Best Cars For College Students

Today many people are finding themselves wanting to go back to school. The job market is tough and many people feel they need to go back to school in order to get a well paying job. This might be true for some cases, but not for all. Students don’t have the time to work full time jobs and hence are not able to afford a really nice car. However, college students need a reliable commuter that will not fail on them the day of a test or exam. College students need reliability more than styling. Most car makes will make you sacrifice one for the other. However, Nissan seems to have filled this niche. They make some of the most reliable cars at very affordable prices. Take the new Nissan Sentra for example. It has four doors and can easily move 4-5 people around town with ease. Being a 4 cylinder car, it saves gas and will only require regular gasoline instead of premium gas, which will save the car owner anywhere from 20-50 per fill up. Another great thing about Nissans are that many models take advantage of the use of timing chains instead of timing belts on most other cars made by different manufacturers. A car with a timing chain means that you do not need to do your typical 90,000 timing belt replacement as the chain will last much longer.

If you happen to buy from a well respected dealership such as corona nissan in Southern California or you bought used cars palm springss, CA. You might want to just give them a call whenever you have a problem. They take really good care of their customers even after you bought a car. They offer excellent rates when it comes to maintenance and detailing. The car washes are exceptional!

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