Importance Of A Good Car

Business has become the order of the day and there are all sorts of businesses. Irrespective of the type of business that you run, you definitely need some assets that will facilitate a smooth running of the business. A good vehicle is part of the very basic essentials in any business. In as much as most people assume that only those who are in the delivery business need a vehicle, everyone needs a car nowadays. When you are considering buying as car for your business, there are some important factors that you need to put in place. The quality of your car will depend on the dealer that you choose to transact with. If you get your vehicle from santa monica nissan, you will definitely enjoy quality service that is within your budget requirements. Nissan has been in the motor industry for a long time now and most people that have had the pleasure of using any of the Nissan models have never been disappointed. Nissan dealers pride themselves in the delivery of high quality vehicles that meet the needs of various people easily. The continuous innovation and manufacture of new models keeps them ahead in the automotive industry, Most of the Nissan cars are eco-friendly and they tend to be very economical when t comes to fuel consumption. When you walk into any santa monica nissan dealer, you will be assisted by a specialist. As long as you present you needs clearly, you will be advised on the type of vehicle that will suit your needs in the best way possible. A vehicle is among the mains assets in any business and you should therefore ensure that you make a god choice and use the services of specialists who will help you in the best way possible.

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5 Reason To Go See The Avengers

Ok. There are a whole lot of comic books films out the last few years. And now they’re rebooting Spiderman. (Really?) So with all these films out it can be hard to want to see any of them unless you’re a hardcore comic book fan.  I’ve seen most of them and many of them were ok.  Not blow me away fantastic (except maybe the first Iron Man.)  So when I heard that Joss Whedon was going to be writing and directing The Avengers, which puts a ton of Marvel characters in one film, I couldn’t help but be intrigued.  Whedon has a history for making some great sci-fi and has a rabid fan base. (Hello Firefly.) 

As I just recently watched The Avengers, in 3D, I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face.  Not only did Whedon nail it, he seemed to have a great time making the film.  Why should you see it?

It’s Funny!
Don’t worry, I won’t give away any spoilers.  But I will say this film had me cackling through at least half of it.  The chemistry is spot on, especially with Thor and The Hulk and Tony Stark and Capt. America.  And it helps that half the cast seems to be taking their roles very seriously and the other half seem to be laughing at some private joke.  The results are hilarious moments that are a lot of fun to watch.

Eye Candy for All
It’d be stupid not to acknowledge the fact that this cast is beautiful.  From Chris Hemsworth’s bronzed god to Scarlett Johansson’s full figured beauty, they are a sight to behold.  Not that a beautiful cast is always needed, but come on it’s certainly enjoyable to watch.  Even Mark Ruffalo has a scruffy charm as Dr. Banner/Hulk.  

Special FX
I saw the film in 3D, and I’m not usually a fan of 3D but I had passes.  And surprisingly it was pretty good!  I didn’t notice the effects until the last 3rd of the film where it really kicked into high hear with these crazy looking alien ships. Which, by the way, were so brilliantly designed in all their creepy glory.  It was like some underwater nightmare.  In an age where special effects can be cheesy and over the top, it was refreshing to see them executed with panache and they helped the movie rather than hinder it. 

Loki, Loki, Loki
I find it so hard to love a villain.  They tend to be either one dimensional and cliche or having to redeem themselves at the end and learn some forced lesson.  Not so with the deliciously bad Loki.  He has so much pain and bitterness going on it gives him a great backstory.  But they let him be bad and wallow in his torment.  He doesn’t have to have a change of heart and suddenly care for his brother Thor.  He’s literally eaten alive by his disdain.  He almost comes across like a child that’s been refused his favorite toy.  And I love that complexity.

It Has Heart
Yes, as silly as that sounds, the story was good. It was engaging and I cared about the characters because they were driven with a sense of morality and the relationships were genuine.  And with comic book films that can get overlooked.  Luckily this one had heart in bucket loads! And it was so nice to see Pepperpots and Stark have chemistry again.  

If Whedon is behind the next one, you can bet I’ll be there.  The Avengers was the most fun I’ve had at the movies all year. 

Lisa Coronado is a content writer for Custom Magnets

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5 Movies Based On Video Games That Don't Totally Suck

As a rule they're terrible – movies based on videogames. It seems that success in console form doesn't easily translate to box office winner once you coerce a director to take the reins and throw a few actors at it. Although some would argue they're no exceptions to this rule, I differ. Here are five titles that aren't so bad...

