, they will crawl ALT tags.  ALT tags serve as the title of the image and they are able to be crawled by search engines.  Images need to be titled appropriately with keywords.  Some users may not see the image so there needs to be a place holder so people will understand what is supposed to go there. 

4. Anchor Text
This is an important technique for blogs.  Articles can be linked to other articles in the blog.  The best way to do this is to use proper anchor text.  This is done but choosing a keyword and using an SEO Strategies tag to link it to another page.  The keyword will show search engines what the website is about.

5. Backlinks
Aside from linking to pages within a website, getting backlinks from other sites is useful.  Setting up directories in Google, Bing, and Yahoo should be the first place you go to advertise your physical location and your web address.  Not only does this create a blacklink to your page, it allows customers to find a business, read reviews, and contact that business.

Get Started
Use SEO strategies to increase the traffic to your business website.  Although this may take time it is worth it in the end.  SEO is beneficial simply because high ranking websites will increase customers.

OXY Creative provides services for SEO in Houston TX and all over the United States.  Our mix of strategies has provided clients with optimal results.  This Houston SEO company will create more visibility and provide long lasting benefits for our customers.  

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2 Respones to "5 Tips for Jumpstarting an SEO Campaign"

Larry Wood said...

Thank you so much,, i really appreciate this.. i know it will help for my business shed, carport and metal buildings..

I agree 100%... thumbs up...


April 26, 2012 at 4:00 AM
Edward said...

As I was flying back home from Vegas some time back, there was a guy sitting next to me reading a book about SEO. That's when I realized, there's so much information out there. I think your Images advice is one of the best. I used to name all my uploaded pictures as photo1.jpg, photo2.jpg etc. Rookie mistake!

May 5, 2012 at 11:16 PM

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