MacBook Accessories - 4 Accessories to Make Your Device More Productive


Keyboard Guard

Purchasing a keyboard guard for your MacBook may be one of the most inexpensive ways to extend the life of your device by years. These thin little accessories protect your Macbook keyboards from dust, crumbs and liquids from getting under your keys. A build up of these types of substances will surely damage your keyboard, which is one of the most valuable parts of your MacBook. It may not be the most expensive part to replace, but it is the single-most common way to communicate with your computer.

There are a variety of manufacturers that produce keyboard protectors for MacBook devices. Some of the most popular include Moshi and Marware. Keyboard guards will surely get you the most protection for your buck.

Additional Charger

So what do you do when you arrive at an important meeting only to find that your MacBook battery is almost dead and you forgot your charger at home? These types of scenarios never end in a pleasant way and that is exactly why carrying an extra charger in your Macbook carrying case will always ensure consistent productivity.

There are different types of chargers that suit the different needs of MacBook users. Consider what your charger needs are before buying an additional charger.

MacBook Carrying Case

Let's consider the obvious - your MacBook will be the most unproductive chunk of aluminum if it has been damaged to the point where it doesn't work at all. This is a situation no one wants to experience, but is actually common among people that take their MacBooks on the go. Daily commutes and extended travel can be hard on any laptop. This ware and tare can be significant reduced, if not eliminated, by transporting your MacBook in a specialized carrying case.

Carry cases can be a bit on the pricey side, bet yet still a lot less expensive than replacing your valuable laptop if it were to get damaged. Most of these carrying cases are designed out of a polycarbonate material, which does wonders when it comes to protection. As long as your MacBook is secured is one of these carrying cases, it can be thrown from a moving car or even down a flight of stairs without experiencing any form of damage.

MacBook Lock

Along the same line as the carrying cases, your MacBook won't be productive if it gets stolen. You can buy Macbook laptop locks that will prevent any criminal from hacking into or stealing your computer.

Using all of these Macbook accessories together will ensure that your MacBook is running at optimal productivity. If you can only choose one, a MacBook carrying case is your best bet and the thing you will get the most use out of if you are always on the go. A spare MacBook battery or charger isn't a bad idea either

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