Tomb Raider

This film's success was about the need for the geek ensemble to see Lara Croft doing her thing in the flesh. Well, at the very least seeing two parts of her doing their thing in the flesh. That I'll admit was a cheap shot. The film actually stands up fairly well in the action adventure stakes and Jolie as the English female version of Indiana does a sterling job, as does Chris Barrie as the butler. And this translated in to dollars at the box office with Tomb Raider being the highest grossing action movie of all time starring a female in the lead role.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Although this animated movie has very little if anything to do with the video game franchise whose name it was released under, it is a fine movie. Those hoping to see the stars of the on-going adventures of cute and burly Japanese characters are going to be a disappointed. As what the viewer actually gets are pretty intense ghostly death sequences and trippy dreamscapes.

Silent Hill

Radha Mitchell takes her spooked daughter to the very spooky Silent Hill. It's not a sensible thing to do, but when has that ever got in the way of a creepy tale. Typically a car crash leads to Radha losing her daughter and spending the rest of the film searching for her. As she digs about the decrepit town there are loads of nods to the title on which the film is based. For example the metal pipe weapons, the store called M.T. Rooms (there were very few buildings you could enter in the game) and that the music is all from the game apart from Johnny Cash's Ring Of Fire.

Max Payne

What could be better than a revengeful cop played by Mark Wahlberg blowing the crap out of everyone? Well, quite a lot actually. Though in the world of movies based on videogames there is little to compete. And it helps that Mila Kunis stars. Plus he's called Max Payne, that's brilliant!

Resident Evil

Paul W.S. Anderson a veteran of turning videogames in to money spinning movies is at the helm of this fight between special military outfit STARS, an over active computer and some plants come super-zombie scientists. In the middle of the mix is model actress Milla Jovavich who steps up to the mark to save the world from impending doom! All good stuff with guns and guts a-plenty!

Val Eastwood can't resist a video game movie tie-in and while this mostly results in disappointment he very rarely lets it get to him. When not seeing his favourite console characters being brought to live he works researching all sorts of unusual gifts for the online store Find Me A Gift.

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Why Do You Need To Protect Your Reputation Online

Since the evolution of the internet technology, everything has been made available online.  With a click of the mouse, you can get information about anything and anyone.  Every video or information is now uploaded to this big database of information and is made available to anyone either for free or for a certain amount of money.

With this development comes great risk of fraud and other illegal activities.  Moreover, your responsibility as an internet user becomes greater.  Each picture or video of you, or articles or blogs or posts about you should be watched and filtered. Every single that you share online can be stored in this big database of files and can be accessed by anyone at anytime.  It can be used for you or against you.

With this risk comes a great need to protect your reputation online.  It would be one way to manage others’ perception towards you. This is very important because every single photo or video or article uploaded about you is imprinted in the system.  Even if you delete it, there is still a way for it to be retrieved in the future.  

For example, your friends may think that a photo of you doing something illegal or crazy is really funny.  They capture you doing that and decided to post it in a social networking site and tagged your name.  Even if you delete this photo, it can still be retrieved in the future.  You will be held liable for whatever crazy or illegal thing you have done.

Another reason why you need to protect your online reputation is that most of the companies go through social networking sites and do background check when you apply for a certain position in their company.  They go through the blogs that you posts, the pictures that you upload and even watch your videos.  These crazy photos and videos that you have may be a reason why you will not be hired for a certain job.  No company would like to associate themselves with a person who has a negative reputation online.  This would be detrimental to their growth and public relations.  Of course they would want to hire someone who is responsible not just in the office but also with what you post online since these posts shows who you are as a person.  

Moreover, your blog posts and photo uploads are a reflection of your professional success.

There are several ways to protect your reputation online. 
  • One of the surest way is to make sure that your settings are always set to private.  There is no need to share everything with the public.  
  • Second, be picky or choose who you connect with through social networking sites.  If you do not really know the person or barely have an association  with the person, there is no need to add them to your friends’ list.  Only add the people you are really close to and trust.  
  • Third, there are companies that offers reputation management which will take care of those negative stuff about you. One good example of this company is ReputationDefender.
  • Also, add those who you know are responsible when it comes to the feeds that they upload.  
  • Lastly, if you find any unusual or inappropriate blog or picture about you, ask whoever who uploaded it to delete it immediately. 

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